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The Saturday Night Live FAQ a Companion for Every SNL Fan


I’m a big fan of Applause Theatre and their FAQ series. I have checked out their very detailed Horror  and Armageddon Films FAQs, so I’m kind of intrigued to see what they do with their newly announced Saturday Night Live FAQ. Since its debut on Saturday, October 11, 1975, Saturday Night Live has become a cultural landmark.

With a total of 745 episodes over its first thirty-eight seasons, the show is a veritable treasure trove of recurring characters, catchphrases, and memorable comedic and musical moments. Over the years, SNL has also provided a running commentary on American culture, politics, and society.

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TELEVISION: At Long Bleepin’ Last! Betty White Does SNL May 8, 2010!

Yes, that’s right! On May 8, 2010, the First Lady of Television [60 years on TV!], Betty White makes her long overdue first appearance as guest host on Saturday Night Live!

Betty White

Best known as the perennially innocent Rose Nylund on Golden Girls and the scheming Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, White most recently stole The Proposal out from under Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds whenever she was onscreen.

Although it is not known what sketches the show’s writers will create for her, I, personally, hope at least one addresses her many game show appearances [where she showed herself to be a remarkable improviser] and another gives us a Rose Nylund who is closer to her off screen, ribald self.

TELEVISION: The Emmy Winds Are Changing!

While some things Emmy [ABC, 8/7C] remain the same [Hello, James Spader!], some things Emmy have definitely changed – and for the better [I’m looking at you Mad Men!]. Gold Derby at the Los Angeles Times has handicapped the possible winners for us, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be right. Heaven knows that the Academy does the unexpected often enough to make their award winning selections suitable for bookie fodder. So, then, what follows is the Gold Derby handicapping for each category followed by my selections – not of the winners, but of those who should win in my not necessarily humble opinion…

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