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TELEVISION NEWS: Paula Abdul leaving Idol? I say No Way.

Paula Abdul

Say it isn’t so! Word going around the web today is that Paula Abdul isn’t returning to American Idol this season.  She is, rightfully so, a little ticked off that the Producers are screwing her over on contract negotiations.  If Ryan Seacrest can get a $45 million contract, certainly Paula should be getting at least $60 million. She’s more “vital” to the show than Seacrest. The Producers have opened a big can of worms by paying Seacrest that kind of money, because I’m sure Randy Jackson is looking around saying, “hey, what about a bone for the dog?”  While everyone is saying she’s not coming back, it’s just not going to happen, Paula’s coming back with a ridiculous contract and Simon Cowell‘s contract will be even more jaw dropping.  Auditions start in a month so we’ll probably know for sure by the end of next week what’s going on.

TELEVISION: Torchwood: Children of Earth – 5-Day Arc Will “Rip Your Guts Out!”

Torchwood: Children of Earth [BBC America, Monday through Friday, 9-10:15/10:00-11:15C] is a mini-series event that in the words of creator/co-writer Russell T. Davies, “will rip your guts out!” He is not kidding; this is not hyperbole. Children of Earth is as powerful a television event as you’ll see all year.


It begins with the children of the world stopping. Whether they’re walking to school; eating a bit of brekkie, or playing in the park, they all simply stop. Then they scream – in unison; around the world. FInally, they repeat the ominous message, “We are coming.” Then they start up again. Hours later, the pattern repeats. Each time the children stop, the message changes, slightly – from “We are coming,” to “We are coming… back!” and so on.

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Emmy Nominations


In our ongoing efforts to keep the readers of Eclipse informed, here it is just the list and nothing but the list. No snide comments about who was robbed and what shows should have been on the list but aren’t, other than to say that the usual list of contenders are there, as usual, and sci-fi is ignored, yet again.

Big Love
Breaking Bad
Mad Men

Simon Baker, The Mentalist
Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Hugh Laurie, House

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TELEVISION: The Instant Q, 10 Things to Watch via Netflix Instant Queue

Netflix Instant Queue

Ok, I get tired of people constantly complaining that Netflix’s Instant Now service sucks because there’s nothing worth watching on it. While it is lacking in movie choices, it’s selection of television shows are really good and if you look hard enough you can find quite a few movie gems to watch. I’ve managed to find over 348 things to put into my Instant View queue, why can’t you? So for the next several weeks I’m going to give you all10 things to watch via Netflix’s really cool Instant Watch service. So here are 10 things that I’m currently watching –

Dr. Who – Series 1 – 3 (We are not Amused)

Dr. Who on Netflix Instant Queue

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HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: Lindsey Shaw takes on Kat of 10 Things I Hate About You.


Lindsey Shaw

Last but not least in the series of interviews behind the scenes of 10 Things I Hate About You, the beautiful Lindsey Shaw discusses her time on the show. The show premiered last night and will be on on Tuesdays on ABC Family, 8/7c.

What’s the difference between being on Aliens in America or this show?

No difference at all really.  No [laughs], a huge difference.  Claire was self-centered and bitchy and completely concerned with popularity, much like Bianca is.  She’s like an older version of Bianca.  And Kat, she is self-centered for very different reasons.  She doesn’t realize it.  In fact, in this episode, her father finally tells her how self-centered she is.  And she’s like, “What?  No, I didn’t get it.” 

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TELEVISION: Michael Jackson’s Memorial, A Send Off for the Ages

Michael Jackson Memorial Image

Wow, what a classy show they put on. All involved deserved the utmost praise and kudos for being able to pull off an event like this in such short notice while not turning it into a circus. I’m the first one to admit I generally try and not watch stuff like this because it always feels forced and stagy. At about 11 today I tried to watch the coverage but all the commentary from the MSNBC pundits just drove me crazy. All they kept talking about was the molestation charges, not about MJ or his legacy. I got so frustrated I turned it off. At 1pm when it was time for the memorial to start, they were still yammering about nothing. So at that point I turned off the TV and was determined not to watch it. Eventually I did turn it on, towards the end Stevie’s performance. I felt emotionally drained after watching it.

I loved the personal moments like Magic Johnson’s story about MJ liking Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Brooke Shield or Usher’s breakdown it puts to rest a lot of those tabloid stories that his friendships weren’t real. Then the ending We Are the World, Heal The World and Paris’ speech at the end, had me. I was balling like a baby during the last 1/2 hour of this. The Reverend Al’s speech was really moving although I do think he gives short shrift to the people who came before Michael Jackson (Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis, Chubby Checker, Little Richard, etc. Who helped open doors before Michael was born.) Loved his comment about MJ not being strange, but his situation was. There were a couple of weird moments namely the Britain’s Got Talent kid, he was really good but for some reason the moment seemed so out of place and kind of forced, especially coming after Usher’s genuine breakdown. I felt the same way about Jennifer Hudson as well. She had a strong performance but I don’t know it didn’t feel like she was emotionally connected to the song.

As far as coverage goes, I spent a lot of time trolling the Huffington Post forums and for the most part the posters there were respectful and good. MSNBC’s coverage of the entire day was just awful, as I said in the beginning it was all about their analysts and anchors and not about the event. They would do the "We’re not going to talk about the molestation, or the fact that he’s weird, this is about the man…" way too much. It was mostly crass and I’ve lost what little respect I had for MSNBC today. I generally hate CNN since they decided a few years ago to become "Fox News" and refuse to watch Fox, what little I watched of CNN felt more genuine to me. They showed full songs, talked to friends of Michael Jackson and people who were there.

Everyone involved should be really proud about how well this event came off. Of course there will be an eventual DVD/Blu-ray to milk this event later, but I don’t think it’ll have the same impact as watching this live and being in the collective moment.

TELEVISION NEWS: Neil Patrick Harris hosts Emmys


I love Neil Patrick Harris, it’s amazing really, he went from being Doogie Houser, to obscurity and all of a sudden a few years ago he bounces back into the public spotlight. That’s called endurance people.  Fresh from two successful hosting gigs, NPH is set to take on the Emmy Awards. According to our blog partner TV.com “Harris has the hosting bug, and that’s perfectly fine with us as he’s damn good at it. Earlier this year, he hosted The 63rd Annual Tony Awards and The 7th Annual TV Land Awards, both to positive reviews, and also delivered a memorable segment at CBS’ upfronts in which he illustrated the "Bro Code." Now it looks as though he’s getting ready for his biggest hosting challenge yet — the Emmys.”  Check out the full story here.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sarah Palin is Toast and The Media isn’t around to Gloat!


I know we don’t cover Politics on EM, I’m a flaming liberal looking for a party to believe in, I despise the Republican party and don’t like the Democratic Party either. But I just had to sing, “Oh, Happy Day…” or maybe “Ding dong, the witch is dead…” Sarah Palin shocks everyone today by resigning her Governorship. She gave one of her classic, jumbled, rambling speeches justifying her reasons using some dumb sports analogy. Can we please ban Politicos (reporters, pundits, all of them) from using stupid sports metaphors to “explain” stuff to us?  But here’s where she’s brilliant and gets to stick it to the pundits one last time. She makes the announcement on a major Holiday like today when all the pundits are on their vacations. So we don’t have to here an idiot like Chris Matthews trying to turn this into some dumb boxing analogy, “Is she knocked out of the arena?” Blah, blah.  But she’s politically dead, there’s no amount of spin that could justify her quitting when she built this image as being a tough as nails “fighter.” Someone as egotistical as her doesn’t simply quit, there’s another shoe waiting to be dropped.