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Television: American Idol Re-cap 02.02.10

American Idol Guest Judge: Victoria Beckham

It’s the Mile High City – Denver, CO.  It’s where Chris Daughtry got his start in 2005 and he didn’t do too bad.  Can someone from the Denver auditions follow in his footsteps? 


*City:  Denver, CO

*Celebrity Judges: Victoria Beckham (Skeletor is back) 

*Number of Contestants: Unknown (they didn’t say)

*Name to Remember:  DANELLE HAYES  — She will be Top 20 and will be HUGE! 

*The One You Hope To Forget:  KENNY EVERETT — He thinks he should be Top 20 (he also thinks he’s the male Mary J. Blige).

*Most Heart Warming Story:    HAELEY VAUGHN — “The Miracle Child” who wants to be the first African-American pop country singer.

*Quote of the Night:   Simon:  “Victoria wants to know if you have eaten any helium today?”  before NICCI NIX’s very powerful audition. 

MARK LABRIOLA, 28, Aurora, CO —  A Jack Black look alike and he kinda sounds like him, but I think Jack Black can carry a tune pretty well.  Can Mark?  Well, if past auditions tell us anything, numero uno is usually el stinko.  Hmmm?  He does have an interesting story though.  His mother kidnapped him from his father when he was 4.  You don’t say!  Anyway, on to the audition.


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Michelle’s Very Long, Rambling, Blow by Blow of The Grammy Awards!!

It’s time for the annual right of passage called Michelle is getting old and turning into her mother, AKA Grammy Awards night. Generally speaking I hate all award shows, but my Tivo makes them bearable. Let’s start with my old fogginess; I have no idea who half the people nominated and performing tonight are – so I will get the names of these songs wrong. Let me say I don’t like Taylor Swift – well don’t like is a strong word, I think she’s incredibly over exposed and I find her music to be bland and boring. Which probably explains why Sony thought it’d be a good idea to have her perform at their CES Press Conference.

The show opens with a performance by Lady GaGa, she puts on a spectacle but has absolutely no stage presence. Her performance is saved by an appearance by the Great One, Sir Elton John. Even after all of these years, he’s still cool. I don’t know what the name of this song is because I don’t like Lady GaGa – they did work in a nifty rift/mashup of Elton’s “Your Song,” and a Lady GaGa tune. Grade – Lady GaGa gets a F, but Elton and Lady GaGa Gets a Solid A

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Television: American Idol Re-cap 01.27.10

American Idol Guest Judge: Neil Patrick Harris


*City:  Dallas, TX

*Celebrity Judge:  Neil Patrick Harris / Joe Jonas 

*Number of Contestants: 11,000

*Name to Remember:  ERICA RHOADES, the former “Barney” actress who shed’s her little girl image with a whip and big voice.

*The One You Hope To Forget: VANNESSA JOHNSTON whom Simon calls the sights and sounds of his nightmares.

*Most Heart Warming Story:    DAVE PITTMAN, the man who stutters and ticks with Tourette’s, but sings flawlessly

*Quote of the Night:  Former Barney Actress ERICA RHODES:  “I want people to know that Barney kids grow up…”  Neil Patrick Harris:  “To be dirty little girls.”

This is IDOL’s 3rd visit to Dallas and it’s where the very first Idol was discovered, one Kelly Clarkson.

In that same season, JULIE KEVELIGHAN, 28, Fort Worth, TX, also auditioned with a horrendous version of “Lady Marmalade.”  Simon suggested she sue her voice coach.  Seven years later, she’s back.  So what will Julie do?  


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Michelle’s on the Set on NBC’s Mercy!


Ok, I’ve been trying to post this for the last few weeks but kept getting distracted. As many of you know EclipseMagazine is part of NBC’s pretty cool Digital Network. It’s an exclusive club for all the cool kids on the web where we get special access to NBC programming, news, stars, etc. I’m still waiting for that Heroes and Chuck Set Visit, alas, our latest invite was to go spend a few hours with the cast of their new Medical drama, Mercy. I’ll say now that not much happened during this visit, nor during the 45 minute Q and A. James Tupper gave us a personal tour of the set and we got to watch a few minutes of filming – which is always cool. Due to Union rules we weren’t able to take photos of the cast on the set, but NBC did Videotape everything so those clips should have appeared on the web by now or will be in the next few days. The minute the Q and A was over they all ran out of there like there was a fire – apparently they were late for a call time. It was pretty irritating that we didn’t even get a chance to do a group cast shot. The amazingly hot James Van Der Beek held court for us and Taylor Schilling stuck around for a bit. Everyone thought I was crazy to drive up to NJ from DC, but I had nothing else better to do and I always like hanging out with my fellow bloggers. Oddly enough we don’t feel like we’re in competition with each other so it’s always a pretty good time. Mercy airs on NBC, Wednesday nights.

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Glenn Close takes on Bernie Madoff in Damages Season 3

After a slow start, I found myself falling in love with Season One of FX’s Legal drama Damages, it fell off the rails in Season Two, what will Season Three be like? Generally speaking, I hate most Legal Dramas, but Damages was different, it wasn’t so much about the individual cases it was about what lengths chief Legal Eagle Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) will go and who she will step on to win a case. The irony is she wins her cases without ever going to court. Do they even have a courtroom set on this show? The show’s use of flashbacks worked well and was appropriate for Season One because we didn’t know who any of these people were, so telling us how they got to that point seemed appropriate. In Season Two the flashbacks were unnecessary. In Season Three they are now doing “Flash Forwards,” now it feels forced and gimmicky.

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TELEVISION: Caprica – Scattered Pilot; Seeds of Potential!


Tonight marks the premiere of the long-awaited Battlestar Galactica prequel series, Caprica [Syfy, 9/8]. The pilot has been released on DVD – with sexier bits that couldn’t air on Syfy – and online with the nudity somewhat blunted and with a few new scenes, and now it airs on Syfy with an added scene that wasn’t edited into the ep prior to screeners being sent. While the multi-format release strategy has been intriguing – and imaginative – tonight’s premiere, even with that mysterious added scene [which involves deepening the culture and civilization of The Twelve Colonies by showing their love of sports – yes, folks, it’s a Pyramids sequence!], is a bit on the scattered and unfocused side and possessed of few, if any, likable characters.

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Hollywood Insider: Co-Creator David Eick and Star Paula Malcomson Talk Caprica!


Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica prequel series, Caprica premieres tonight [9/8C], and on Tuesday, I took part in a conference call Q&A with series co-creator and executive producer, David Eick and Paula Malcomson, who plays Amanda Greystone on the show. It got off to a bit of a weird start, but quickly picked up steam and was, ultimately, a very interesting experience.

Also taking part were: Jim Halterman [jimhalterman.com], Charlie Jane Anders [io9.com], Troy Rogers [thedeadbolt.com], Michael Hinman [Airlock Alpha], Lisa Steinberg [Starry Constellation], Ivy West [CliqueClack TV], and Steve Aramo [SciFi Talk].

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Television: American Idol Recap 01.20.10

Americal Idol Guest Judge: Kristin Chenoweth


*City:  Orlando, FL

*Celebrity Judge:  Kristin Chenoweth, “Wicked”ly awesome, but only for a day

*Number of Contestants: 10,000

*Name to Remember:  MATT LAWRENCE, seeking redemption through music

*The One You Hope To Forget:  JARROD NORELL, the audition so bad he gets arrested.

*Most Heart Warming Story:  MATT LAWRENCE, the jailbird turned songbird

*Quote of the Night:  Simon:  “You walked in like a cocktail stick and sang as if you sat on a cat.”


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Television: American Idol Recap 01.19.10

Idol Guest Judge: Shania Twain

American Idol lands in the Windy City (and my home for a year until it got too cold), CHICAGO!

It’s the largest stop so far on the Idol Audition Tour.


*City:  Chicago

*Celebrity Judge:  Shania Twain , she still “Feels Like A Woman” and confesses she would pee on herself if she had to audition for Idol.  She actually did that once!

*Number of Contestants: 12,000

*Name to Remember:  CHARITY VANCE and her fantastic rendition of “Summertime.”

*The One You Hope To Forget:  BRIAN KRAUSE and his spasmodic “Tip Toe Through The Tulips.” 

*Most Heart Warming Story:  ANGELA MARTIN, third time is a charm!

*Quote of the Night:  “You have a great bottom.”  -Shania Twain talking about JOHN PARK’s lower register, we think.


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