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Television: NBC’s Chase Gets Shorter As Network Cuts Episode Order from 22 to 18


NBC has decided that Chase doesn’t need to go on for so long this season. Executives at the Peacock Network have changed their mind about giving the series a full 22 episodes. The freshman drama series about a team of U.S. Marshals,  and stars Kelli Giddish, Cole Hauser and Jesse Metcalfe,hasn’t pulled in the expected ratings. Studio insiders from both NBC and Warner Brothers say that the reduction of episodes from 22 to 18 does not mean that Chase has been canceled. It is still considered a full-season order for the series. Chase will be moved to Wednesdays beginning Jan. 12, 2011.

Television: Terriers Gets Sent to the Cancellation Kennel – Lie To Me Gets Capped at 13 Episodes


FX has sent it’s fledging series Terriers to the cancellation Kennel. The quirky series, which averaged about 500,000 viewers per episode, starred Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James as two best friends who take on the sometimes dangerous role of unlicensed private investigators in San Diego County. The series, which was created by Ted Griffin (Oceans 11), executive producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Tim Minear (Dollhouse), ran for 13 episodes before FX made their decision.



FOX has announced that the third season of LIE TO ME has been capped at thirteen episodes and they have declined to order the back nine episodes of the Tim Roth-starring crime drama.  Executives at FOX say that Lie to Me has not been canceled and that a decision on the show’s fate is not expected to be announced until May 2011.  Meanwhile, The Chicago Code, a new drama from Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers, and, yes, Lie to Me) had already been scheduled to take over Lie to Me‘s Monday night 9 PM time slot beginning February 7, 2011.

Television: Sneak Peek Photo Gallery From Supernatural S6.11 Appointment in Samarra


The hit CW action series Supernatural which revolves around storylines regarding the heroic but angst ridden monster hunting/demon fighting brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, is having a very good day today. After six seasons of being a cult audience favorite, the series won it’s first ever TV Guide cover which prominently features Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean) the two handsome and highly talented stars of the series (read the Eclipsemagazine article by Liana Bekakos for the full story).

This Friday, December 10th, Supernatural will air its final first run episode of season 6 before the holidays bring us into reruns. Supernatural S6.11 is titled Appointment in Samarra. In keeping with the good day feeling for the series, the CW Network has released some photos from the upcoming episode to share with fans and viewers alike.

Before we move on to take a look at the photos, I would like to share a few of my thoughts about season 6 of Supernatural.

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Life Expected: The Best Show You’re Not Watching Gets a DVD/Blu-ray Release!


While The CW has yet to make an official announcement, by not picking up the ‘back nine’ for Life Unexpected, it effectively let it be known that the series was canceled. Now comes news that Warner Home Video will be releasing Life Unexpected: The Complete Series on DVD and Blu-ray on April 5, 2011.

Although the set will include all twenty-six episodes from the show’s two seasons, it’s incredible light on bonus material. The WHV press release only lists the following: Life In Portland: The Making of Life Unexpected; Lux, Cate, Baz, Ryan & Math: The Casting of Life Unexpected; Deleted Scenes, and a Gag Reel. It’s a sad end for the best teen soap on TV.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Takes Zombie Genre to New Heights! Michelle’s Review!

AMC's The Walking Dead Review

Wow, Sunday night Television is getting packed. We have Football (usually the week’s marquee game), HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and now AMC joins the party with their amazing new dense series The Walking Dead. I’m not a fan of Zombies, always found them really boring, so it’s a good thing AMC’s new series is about how people live in a Zombie infested world and not just Zombie killing 101.

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Vote for Chuck for TV Guide Cover


Ok, Marla made her pitch to have you fine EM readers vote for Smallville and Supernatural to get the cover of TV guide. But me being your fearless leader have to go with Chuck for the cover. Smallville and Supernatural are in their last seasons, but poor Chuck can’t get no respect, so how could would it be if once again Chuck fans came through for the little show that could? Vote Chuck! And if that’s not enough Robert England is in a Halloween themed episode tonight.

Television: Smallville & Supernatural Are Both in the Running for A Cover on TV Guide


For the first time ever, TV Guide is letting the fans decide which show should be on their cover. 

Here’s the good news for fans and viewers of the CW Network’s men of action. If you love Smallville starring Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow and Supernatural starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester, you don’t have to chose which one to watch. The two hit CW action series air back to back on Friday nights beginning at 8PM EST with Smallville and moving on into 9PM EST with Supernatural.

Here’s the bad news. Only one of them can possibly win the spot on the December 13th cover of TV Guide Magazine and they can only do it if you vote for them. Ah the dilemma of choosing between the Man of Steel and the Green Arrow or the monster hunting, demon fighting brothers Winchester (with the Angel Castiel thrown in for good measure).

Well, there is a little bit more good news.  Both Smallville and Supernatural have been nominated due to their incredible fan bases and both need you to vote now to help one of them win the December 13th cover!  You can vote as often as you like. so please take the time to vote now at the TV Guide cover poll.

Glee Karaoke–The Sign of the Apocalypse is Upon Us!

Glee Karaoke Revolution

Konami, the folks behind the Karaoke Revolution just announced that an all Glee version of the popular game is coming November 9th for the Wii. Karaoke Revolution Glee gives fans and gamers everywhere a chance to test their vocal prowess alongside the GLEE cast with some of the most memorable songs from Season One. The millions of fans nationwide can now belt out up to 30 chart-topping hits and tunes from the popular TV series as they watch some of the most loved scenes from Season One play out on screen. Karaoke Revolution Glee will also utilize Karaoke Revolution‘s proprietary voice recognition technology, which accurately recognizes and scores vocal pitch and rhythm, helping gamers reach those hard-hitting notes and perfect their harmonies.

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The Fairy Jobmother comes to TV

Based on the popular British format and produced by Studio Lambert (Undercover Boss), The Fairy Jobmother follows international career specialist Hayley Taylor as she assists job-challenged families with her no-nonsense and tough love tactics to motivate them to get back on the payroll.  Lifetime will sneak peek the first of eight one-hour episodes at 11:00 PM (ET/PT) on Thursday, October 28, immediately following the Project Runway Season Eight finale.  Beginning Thursday, November 4, The Fairy Jobmother will air in its regular time period of 9:00 PM (ET/PT).


Television: Gossip Girls Go Dressy for Goodbye Columbia


“Goodbye, Columbia”

A GOSSIP GIRL BLAST STRIKES OUT AGAINST SERENA —An anonymous Gossip Girl blast starts a very damaging rumor about one of Columbia’s new students, Serena (Blake Lively). On her path to greatness, Blair (Leighton Meester) decides to take a class with a powerful businesswoman, Martha (guest star Marilyne Barrett), who is guest-lecturing at Columbia, but a mysterious fellow student thwarts her plans to secure the prized position as Martha’s assistant. Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Jeremiah Chechik directed the episode written by Robby Hull