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Star Trek: Short Treks Beams Up In October!

Star Trek: Short Treks is a series of four stand-alone short stories highlighting three familiar characters – Ensign Tilly (Mary Wiseman), Commander Saru (Doug Jones), and Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson) – and a new character, Craft (Aldis Hodge).

The four-episode series will begin rolling out on October 4th. Episode taglines and a teaser trailer follow.

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Never Smurf Up: Get Smurfy Announced!

Get Smurfy

Despite the box office failure of the second live-action Smurfs movie, Sony is going ahead with a CG Smurfs movie, Get Smurfy. Why? Because in the rest of the World the Smurfs are huge!

Sony Pictures Animation will be releasing Get Smurfy on March 31st, 2017 in North America – with a voice cast that includes Demi Lovato as Smurfette, Mandy Patinkin as Papa Smurf and Rainn Wilson and the Smurfs arch-nemesis, Gargamel.

Further details after the jump.

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Icky Trailer: Cooties!


Shelley has cooties!

A food borne virus is having a nasty effect on school kids (could we love the lunch lady even less?) and the result is a mini-zombie apocalypse – the virus only affects kids who haven’t gone through puberty yet.

Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson and Allison Pill play teachers fighting to survive ‘the worst Monday ever’ in Cooties. Check out the trailer after the jump. Cooties opens on September 18th.

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Rainn Wilson Says That Backstrom Is A Deeply, Deeply Sensitive Guy!


FOX’s Backstrom (Thursdays, 9/8C) could be seen as Dr. Gregory House as a police detective, or he could be seen as Sherlock Holmes as Inspector Lestrade. Whatever the case, Detective Lieutenant Everett Backstrom is the misanthropic head of a team of detectives that tackles the crimes that must be dealt with fast.

In the Swedish novels on which the series is based, Backstrom’s one gift is taking credit for the achievements of his team. Here, however, despite his selfishness and detestation of people in general – and despite fact that his team could probably do the job without him – he is more brilliant than they are so it takes less time to close a case if he works on it (he still tries to do as little work as possible).

Rainn Wilson stars as Det.-Lt. Backstrom and was kind enough to speak about the show – and his character – with a group of journalists/bloggers late last week. He had some interesting things to say – to see how he arrived at the conclusion he made in our headline, follow the jump.

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Mystifying Teaser: Backstrom!


Backstrom, the new series from the creator of FOX’s long-lived Bones, is a procedural that features a despicable, alcoholic, lazy, yet brilliant detective – the Backstrom of the title – played by Rainn Wilson. Yup, he sounds like Gregory House as a cop – but he may be even less functional outside business hours.

Backstrom is coming soon to FOX. Check out the new teaser after the jump.

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