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TELEVISION: Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance


Here’s something fun for a boring movie Friday morning. Katie Holmes was on the show So You Think You Can Dance (a show I don’t watch) and she’s pretty good.  I don’t understand the knee jerk hatred people have for Tom and Katie other than the fact everyone hates Scientology and think it’s a “fake” religion. I think all religion is fake and goofy, if it helps people live better, caring lives, I say live and let live.

TELEVISION: The Queue, What to Watch this week in your Netflix Instant Queue

It’s time for another installment of The Queue. If you have Netflix Instant Queue on X-Box Live, Tivo or some other connected Device and can’t find anything to watch, here are ten suggestions.


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COMIC-CON NEWS: Get the Syfy Comic-Con App for your iPhone


Here’s something cool – the folks at Syfy (I still can’t get the name Siffee out of my head) have created a really spiffy (get it, pun intended :)) little app for your Comic Con enjoyment.  You can use it to follow all the cool Syfy panels (and before they email me, yes, I know it’s pronounced Sci-Fi) and other comic con events. Even though their rebranding is stupid, this is awesome marketing and a cool ap. Great job Syfy. The Full press release is below. Go to the App story and get it.


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TV on DVD REVIEW: TNT’s Leverage Season 1


We have been on the Leverage TNT Bandwagon since episode one and I had a great interview with the great Dean Devlin and one of the show’s stars Aldis Hodge. The show started off a bit rough but picked up steam as the season progressed. The cast really started to gel well together. I’m usually not a fan of the “Heist” story, but I like the overall premise of the show: A group of super bad con men banning together to do some good in the world and turn their skills onto the evil corporations and other big executives who think they are above the law. If I had one complaint about the show is, I think it’s a bit over directed and stylized when it doesn’t need to be. The season one DVD set includes all the season one episodes and a nice set of extras.

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TELEVISION TECHNOLOGY: Five Ways to Improve Tivo’s Service


Believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve ever complained about my crummy Verizon Fios service. I absolutely love their blazing fast Internets but their television service basically sucks, specifically their HD.  I’m a subscriber to their “Extreme HD” package that includes all their HD Channels. Only problem is there HD-DVR is so crummy that I only received about 5 of the 20 or 30 HD Channels that I paid for.  After six months of going round and round with their tech people and have people come out to the house, as well as replacing their crappy DVR – which only records 20 hours of HD programming, barely recorded HD at all, I finally gave up and purchased my own equipment. I upgraded my old Tivo Box – that I never used to get the Tivo HD Series 3. It’s a neat little box because I can increase the storage capacity on it, I went to Best Buy and purchased a 500 Gig MyDVR Expander for about $65. The new Tivo Series 3 is all about connectivity, it features Netflix Instant Watch, Amazon OnDemand, Podcast Viewing, YouTube, and a host of other nifty things.  But here’s the thing, the Tivo Service itself is terrible. I really HATE it, but at least the box works. I don’t understand how it beat out the much easier to use and customizable ReplayTV service.  Here are Five things Tivo can do to improve.

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TELEVISION NEWS: EM Favorite, Jeffrey Donovan Busted for DUI

Jeffrey Donovan

I’m sure this is all some sort of elaborate con put on to get back in the spy business, but EM Favorite and generally all around good guy Burn Notice star, Jeffrey Donovan was busted in Miami on DUI.  He said he didn’t think he was that drunk, just “borderline.”  He was arrested July 11 after a late-night incident in which his 2009 Audi “quickly swerved in order to avoid striking the rear of the patrol car.”  He refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene.

TELEVISION NEWS: Paula Abdul leaving Idol? I say No Way.

Paula Abdul

Say it isn’t so! Word going around the web today is that Paula Abdul isn’t returning to American Idol this season.  She is, rightfully so, a little ticked off that the Producers are screwing her over on contract negotiations.  If Ryan Seacrest can get a $45 million contract, certainly Paula should be getting at least $60 million. She’s more “vital” to the show than Seacrest. The Producers have opened a big can of worms by paying Seacrest that kind of money, because I’m sure Randy Jackson is looking around saying, “hey, what about a bone for the dog?”  While everyone is saying she’s not coming back, it’s just not going to happen, Paula’s coming back with a ridiculous contract and Simon Cowell‘s contract will be even more jaw dropping.  Auditions start in a month so we’ll probably know for sure by the end of next week what’s going on.

TELEVISION: Torchwood: Children of Earth – 5-Day Arc Will “Rip Your Guts Out!”

Torchwood: Children of Earth [BBC America, Monday through Friday, 9-10:15/10:00-11:15C] is a mini-series event that in the words of creator/co-writer Russell T. Davies, “will rip your guts out!” He is not kidding; this is not hyperbole. Children of Earth is as powerful a television event as you’ll see all year.


It begins with the children of the world stopping. Whether they’re walking to school; eating a bit of brekkie, or playing in the park, they all simply stop. Then they scream – in unison; around the world. FInally, they repeat the ominous message, “We are coming.” Then they start up again. Hours later, the pattern repeats. Each time the children stop, the message changes, slightly – from “We are coming,” to “We are coming… back!” and so on.

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Emmy Nominations


In our ongoing efforts to keep the readers of Eclipse informed, here it is just the list and nothing but the list. No snide comments about who was robbed and what shows should have been on the list but aren’t, other than to say that the usual list of contenders are there, as usual, and sci-fi is ignored, yet again.

Big Love
Breaking Bad
Mad Men

Simon Baker, The Mentalist
Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Hugh Laurie, House

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