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Watch Fugitive Chronicles, Thursday night on A&E and win our Prize Pack

Courtesy of our friends at A&E we have a pretty cool prize pack from A&E’s new show the Fugitive Chronicles that premieres Thursday, April 1st  at 10/9c on A&E!  The prize pack includes:

  • A Fugitive Chronicles Portable Grill/Cooler
  • Fugitive Chronicles Compass/Flashlight
  • Fugitive Chronicles T-Shirt

The Fugitive Chronicles on A&E Extended Trailer

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Chuck Highlights

Chuck has been on a roll the last few weeks and last night’s episode was almost perfect. I loved the interaction between Awesome, Morgan and Casey. Jeff and Lester didn’t annoy me as much as they usually do, for a minute there I actually thought they would discover Chuck’s secret. Ellie’s reaction to bailing them out of jail was great and I like the Shaw heal turn. I actually think Brandon Routh is surprisingly good – his woodenness fits this part. Lots of story progression last night. I’m going to be really upset if the rumors that this season is going to end on a cliffhanger ends up being true. I still say the show should have ended last year, it was a perfect series finale. But now that it’s back on track, I’m ready for more episodes.

Television Recap: Supernatural S5.15 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid – But Women Dye Their Hair & Change Their Names


When dead folks in a small town start rising up from their graves and returning to their homes and begin living their old lives like they never left, the Winchester brothers are fairly sure its another sign of the apocalypse.  However their fears about apocalyptic events take a backseat when they soon realize that their good friend and ally Bobby Singer (guest star Jim Beaver), who lives nearby, is personally affected by the ‘homecoming’ of the newly risen dead.

Yes, Bobby Singer is definitely affected by the events of this episode and in one pivotal moment at the end of the episode as they are watching his wife’s funeral pyre burning, he says to Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester: “She’s the love of my life, How many times do I have to kill her?”

Very poignant  and heartbreaking right? Except for the fact that, by all established canon, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) now seems to have TWO dead wives. The lovely brunette Lisa from S3.10 Dream A Little Dream of Me and the lovely blonde Karen in S5.15 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (written by Jeremy Carver).

That’s just one of the two major things that, for me, kept this episode from being the best it could be.

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New Chuck and Law and Order tonight

After a slow start, Chuck has finally gotten good in the last few weeks. We’re getting the old likable Chuck back. I still think they made a big mistake by hitting the reset button on Chuck and Sarah’s relationship this year and turning Chuck into a dick for most of the season but the last few episodes has gone a long way towards fixing a lot of what’s wrong. The question is, is it too late to save the show?

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The Instant Q Returns – The Robert Culp Edition

After Netflix announced it’s deal with the Devil last month, I sort of put the company on double secret probation. I just can’t stay mad at the boys in Red, their service is just to good and I’m just to addicted to Netflix Instant Watch, so I’m bringing back the Instant Que. In honor of the recent passing of the great Robert Culp here are a couple of must watches and other guest appearances now available on Netflix’s Instant Queue.

The Greatest American Hero (All 3 Seasons now Available!).

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (03.24.10)

And then there were 10…or soon will be.  Another IDOL contestant is about to bite the dust and being booted tonight is big!!!  Only the Top 10 go on the road on the IDOL tour.  It’s a paycheck and a chance to build a fan base.  Tonight is not the night to go.  Sadly, after last night’s horrendous performance, I predicted that Paige Miles (pictured) would be going home tonight.  I just don’t know how she survives after that performance.  It really was absolutely horrible and the sad part is that she can really sing.  She has huge potential as Simon has pointed out, but she just has not connected with the type of singer she wants to be and her song selection has been very poor.

Also coming up tonight, a performance by this week’s mentor, Miley Cyrus, as well as a duet from Joe Jonas and his new gal pal, Demi Lovato.  On with show and as always, if you live on the West Coast, I’m about to reveal all… AFTER THE JUMP.

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American Idol Sucks the Life out of Michelle!

I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to talk about Idol this year because  week after week, everyone yelled at me – “Adam Lambert is awesome you #@” “I dare you imply Adam is gay…” and I haven’t felt the need since our new writer Hank has been doing a fantastic job with the official EM Idol Re-caps –  he doesn’t go off into incoherent rants and tangents like I do. But last night was so horrific that I just had to get my say in.  I thought last year’s crop of contestants were the worst in Idol History, but no, this bunch is. It’s a Karaoke train wreck week after week.  I thought the show could sink no lower than Paige Miles butchering of Phil Collins’ worst song ever – Against All Odds – how this song ever became a number one hit will forever remain a mystery. After this performance it became a race to the bottom. I don’t watch Idol until it gets down to the top 15 so I missed this magical, mythical Andy Garcia Straight Up moment the judges keep harping on, but I don’t get it, he’s awful. How did he make it this far?

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (03.23.10)

Tonight the Top 11 performs and this time they have a mentor (and I use that word loosely).  It’s Miley Cyrus.  Okay, I get that Miley is a pop star and most of these contestants are trying to be pop stars, but couldn’t they get someone who isn’t a teenager?  Couldn’t they find someone who has lived a little bit?  In the past, mentors have been icons or heavies in the music industry.  Tonight, it’s Miley Cyrus who is trying to prove she is not her Disney character and has grown up.  Okay, enough b*tching.  Tonight’s theme is Billboard Number Ones.  It was going to be Teen Idols, but producers changed it.  I’m thinking the songs of Teen Idols pretty much s*cked.  Anyhow, on with the show…AFTER THE JUMP.

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New Dr. Who Coming to BBC America in April!

For a change we Americans won’t have to wait 6 months or a year after something airs on BBC.  The new Dr. Who premieres on BBC America this April, the same time as the Brits get their sci-fi hero. At first I was a little, meh, about the new Dr. Who but the more clips I see from the upcoming season, the more excited I’m getting at seeing this incarnation. The new Doctor, Matt Smith looks like he’s going into more of an action direction.  The series premieres April 17, 2010.

TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (03.17.10)

It’s Saint Patty’s Day, but one IDOL contestant won’t feel so lucky.  Tonight is the end of the road for him or her.  Last night I predicted that Andrew Garcia (pictured) was going home.  You’ll have to keep reading to find out if I’m right.  A great show ahead…David Cook, Orianthi and Ke$ha perform.  PLENTY OF SPOILERS after the jump so quit reading now if you don’t want the results revealed.  Now then, on with the show…

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (03.16.10)

Siobhan Magnus

It’s time for the Top 12.  THIS is where the competition really begins.  Man versus woman.  One group and there is no room for mistakes.  This is also the first time the contestants get to use a professional stylist who will help them pull their look together.  Prior to tonight, they were on their own.  Looks are important, but nothing is more important than song choice.  Tonight’s theme is The Rolling Stones and the contestants must choose something from the iconic group’s arsenal.  What will the contestant’s choose?  Be prepared to blown away by 17-year-old Siobhan Magnus (pictured) and one contestant sings with laryngitis (but you would never know it).  I will say now that I am not a fan of this theme b/c I am not a Stones fan, but so be it.  Let’s begin with…

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