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I Was in a Cult Trailer: The Path – Season 2!

The Path_Season 2, Episode 2, Photo credit:  Greg Lewis/Hulu
The Path: Season 2 Photo credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu

The second season of Hulu’s The Path finds Eddie (Aaron Paul) in a support group for former cult members – and that appears to be about the only reasonably normal thing about the trailer for season two of Hulu’s critically acclaimed series The Path.

Season two of The Path returns with a two-hour premiere on January 25th. The new trailer follows the jump.

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Hulu Announces Mid-Season Slate!


Hulu has announced its mid-season slate – with one key premiere in every month from January to May.

Season Two of The Path kicks off 2017 on Wednesday,January 25th; The Mindy Project: Season Five B premieres on Tuesday, February 14th; Harlots – ‘a powerful family drama set in 18th Century London’ debuts on Wednesday, March 29th; Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale premieres on April 27th, and the third season of Casual debuts on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Read on for series descriptions.

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Cracks in the Facade Featurette: The Path


Hulu’s new series, The Path, follows a family that gets swept up in a new religious movement – and what the effects are for them as cracks begin to appear in their relationships, and in the movement itself.

Check out a new behind scenes look at The Path following the jump. The Path premieres on March 30th.

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Pull of Faith Trailer: The Path!

thepath.week2.del.1-722 (1)

Hulu’s The Path follows a family that has membership in a controversial cult. It’s an examination of the choices we make – and how there’s always a difference between the live we want and the life we want.

The Path stars Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy – and premieres on March 30th. Check out the trailer after the break.

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