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TELEVISION NEWS: The Idol Fix is in for Gokey and Danny Finale and Spoiler for Tonight

American Idol's Kris Allen
American Idol's Kris Allen

I’ve whined and complained all season about how obviously Idol is fixed and every since the top 13 it’s been clear that the judges wanted a Adam vs. Gokey final. Now the folks at EW have a quote from Simon Cowell that proves my point, the Fix is in, there’s no point in even bothering to watch tonight.  I’ve always made it clear how much I hate reality television but between crap like The Apprentice and the obvious fixing on Idol, I don’t know why people continue to support “Reality” television.

“I’d love [Adam] in the finale but really with Danny, because Kris is a nice guy, but he’s not a good enough singer to compete with Adam,” said Cowell during an interview broadcast on Fox News’ Fox & Friends morning show on Tuesday.  “The only one who can compete with Adam on vocals is Danny.” Here’s the full story.

Also here are the spoilers for the Judges Picks tonight – seem like it’s going to be an awful show –

  • Kris Allen – Apologize, selected by Randy and Kara
  • Adam Lambert – U2’s “One” or Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” selected by Simon
  • Danny “Douchebag, No Talent” Gokey – Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Dance Little Sister”, selected by Paula

TELEVISION NEWS: Joan Rivers Wins Celebrity Apprentice, Really? I’m SHOCKED!

Joan Rivers wins Celebrity Apprentice

Ok I’ve never watched more than 10 seconds of Celebrity Apprentice, I hate almost ALL reality shows and refuse to watch them. But this stupid Celebrity Apprentice brings out a whole new level of hatred from me. Not only do I despise Donald Trump but I despise Joan Rivers.  How is it this #$##@ is even famous? What the heck has she done in life to justify her Celebrity status? At least the other woman won a poker tournament or something. Which requires actually having some talent. And am I the only one who finds it strange the Rivers was even in this contest considering she’s been good friends with Donald Trump for YEARS???!!!!

Like I said, I never watched the show so maybe the tasks aren’t subjective. But come on I don’t understand why this stupid show is popular or how Donald Trump continues to get away with portraying himself as a successful businessman. He built his first fortune by using his Father’s connections, money and name. Then lost it, built another one and is about to go bankrupt again. He ripped off a bunch of California investors on a multimillion dollar fake real estate deal earlier this year.  I used to love The Donald until I read his book The Art of the Deal and found out how he really built his empire. He is successful at one thing and that’s promoting himself.  So someone please explain the appeal of this show and Joan Rivers and her #$#@ daughter in particular.

MOVIE NEWS: A Gossip Girl Cast in Piranha 3D

Gossip Girl

Dimension Films has confirmed E! Online’s story that Jessica Szohr – best know for her role as Vanessa on “Gossip Girl” – has joined (previously announced) cast members Elisabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott and Dina Meyer in the upcoming film PIRANHA 3D. In upcoming remake of the 1978 cult classic terror flick from The Hills Have Eyes remake director Alexandre Aja. Like the original, the movie centers on a lakeside town being terrorized by prehistoric man-eating razor-toothed fish. This time around, however, the movie will be in 3-D. The original E! Online story is here. https://eventorum.puc.edu/usarx/viagra-falls-south-bend/82/ see comparison cialis levitra sample essay for ks3 how to write a conclusion for an informative essay can viagra help performance anxiety i forgot the words to the national anthem essay https://peacerivergardens.org/proof/essay-can-computer-change-life/25/ cheap custom essays in u k online viagra scams https://energy-analytics-institute.org/freefeatures/cheap-essay-writer-sites-for-college/56/ civil war battle essays click classmate interview essay questions source site go site prednisolone for dogs 5mg essay on earth day in hindi language see psycho research paper source enter site https://shedbuildermag.com/research/a-night-before-the-examination-essay/28/ follow url season of migration to the north essay topics cheap university essay editing websites artistic essay assignments get link where can i get homework help https://shilohchristian.org/buy/canalized-developmental-process-of-a-formal-essay/54/ https://www.pugetsoundnavymuseum.org/paraphrasing/research-physical-geography-term-paper-topics/24/

TELEVISION NEWS: Models and Reapers? It Must Be Wednesday on the CW!

Check out the sneak peeks of these all new episodes of ‘America’s top Model’ and ‘Reaper’.

“AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“Take Me To The Jungle” (TV-14, DL)

TYRA PHOTOGRAPHS THE FINAL FOUR LADIES — The ladies rescue a stranded Tyra Banks on their way to the Brazilian Jungle for this week’s photo shoot. Tyra photographs the final four ladies, who are dressed like exotic birds. At the panel, one the girls breaks down with emotion and tears.

“REAPER” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“My Brother’s Reaper” (TV-14, DL) (HDTV)

NINA MOVES IN WITH THE GUYS — Since Ben (Rick Gonzalez) and Sock (Tyler Labine) burned down her lair, Nina (Jenny Wade) moves in with the guys. A remorseful Morgan (Armie Hammer) shows up without a place to stay, so Sam also invites him to live at the house but he turns into a horrible houseguest. Morgan not only flirts with Nina, but also puts Sam in a precarious position. Meanwhile, when Andi (Missy Peregrym) feels left out, she lets Sock throw a bachelor party at the Work Bench, but things go horribly awry. Ray Wise also stars. Ron Underwood directed the episode written by Chris Dingess.

Check out the ‘Reaper’ stills gallery as well and then tune into the CW Network on Wednesday starting at 8PM EST to catch all new episodes of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Reaper’.

TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Getting Angelic with Misha Collins

Supernatural season 4 has been a wild roller coaster ride for fans and viewers alike as Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki) have faced some of the toughest challenges of their ‘hunter’ careers: from Dean being pulled out of hell by an angel to take on a mission from God to Sam becoming addicted to the demon blood from which he gains powers to defeat those very same demons. Along for this ride with the Winchester brothers is the Angel Castiel, played by the charming and very talented Misha Collins who recently received his official notice that his character is going to be regular in the upcoming Supernatural season five.


Yet before fans, viewers and actors cross that bridge, there are two more episodes left in season four and they promise to be the wildest part of the ride yet and Eclipse Magazine had a chance to spend ten minutes talking to Misha Collins about his role so far in season four as the angel Castiel.

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Television: Smallville – Injustice Sneak Peek & Image Gallery

DC COMICS CHARACTER PLASTIQUE RETURNS WITH FRIENDS — Chloe (Allison Mack) returns and begs Clark (Tom Welling) to kill Davis (Sam Witwer), claiming he can no longer keep the beast under control. Tess (Cassidy Freeman) has assembled a team of meteor freaks, including Plastique (guest star Jessica Parker Kennedy), to track down Davis so Clark can kill him. However, things get out of hand once Tess’ team discovers she is double-crossing them. Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore and Justin Hartley also star. Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Al Septian & Turi Meyer.

Here’s a sneak peek look at ‘Injustice’.

Click on the photo below to check out the image gallery for ‘Injustice’.


Warner Brothers Releases Promo Clip for Supernatual Episode ‘Dream A Little Dream’

With Sweeps Weeks going on all through the month of February, Warner Brothers is cranking up the publicity for their hit series ‘Supernatural’, which airs on The CW Network Thursday nights at 9PM EST.Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester: two brothers engaged in the ‘family business’ of traveling the highways and byways of Americana in black ’67 Chevy Impala with a trunk full of weapons designed to fight all manner of supernatural related threats. The hit Warner Bros series, now in its third season on the CW Network has cranked up the action, suspense and drama this season with the Winchester brothers not only facing down supernatural threats and saving people from them, but being at war with the horde of demons they had inadvertently released in the season two finale, All Hell Breaks Loose. Top that off with a desperate race against time to get Dean out of the deal he made to bring Sam back to life, a deal that trades Dean’s soul off into hell in one year’s time, and Supernatural is one wild ride this season.

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The Wire’s Final Season Unfolds on HBO


HBO’s wildly popular “The Wire” started its fifth and final season last week. The riveting series, dedicated to the intersection of Baltimore’s gritty drug world, police intervention and political turmoil, had a slow, cautious start.

Over the years, “The Wire” became a well-respected series by fans. Clearly the network’s underdog, the series rose to unprecedented popularity, as viewers tuned in every week and insisted that the network keep the show on despite their on-off-again battle with canceling the show.

The Wire’s fourth season focused mainly on the youth and their street life, home life and education. At the height of the season, one of the key young characters, Michael Lee, joined the team of known drug lord Marlo Stanfield.

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CBS/Paramount Comes Up With Unique Way to Promote CSI Reruns

CSI Cast

Los Angeles CA, January 16, 2008

As we all know, most shows are currently in reruns until the end of January when new episodes will be trotted out for February Sweeps Weeks. To put themselves ahead in the ratings game, CBS/Paramount has come up with a unique way to draw viewer interest to the reruns currently airing of CSI and has sent around a publicity image titled ‘Behind the Crime Scene: Ten things you didn’t know about this week’s episode of CSI’. This week’s rerun of CSI is a rebroadcast of the episode ‘Go to Hell’, which airs this Thursday, January 19th at 9pm EST on CBS. Above is the publicity image containing the ten things we didn’t know about ‘Go to Hell’. Continue reading CBS/Paramount Comes Up With Unique Way to Promote CSI Reruns