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Television: American Idol Recap 01.19.10

Idol Guest Judge: Shania Twain

American Idol lands in the Windy City (and my home for a year until it got too cold), CHICAGO!

It’s the largest stop so far on the Idol Audition Tour.


*City:  Chicago

*Celebrity Judge:  Shania Twain , she still “Feels Like A Woman” and confesses she would pee on herself if she had to audition for Idol.  She actually did that once!

*Number of Contestants: 12,000

*Name to Remember:  CHARITY VANCE and her fantastic rendition of “Summertime.”

*The One You Hope To Forget:  BRIAN KRAUSE and his spasmodic “Tip Toe Through The Tulips.” 

*Most Heart Warming Story:  ANGELA MARTIN, third time is a charm!

*Quote of the Night:  “You have a great bottom.”  -Shania Twain talking about JOHN PARK’s lower register, we think.


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Win Our awesome Steven Seagal Prize Pack!

Courtesy of the folks at A & E we have a really cool Steven Seagal Lawman Prize Pack to give away.  The Pack includes:

  • Steven Seagal Lawman Limited Edition Collector’s Set wrapped in a keepsake “bulletproof” vest featuring: “Steven Seagal Lawman” DVD with 2 full episodes,
  • Steven Seagal “Mojo Priest” CD
  • “The Path Beyond Thought” DVD which documents Steven Seagal’s work in Japan establishing his dojo and teaching Aikido.
  • Steven Seagal Lawman long-sleeved T-shirt
  • Steven Seagal Lawman Stainless Steel Drink Tumbler

STEVEN SEAGAL LAWMAN, airs Wednesdays at 10:00PM ET/PT only on A&E. Visit the official site for more information and exclusive content. To get this awesome pack, read the show synopsis and the contest rules after  the break.

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Randy Jackson does Pants on the Ground and talks Idol

To this very day I still get confused as to whether or not Jackson is related to the Jacksons. He’s not, but I recently watched all of the Jackson’s reality show on A & E. Anyway Randy being the shill he is did a cover of Pants on the Ground with the Roots on Late Night last night. I’m not going to watch Idol until they get down to the top 14 and actually start, you know, singing.

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Michelle Trachtenberg Returns to Gossip Girl later this season

I hate Georgina and was glad to see her go, but during a Q and A on the set of Mercy last week Mercy/Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg confirmed that she will be returning to the CW Network hit, Gossip Girl in the coming weeks. She’s one busy girl and must have one impressive agent to be able to convince both networks to let her keep doing both shows. She was a lot of fun during the Mercy Q and A, very possessive over her male co-stars.

SyFy’s Caprica is a kind of Creepy and Depressing, So says Michelle, So say we All!

I always say how much I despise Prequels, but I have to admit I always find myself getting sucked into them, because there’s a part of me that always wants to know how X got to Y. Also the Pollyanna side of me always watches these things thinking Anakin really won’t go bad, Wolverine really won’t loose his memory, Lex Luthor is really going to turn out to be a good guy and on Caprica the Cylons really won’t kill everyone in sight. You can’t help but feel a sense of creepiness and foreboding to everything that’s going on with this show.

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ESPN Streaming coming to Xbox 360

Here’s something interesting, ESPN Streaming is coming to the Xbox 360. With the Xbox 360’s large male audience this a great fit. According to the New York Times Disney and Microsoft are having closed door meetings and live streams of sporting events à la the now aptly-titled ESPN360 could come to the console on a per-subscriber fee, along with related interactive games. Now this is something I certainly pay for, but it’s an interesting example of where television is going. I’ll admit I have soured on Microsoft due to their restrictive licensing policies and if MS really wants the Xbox 360 to become a multi-media powerhouse they have to start releasing larger capacity HDs. I only have 40 gigs left and there’s no larger drive I can buy, even if I could, I couldn’t because I already did a license transfer and have to wait another year before I can do it again. WTF is that? I guess MS doesn’t want people to purchase multiple Xbox 360s! The PS3 let’s you redownload stuff up to 5 times.

The Jack Sack is Back, 24 Season 8 Predictions

The Jack Sack is back baby and after the excellent two hour premiere I’m fully on board with Season 8 of 24. I loved it when Jack muttered, “I hate this place.” Who doesn’t hate their job? I’m the type of viewer who generally enjoys 24 in six hour marathon sessions as opposed to watching it on a week-to-week basis. I think the story flows better this way, so I will be doing re-caps this season but probably in two – three episode blocks. My recap of the first four hours will come later this week, in the meantime I have a few predictions for this season – since we all know there is definitely a formula.

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Archer, FX Network’s Latest Show is bit too Clever by Half, Michelle’s Review

Did you ever watch James Bond and think, wow, that’s one cool dude? Would you still think that if you found out that Bond’s ex-girlfriend is dating a dreeby Accountant, you have to put up with office politics like every other person and that your mother is actually M and runs the place? These are the things that super spy Archer has to put up with in FX Networks new animated comedy series “Archer.” The animation style of Archer looks a bit like Flash mixed with some cell shading it looks a bit amateurish but serviceable, it’s not going to make you go wow or want to buy any action figures.  Where Archer excels is it’s snappy, snarky, rapid-fire dialogue.

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap 01.13.2010

The next stop on the American Idol train is Atlanta, Georgia, ya’ll.  It’s Idol’s 5th time in HOT-lanta and in the past it has found great success there.  Clay Aiken, Fantasia, and Jennifer Hudson all auditioned in Atlanta.  Will the next Americal Idol come from the A-T-L?  Only time will tell.


*City:  Atlanta

*Celebrity Judge:  Mary J. Blige – a true Idol who gets better with age. (Love me some, Mary J).

*Number of Contestants: 10,000

*Name to Remember:  BRIAN WALKER, the singing cop

*The One You Hope To Forget:  KRISTIE MARIE, the non-singing TV Producer

*Most Heart Warming Story:  VANESSA WOLFE, the country girl who dreams of a new life

*The Most Ticked Off Contestant:  LAMAR ROYAL (“Mary J. Blige can’t sing a lick.”)

*Priceless Moment:  “Cheap Dramatizations” of JESSY HAMILTON’s near death experiences

*Quote of the Night:  Kara says, “We’ve got our own 411 for you.  This shouldn’t be your career.”  Simon:  “I think it’s more like 911.”


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THIS…IS…AMERICAN IDOL!   Season 9 auditions begin in Bean Town, Boston, Massachusetts.  With the absence of Paul Abdul this year, celebrity judges will be filling in during the auditions, including, Shania Twain, Joe Jonas (don’t you need to be able to sing to judge and not just be from a pop band?), Kristin Chenoweth, Mary J. Blige, Katie Perry, Neil Patrick Harris, Avril Lavigne, and Victoria Beckham (don’t you need to be able to sing to judge and not just be from a pop band).  We’ll see Ellen DeGeneres start her new gig during Hollywood Week.

Ryan promises in the voice over that each year the talent pool is bigger and better and we should be prepared for this year’s talent to blow us away.  Ugh huh.  Anyway, on with the show.

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