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Act of Valor – Just Seen It Movie Review

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US Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent. But they quickly discover a larger threat against their country that leads them on a worldwide chase. Risking their own lives, the battle the terrorists in a climactic showdown.

Starring Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez and Nestor Serrano.
Directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh.
Written by Kurt Johnstad.
Produced by Mike McCoy.
Genre: Action Thriller.

Awake – NBC Premiere – Just Seen It TV Review


Detective Michael Britten survives a horrible car accident only to discover he is now trapped in two alternate realities – one where is son has died and his wife survived and another reality that is the opposite. But as he tries to do his job and solve murders, he finds the clues from a murder in one reality, bleeds into the other.  Michael desperately  tries to hold onto his sanity while living in two separate worlds with his beloved wife and son.

Starring Jason Isaacs, Laura Allen, and Dylan Minnette.
Created by Kyle Killen.
Directed by David Slade.
Written by Kyle Killen, Howard Gordon, and Evan Katz.
Produced by Kyle Killen and Howard Gordon.
Genre: Supernatural Police Procedural.

Wanderlust – Just Seen It Movie Review


After he loses his job, George and his wife Linda must moves from NYC to live with his brother in Atlanta. But on their drive south, they discover a commune right out of the 1960s. Deciding to leave the rat race behind, George and Linda give the commune life a try in WANDERLUST.

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Alan Alda and Malin Akerman.
Directed by David Wain.
Written by David Wain and Ken Marino.
Produced by Judd Apatow, Ken Marino and David Wain.
Genre: Comedy.

Television Review: Supernatural S6.15 The French Mistake: Funny Meta Episode? – Sorta Kinda


Wouldn’t you know it, right after I finished posting my promo article last night for Supernatural S6.15 The French Mistake and go off to bed, The WB puts out an invite to view an advanced screener of the episode. Sometimes it’s tough living on the east coast where you sometimes end up being  late to the media party (and let’s not even go into the freezing cold weather). But better late than never, so after a few minor technical glitches on my end, I was able to grab a can of diet coke, kick back and watch Supernatural S6. 15, The French Mistake.

I’m not exactly sure which of the four definitions of the term ‘the french mistake’ that are listed on the Urban Dictionary site this title refers to and that pretty much sums up my reactions and thoughts on this episode. You see, I’m not exactly sure what the writers and producers were trying to do with Supernatural S6.15, The French Mistake.

In a nutshell the premise of the episode, which is directed by Charles Beeson and written by Ben Edlund, is that Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) are sent to an alternate universe where their life and their history as brothers is an action series called Supernatural. The angel Balthazar (guest star Sebastian Roche’) has sent them there to protect them from being killed by Raphael (doing a bit of gender swapping by being played in this episode by the lovely Lanette Ware). In concept, the hilarity in the episode is supposed to be based mainly on the meta about the Winchester brothers finding themselves thrust into the lives of actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

I watched the episode twice, and both times I came to the same conclusion that the idea behind it was like cotton candy; kind of fun to think about indulging in, but not near enough substance to have warranted actually making it into an episode.

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MOVIE REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine 3D — Pleasantly surprised

The tag line for My Bloody Valentine: 3D proclaims: Nothing says date-movie like a 3D ride to hell. You really have to hand it to a horror/slasher film that has the guts to bill itself as a date movie! At least that’s one way to get more ladies into the theater. The other is to hire the handsome and charismatic Jensen Ackles as one of your stars. Good looks aside, ask any fan of The CW’s cult hit Supernatural and they will quickly expound this man’s acting talents as well. And we must not forget about Kerr Smith who provides a double dose of the good looks plus acting ability of his own. If the boyfriends attending this date movie can enjoy Jaime (King) and Betsy (Rue), then the girlfriends can certainly enjoy Ackles and Smith!

Let’s be very clear, I do not consider myself a great fan of horror movies, especially the ‘slashers’ whose sole purpose is to dole out as much blood, gore, nudity, and sex as possible, while the body count increases exponentially. Too often, these slashers even have the audacity to actually call what they are presenting as ‘storytelling’. I am much more intrigued by terror and fear delivered through suspense and mystery. This isn’t to say that horror films can’t be a cut above the rest, as proven early on by the likes of Halloween.

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