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Victor Garber Almost Saves You Again!


Marni Olive Olsen [the middle name is critically important] takes a few days off from the prestigious PR firm where she’s just been made a VP in order to attend her brother’s wedding. When she gets home, she discovers his fiancée is the head cheerleader who made her life a living hell in high school. Hilarity was intended to ensue.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Last Song – Flash: Miley Cyrus Can Act!

Last Song 1-sheet

The Last Song was written as a Miley Cyrus vehicle and then novelized by its co-writer, Nicholas Sparks – he of the cut & paste romantic dramas Nights in Rodanthe and Dear John. Although The Last Song follows the patterns of his previous novels/film adaptations, it is – somewhat surprisingly – better than expected.

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MOVIE REVIEW: When in Rome – Fresh, Fluffy Fun!


Beth [Kristen Bell] is the youngest curator at the Guggenheim Museum and in charge of her first big show – fourteen major works that deal with pain. When she takes forty-eight hours off to attend her sister, Joan’s [Alexis Dziena] wedding in Rome, something weird happens – she meets Nick [Josh Duhamel], a guy whom she likes almost as much as her job. But when she sees him kissing a spectacular brunette in a tight red dress, she gets drunk and stumbles into the Fountain of Love.

In a moment of ill-conceived defiance, she takes four coins and apoker chip from the fountain – causing the men who tossed them there to suddenly fall passionate in love with her: Antonio [Will Arnett], a struggling artist; Lance [Jon Heder], a street magician [take that, Criss Angel!]; Gale, [Dax Shepard], a narcissistic male model, and Leo [Danny DeVito], the King of Sausage. Beth comes to believe that Nick is the fifth …

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MOVIE REVIEW: Star Power and Chemistry Propel The Proposal!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Sandra Bullock movie, so The Proposal will likely be welcomed just for that. That it takes Bullock in a slightly different direction than usual may make it seem fresher than it is – and giving her Ryan Reynolds to play off/with could be considered a stroke of genius.


The plot – high powered publishing executive Margaret Tate [Bullock] is about to be deported back home to Canada [!] when she springs a bombshell on her bosses by announcing that she and her executive assistant, Andrew Paxton [Reynolds] are getting married. The two then zip off to Sitka, Alaska to help celebrate his grandmother’s ninetieth birthday – and announce  their engagement. The engagement tickles Gammy Annie [Betty White, conducting a master class in scene stealing] and Andrew’s mom, Grace [Mary Steenburgen] but not his father, Joe [Craig T. Nelson], or, at first, his ex, Gertrude [Malin Ackerman]. Chaos ensues.

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