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The Shallows Offers Deep Dives into Suspense

Nancy (Blake Lively) holds onto hope and an old buoy to survive a shark attack in THE SHALLOWS.

The Shallows is a terrifying tale about a young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. Seeking a journey of self-discovery Nancy (Blake Lively) has ventured out to a secret beach to surf—a place whispered about by her recently deceased mother. Upon finding the locale, Nancy enjoys a day of riding waves, and even makes a few friends. However, when the beach empties and Nancy decides to go out for one last ride, a shark attacks leaving her wounded and stranded on a rock roughly 200 yards from shore. With high tide impending, Nancy must find a way to survive if she hopes to stay alive. Continue reading The Shallows Offers Deep Dives into Suspense