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ABC Family’s 17th Annual 13 Nights of Halloween Features Special Episode of Stitchers!

Each year ABC Family presents 13 Nights of Halloween – a mix of related movies and themed episodes of the network’s original series. This year, the 17th Annual 13 Nights of Halloween (October 19-31) features ABC Family’s network premiere of Sleepy Hollow, starring Johnny Depp, and the network premiere of Disney?Pixar’s Monsters University – as well […]

Fantastic Voyage of the Deceased Mind: Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris Talk Stitchers!

ABC Family’s new series, Stitched (Tuesdays, 9/8C), is its first full tilt sci-fi/procedural/dramedy – with an extremely unusual premise: technology exists to allow a human consciousness to be ‘stitched’ into the brain of a recently deceased person and experience their most recent memories – which leads to being able to solve murders (among other things). Kyle Harris […]