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Archer, FX Network’s Latest Show is bit too Clever by Half, Michelle’s Review

Did you ever watch James Bond and think, wow, that’s one cool dude? Would you still think that if you found out that Bond’s ex-girlfriend is dating a dreeby Accountant, you have to put up with office politics like every other person and that your mother is actually M and runs the place? These are the things that super spy Archer has to put up with in FX Networks new animated comedy series “Archer.” The animation style of Archer looks a bit like Flash mixed with some cell shading it looks a bit amateurish but serviceable, it’s not going to make you go wow or want to buy any action figures.  Where Archer excels is it’s snappy, snarky, rapid-fire dialogue.

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap 01.13.2010

The next stop on the American Idol train is Atlanta, Georgia, ya’ll.  It’s Idol’s 5th time in HOT-lanta and in the past it has found great success there.  Clay Aiken, Fantasia, and Jennifer Hudson all auditioned in Atlanta.  Will the next Americal Idol come from the A-T-L?  Only time will tell.


*City:  Atlanta

*Celebrity Judge:  Mary J. Blige – a true Idol who gets better with age. (Love me some, Mary J).

*Number of Contestants: 10,000

*Name to Remember:  BRIAN WALKER, the singing cop

*The One You Hope To Forget:  KRISTIE MARIE, the non-singing TV Producer

*Most Heart Warming Story:  VANESSA WOLFE, the country girl who dreams of a new life

*The Most Ticked Off Contestant:  LAMAR ROYAL (“Mary J. Blige can’t sing a lick.”)

*Priceless Moment:  “Cheap Dramatizations” of JESSY HAMILTON’s near death experiences

*Quote of the Night:  Kara says, “We’ve got our own 411 for you.  This shouldn’t be your career.”  Simon:  “I think it’s more like 911.”


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THIS…IS…AMERICAN IDOL!   Season 9 auditions begin in Bean Town, Boston, Massachusetts.  With the absence of Paul Abdul this year, celebrity judges will be filling in during the auditions, including, Shania Twain, Joe Jonas (don’t you need to be able to sing to judge and not just be from a pop band?), Kristin Chenoweth, Mary J. Blige, Katie Perry, Neil Patrick Harris, Avril Lavigne, and Victoria Beckham (don’t you need to be able to sing to judge and not just be from a pop band).  We’ll see Ellen DeGeneres start her new gig during Hollywood Week.

Ryan promises in the voice over that each year the talent pool is bigger and better and we should be prepared for this year’s talent to blow us away.  Ugh huh.  Anyway, on with the show.

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It’s Official Netflix comes to Wii, is there anything Netflix ISN’T on???

Netflix who is dead to me, due to their ridiculous new stance on delaying DVD Rentals has just inked a deal to deliver Netflix streaming to the Nintendo Wii. The content will be delivered through a new Nintendo Video Channel. Just like the PS3, users will need to insert a disc to enable the video stream. Go to netflix.com/wii to request your disc. The service is scheduled to start this Spring.  The full press release can be read after the break.

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Michelle on the Set of NBC’s Mercy Today!

I have nothing else better to do today, so I figured why not take a 4 hour drive to Jersey to visit the set of NBC’s Mercy. The event will include a meet and greet with the cast, lunch, and a tour of the set. I’ll be doing some live tweets from the event at #eclipsemagazine. We’re interviewing the entire cast including

  • Taylor Schilling (Veronica)
  • Michelle Trachtenberg (Chloe)
  • Jaime Lee Kirchner (Sonia)
  • James Tupper (Dr. Chris Sands)
  • James Van Der Beek (Dr. Liam West)
  • Guillermo Diaz (Nurse Angel Lopez)
  • Diego Klattenhoff (Mike)
  • James Legros (Dr. Dan Harris)

Now don’t be surprised if I look at this and go, this is just silly spend 8 hours driving for a 2 hour event. But as of 7:30 am, I plan on hitting the road at 8:30ish. My gear for this event will be an Macbook (which I hate) and I think I’m going to go with my Casio FS100 Point and Shoot instead of my Nikon D60. I’m into Video these days so I’m going to take my JVC Everio and get some one camera interviews as well.

The NBC Drama Continues, Conan Quits!

Conan O’Brien tells NBC and Fans that he won’t do a show after Leno. In a long statement issued moments ago he said that he signed a deal with NBC 6 years ago to eventually host the Tonight Show and this plan would destroy The Tonight Show legacy, saying it has been his dream to sit in Johnny’s seat and that he “cannot participate in what I honestly believe is its destruction.” His full statement is after the break.

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Simon Cowell’s Last Season of Idol is Official

At a Press Conference in LA, Simon Cowell made it official, this will be his last season of American Idol. He wants to concentrate on bringing his British Hit “The X Factor” to America which will join Fox’s schedule next year. I can understand his decision if he wanted to work on a completely different type of show. I don’t know anything about The X-Factor but it’s supposed to be the British version of American Idol, so what’s the point of leaving Idol to work on yet another dumb “Talent” show? He misses his girl Paula, that’s what it is.

Green Lantern gets it’s Gossip Girl!

Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively has been cast in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. She’ll play Hal Jordan’s (Ryan Reynolds) love interest Carol Ferris. You all know I love me some Gossip Girl, but I’m sorry Blake is a terrible actress and we’ll have to put up with that whiny Blair voice in a Super Hero movie? Blech.  The movie scheduled to hit the theaters June 17, 2011.