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BLU-RAY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Valkyrie Comes to Blu-ray May 19

Valkyrie Blu-ray

The remarkable yet seldom told true story of the German Resistance’s attempted coup and assassination of Adolf Hitler reveals itself when Valkyrie is released on Blu-ray Disc and Special Edition DVD with Digital Copy on May 19th from MGM Home Entertainment.

Set in Nazi Germany, Valkyrie chronicles the daring and ingenious “July 20 plot” to eliminate one of the most evil tyrants the world has ever known.  Oscar?-nominee Tom Cruise* (Mission Impossible, Minority Report) stars as the loyal German nationalist Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, the mastermind behind the plot to kill Hitler and overthrow his fascist regime.

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MOVIE NEWS: Tom Cruise in Talks With Warner Bros to Star in Sleeper

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Fresh off of his highly praised and succesful turn as sleazy movie producer Les Grossman in the hit comedy of the summer TROPIC THUNDER, megastar Tom Cruise is now in talks with Warner Brothers Studios to star in their upcoming feature film SLEEPER.

SLEEPER, which is being produced by Warner Bros in conjuction with Stars Road Entertainment and DC Comics, Inc. centers around the adaption to screen of the Sci-fi comic book of the same name in which a covert operative becomes genetic fused with an alien artifact that renders him imprevious to feeling physical pain.

SLEEPER is being adapted to screen by Ed Brubaker who also writes for the comic book and is being produced by Sam Raimi and Josh Donen. No production date has been set for the feature film which will most likely have either a mid to late 2009 or early 2010 premiere.

MOVIE REVIEW: Tropic Thunder: Apocalypse When?

Tropic Thunder may well be the most [deliberately] politically incorrect film I’ve ever seen – and one of the funniest. The fake trailers alone are worth the price of admission! Ben Stiller’s film takes aim at every level of Hollyweird culture, from trailers to fraudulent writers to explosive studio executives – and is on target far more often than not.

When the writer of a book about the Vietnamese War [Nick Nolte] suggests that a first-time director [Steve Coogan] send his actors into the jungle – which has been seeded with cameras and various practical effects [explosions, gunfire and the like] – the cast members find themselves mixed up with a heroin cartel headed by a twelve-year warlord [Brandon Soo Hoo].

Tropic Thunder Cast

The actors are a truly motley assemblage of stereotypes: Tugg Speedman [Ben Stiller] the action star seeking legitimacy; Jeff Portnoy [Jack Black], star of the Fatties franchise and drug addict, also seeking legitimacy; Alpa Chino [Brandon T. Jackson], a rapper breaking into the acting game; Kevin Sandusky [Jay Baruchel], an actor in his first big movie, and Kirk Lazarus [Robert Downey Jr.], an Australian actor with multiple Oscars, who has his skin darkens to play a black character. None of them really has much of a clue, which leads to explosive ranting by studio head Les Grossman [a virtually unrecognizable Tom Cruise].

Stiller’s direction is pretty much on the money as his movie-within-a-movie allows him to show Hollywood at both its strangest and its worst. When we see the trailer for Simple Jack, for example, we aren’t seeing an attack on the mentally handicapped – unless we’re looking at Tugg Speedman for playing a mentally handicapped man solely to win an Oscar – or Kirk Lazarus for explaining, in a very funny bit, why simple Jack didn’t work. And speaking of trailers, the fake trailers that open the film are spot on satires of specific genre trailers, and are among the funniest moments in the film.

Other highlights include black rapper Alpa Chino keeping Lazarus honest as he plays a black character, even while he [Chino, that is] tries to flog his line of merchandise on camera; Coogan’s director, Damien Cockburn, taking charge; Speedman using what he’s learned from Lazarus to wow his captors in a live, less-than-no-budget performance; that the film becomes a big honkin’ war movie even as it satirizes the culture that creates an Apocalypse Now; Matthew McConaughey’s turn as Speedman’s TiVo-obsessed agent, and Danny McBride who steals every scene he’s in as the film’s special effects expert, Cody.

Tropic Thunder may be the best film Ben Stiller has ever made. It’s loud and crass, joyously politically incorrect, and well under two hours and gives us all the action of movies thirty minutes longer. In a summer that has had a number of good comedies, Tropic Thunder literally blasts its way to the next level.

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Lions For Lambs: Yak, Yak, Yak, Yak, Yak!

Lions For Lambs EclipseMagazine.com Movie Review 

Robert Redford’s new film, Lions For Lambs, is little more than a series of debates carefully staged to embarrass/provoke the current U.S. administration and to persuade people to vote Democratic in the next election – plus some war sequences to show the moronic approach of a wily young senator who might just want to become the next President of the United States.

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