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No Such Thing As Normal Featurette: Atypical!

Atypical – Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist) – Photo by Brian Marcus/Courtesy of Netflix).

Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist, United States of Tara) is an 18-year old on the autism spectrum. He’s decided it’s time to find go on a date, find a girlfriend and fall in love.

As a result, his mother, Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hateful Eight, Anomalisa) finds herself on her own life-changing path – and the family (father Doug and sister Casey) are going to have to make some adjustments.

This new featurette from Netflix features creator Robia Rashid and the cast – as well as some new footage from the show. Season one of Atypical will premiere on Netflix on Friday, August 11th.

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