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Former ‘Venice’ Director Hope Royaltey Brings Soapy Drama to Twitter with The P@ssionate & The Privileged

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Hope Royaltey, season one Executive Producer/Director of the web series Venice, to discuss her exciting new online ventures FlagshipTV, an audience driven online interactive network, and The P@ssionate & The Privileged, the first (to my knowledge) Twitter based Soap Opera. It’s full of your favorite soapy elements with plenty of high society family drama, steamy love scenes and of course the ever present secrets and lies. Surprisingly enough, the one big difference between a Twitter soap and aTV soap is the lack of limitations. The rules are out the door so be prepared for anything and everything including steamy loves scenes from both the straight couples as well as the gay and lesbian couples. This show is kickin’ open the doors to a thrill-ride meant for everyone!

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Television: Good God Ya’ll – That’s Almost Perfect: A Commentary on Supernatural 5.02


Before we go into the thoughts and commentary on Supernatural 5.02 Good God Ya’ll, let’s take a moment to see what fandom was up to and what the CW Network has to celebrate about.

Now in its fifth season, supernatural continues to build, improving over its year ago performance by +18% in adults 18-34 (1.3/4), 55% in women 18-34 (1.7/5), +17% in women 18-49 (1.4/4). In its Thursday night 9:00PM timeslot, the veteran action series held 100% of its women 18-34 (1.7/5) premiere audience, matching the show’s best performance in that demo since January 2009. In adults 18-34, SUPERNATURAL held 93% of its 9/10/09 season 5 premiere audience. Together with its new lead in show The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural helped deliver the network’s second best Thursday ever with women 18-34 (2.2/7), behind only last week, according to Live Plus Same Day Nielsen ratings for Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009. The combination of these two series have improved The CW’s Thursday performance versus a year ago by 47% in women 18-34 (2.2/7) and 6% in women 18-49 (1.8/5).

Over on Twitter, Supernatural actor Misha Collins and his minions mounted an offensive against last week’s run in with Rapper P. Diddy. As you recall in last week’s reporting here at EM, P. Diddy mistook the #luciferiscoming tag as some sort of satanic uprising and had the execs at Twitter ban the hashtag from the trending topic where it had made it all the way to the #1 spot. Needless to say a majority of vocal Supernatural fans and actor Misha Collins were not amused at this and in promotion for 5.02 they launched the #pdiddiyisscaredofhistv hashtag campaign. Shortly after the launch of the campaign on Thursday September 17th, Misha Collins posted the following on his twitter:

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Is any of this Twitterverse campaigning having an affect on increasing the popularity of Supernatural and bringing attention to the series in a positive way or is it, as some fans are beginning to voice, something that is only making the fandom look a bit like unreasonable radicals? Would love to know what EM readers have to say about this. Meanwhile here is what I have to say about Supernatural S5.02 Good God Ya’ll.

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TELEVISION: And That’s A Wrap…


Today in Peapack New Jersey marks the final shoot day for the cast and crew of Guiding Light. After 72 years of broadcast this American icon will close its doors. I still feel shell shocked that CBS actually canceled the longest running soap in history that has been such a big piece of the culture in the lives of generations of American families. In this day and age it is near impossible to find a show that you can honestly say you’ve watched since you were a kid with your family. I myself grew up watching soaps and Guiding Light was one of the big ones. If I was home sick from school I’d spend the day with my grandmother and little Italian immigrant great grandmother who would often yell at the TV in broken English whenever Reva Shayne would fly off into one of her crazy antics.

Over the years Guiding Light has come to mean so many different things to so many different people. It’s a multi-generational American experience. So today they shoot their final scenes and bring a conclusion to a 72 year tradition. I hope you will watch the show today and everyday through September when they air the final show keeping the cast and crew in your thoughts. If you see someone from the show stop them and tell them thanks, if you’re on Twitter send out a tweet to your favorite cast members or camera guy and let them know you’re thinking of them today or an email letting them know just how much they and Guiding Light as a whole has meant to you over the years.

According to his Twitter page, Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper) has the final scene of the day along with co-stars Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) and Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis). I wish them all luck on their final shoot and a thank you for the many years of entertainment!

If you’re on Twitter, the following people from the show are out there:

@Beth_Chamberlin @eakcik @FrankDicopoulos @Michael_OLeary @BradleyCole1 @paulanthonystew @CrystalChappell @TinaSloan @EVILMOMENTS (Keith the camera man)

TELEVISION: #CrystalChappell Becomes a Twitter Trending Topic on Her Birthday


As a fan, what could possibly give your give your favorite actress for her birthday that she has never had before? If you are Guiding Light’s Crystal Chappell you get to become the #8 Trending Topic on Twitter.

Today is Ms. Chappell’s birthday so as a present to her, her loving, loyal and wildly enthusiastic fans spent the day adding #CrystalChappell to their tweets to ensure the Goddess herself would make the cut on her very special day.

Not a bad way to spend a birthday. Happy Birthday Crystal!

You can follow Crystal @CrystalChappell and her new web series Venice @VeniceTheSeries on twitter.

TELEVISION: Bestselling Mystery Author Richard Castle Goes Live on Twitter!

New York City. Summer. It’s hot and muggy and Richard Castle, the bestselling mystery writer has fallen into another mystery even as he scrambles to finish his Nikki Heat novel. As usual, Castle is procrastinating – and this summer he has a shiny new toy to play with thanks to his daughter, Alexis, who has made the mistake of introducing her father to Twitter.


While the Castles vacation in The Hamptons, a foot washes up on the beach. The police think it’s a shark attack but Castle, as usual, thinks it might be something more. And now he has put himself in the middle of the investigation, tweeting his theories as he goes. The police are amused, but could he be right?

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TELEVISION: Who Needs Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon When You’ve Got Twitter?


Technology can be a wonderful tool. It allows you to listen to music from your iPhone on the way to work, download new songs while enjoying a latte at your favorite coffee shop and receive instant tweets from damn near everyone in the known universe. This is no exaggeration, even Elizabeth Taylor (Yes, Dame Elizabeth) has a Twitter account and she uses it! We’re living in an age where you can chat with your best friend in Wales over Skype then switch over and check your Twitter account to see Dame Elizabeth’s latest tweet and then post to your blog about the conversation you had with your best friend about Elizabeth Taylor’s tweet’s, all from your slick new iPhone. Yes, I have a mild addiction to my iPhone…so sue me!

In all seriousness, it is amazing the ability we have today to reach out and touch the people in our lives in an instant. I’ve finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon to keep in touch with our readers here at Eclipsemagazine.com and fellow writers who enjoy singing snippets from the soundtrack to Glee repeatedly (yes, I’m talking to you DuckyDoesTV) and mytakeontv). I’ve had “…the smell of wine and cheap perfume” in my head for a week now!

But I digress. So I was on Twitter yesterday setting up my account and searching around for people I wanted to follow when I came across a flurry of activity surrounding our friends over at Guiding Light. It turns out that one Ms. Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer) has also jumped on the Twitter train and has taken to it like a duck to water. Yesterday during what appeared to be a long shoot day on the set of Guiding Light, Crystal Chappell did want all soap fans could only dream of…she tweeted LIVE from the set. This wasn’t a media event with journalists doing a set tour. This was an actress connecting with her fans. And trust me; Crystal Chappell has fans…lots and lots of devoted fans. As of this morning her Twitter account was up to 1961 followers and I’ve been told she only started her page 4 days ago so yeah, the girls got fans.

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