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Whitechapel’s Best–Ripper Street Season Two Coming in April!

Season Two DVD

Every now and then, we get a TV show that refuses to go away, that gets cancelled and brought back due to outcry of fans or a champion at the network. Ripper Street is one of those shows. Cancelled in December and brought back to life in late February, Ripper Street is another ‘little show that could’ – which means that the Season Two home video release is not the last thing we see of the show.

Speaking of the home video release, though, it will be coming on April 15th as a two-disc Blu-Ray, or three-disc DVD set. The second season found Matthew Macfayden’s crew dealing, among other things, ‘ a new drug scourge of an imperial nature, a female gang set on vengeance against their industrial tormentors, escaped bombers, subversive cult Svengalis and a mad eugenicist that stalks the circus freak shows for prey.’ The home video release includes the featurette, Beneath Ripper Street – cast & crew interviews. For more details, check out the press release after the jump.

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