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Rotten Tomatoes Predictions for March Releases, Oscars 2013 Recap, Megan Fox as April O’Neil

079 - March 2013 Preview

All kinds of fun things on this week’s show including our March 2013 Preview, an Oscar 2013 Recap, Megan Fox playing April O’Neil and more! Hit the jump for more details or hit play to listen in! Continue reading Rotten Tomatoes Predictions for March Releases, Oscars 2013 Recap, Megan Fox as April O’Neil

Full Oscar Winners!

Oscars 2013 Winners

Overall, I would say I’m pleased by this year’s winners – except Jennifer Lawrence. Show was horrible. Some pleasant surprises. Life of Pi was a strong movie (until the ending ruins it), so can’t say I’m really upset by Lee winning – just shocked. Liked seeing Django Unchained get some love. I think most of my selections were mostly right. Wish B.P. was a surprise, but two months ago it was clear it was going to be Argo and I’m ok with that. Just surprised at how fast and hard Zero Dark Thirty fell. I would swear I was one of the few critics who didn’t like that movie.

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Sheldon’s If I Picked The Oscars® for 2013

Oscars 2013

Tomorrow night, the Academy Awards® will be handed out for the 85th time. Despite doomsayers, 2012 was a very good year for film – from blockbusters to the tiniest indies. I don’t like predicting Oscar® recipients and I’m not that good at figuring out what the Academy will honor (despite being in demographic of the majority of members, I find them far less open-minded).

There are a number of categories where everything is wide open and a few that are down to a couple of major contenders. There are also a couple of categories where it would seem that one entry has a lock. But this is the Oscars®. And for every seemingly inevitable winner, there is a dark horse who came out of nowhere to upset a seemingly inevitable winner. So, if I picked the winners, these would be my choices. Beware intermittent commentary.

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Michelle’s Oscar Predictions!

Michelle's Oscar Predictions

For some reason I’m just not into this year’s Oscar race. But then I rarely am. Overall I think this year’s choices are miles better than last year, but out of all the really strong films last year the Academy could not have come up with a more predictable, bland selection of films.  Not that any of this year’s choices are “bad,” it is just that they are uninspired.

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GeekScholars Movie News Awards Part 3, Golden Globes Recap, Oscar Nominations, Zero Dark Thirty Reviewed

GSMN 073 Header

Golden Globes Recap! Part 3 of the 2012 GeekScholars Movie News Awards! Oscar Nominations! To hear all about it click play, or hit the jump for more information about this week’s show! Continue reading GeekScholars Movie News Awards Part 3, Golden Globes Recap, Oscar Nominations, Zero Dark Thirty Reviewed

Zero Dark Thirty – Bland, Emotionally Inert and contains no Viewpoint. Michelle’s Review

Zero Dark Thirty Movie Review

One of the biggest and most controversial movies of the year is Zero Dark Thirty from Director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker).  The movie’s production caused quite a stir from the conservative media (What doesn’t get their panties in a bunch?) when it was revealed that the CIA was providing Bigelow’s team unprecedented access to information regarding the killing of American enemy number one Osama Bin Laden.

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Les Misérables is full of Heart! Michelle’s Review!

Les Misérables Hugh Jackman

Les Misérables is one of the most popular and longest running musicals of all time. In the DC area alone it has grossed over $53 million dollars in its numerous runs. On Broadway it has earned over $800 million dollars. Based on the Victor Hugo classic (At 1,400 pages it is one of the longest books ever written) it is a universal, moving and emotional story about redemption against all odds.

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Life of Pi – Eh. Michelle’s Review

Suraj Sharma and tiger in Life of Pi

These are the days that try a critics soul.  There are many movies that I watch, especially during Award season, where I can recognize the technical and artistic quality but ultimately feel it is not for me and come away feeling a bit cold by the experience.  This is what I’ve said about several movies over the last few weeks. Director Ang Lee’s latest film Life of Pi is another such movie.

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Lincoln – A Brilliant Movie that Lacks a Soul! Michelle takes on Lincoln!

Lincoln Movie Review

Steven Spielberg’s latest opus is a look inside the inner workings of what many consider the greatest American President ever – Abraham Lincoln. The trailers and the advanced publicity on this movie are very misleading. If you walk into this movie expecting a sweeping autobiographical epic, then be prepared to be slightly disappointed.  What Spielberg delivers is his version of Masterpiece Theater.
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Oscars® Process Tweaked–We Get Five More Days To Check Out Nominated Films!


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and ABC have announced a wee bit of tweaking to the key dates in the process of arriving at the annual awards presentation. One major tweak is that the announcement of Academy Award nominations will take place five days earlier to allow more people to see the nominated films before the Academy Awards telecast.

The official press release – with a complete list of key dates in the Oscars® process – follows the jump.

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The Oscars and Your DVD List

img source: jewishjournal.com

Seemingly overshadowed by glitz and glamour on the red carpet; the films of the Academy Awards are often overshadowed. But now that the accolades have been doled out, movie lovers across the country start to edit their movie “to watch” lists. After a film is honored with an Academy Award it will start to fly off the shelf and could be hard to come by. Internet, as well as brick and mortar retailers may run dry. Diligent movie buffs will be looking online; sorting through solid deals, the lowest shipping quotes and waiting lists to get their hands on 2011’s greatest films.

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With several nods from critics and fans, these two films appear to have been underappreciated by the Oscar committee. Do not be fooled by their lack of awards, as these two movies are dynamite additions to any collection.

The Descendants – Despite having five nominations The Descendants only took home the award for writing. This film is a character study of a family in crisis. Attempting to discover the deep Hawaiian roots that tie them to an important, historical family, the characters ultimately find truths about themselves and their relationships during the quest. Primarily a feel-good tale, this DVD makes for a comfortable companion during family and friend get-togethers.

The Help – Both the leading and supporting ladies received nominations for their engaging performances in this touching tale. Octavia Spencer did win for best supporting actress, but the film was a favorite for best picture and it fell short. The Help is one of the hottest movies of the year and is still on a “long wait” with the top two DVD online rental companies. Full of controversial moments, The Help tackles race relations in a very relatable way. It is a movie you will enjoy watching again and again.

The Big Winners

Both The Artist and Hugo received five Oscars. These megahits are expected to be the most sought after DVD releases. Interestingly, the two top winners are dramatically different each other, and the usual choices made by the committee.

The Artist – A meditation of the nostalgic silent film era, The Artist captivates viewers with plots of love, loss, and hope. Since its premier at the Cannes Film Festival, it has earned a cult following. Its antics readily bring audiences to tears of joy and sadness. Look for the release on DVD in early spring, and discover why this enigmatic work landed five Oscars, including Best Picture.

Hugo – This was Martin Scorsese’s first attempt at an animated/family film with Hugo. a 3-D creation, tells the tale of a French orphan investigating his father’s sudden death with the help of a robot. Winner of Oscars for Cinematography, Visual Effects, Art Direction, and two sound awards, the film is captivating and stimulating to the senses in all respects. Consider investing in the three-part DVDs with Blu-Ray and 3-D versions for the ultimate experience.

Two remarkable movies received nominations in six categories including best picture, but they didn’t take home a statue: War Horse and Moneyball. However, the appeal of these pictures is not lost on disgruntled fans. They come highly recommended as two additional DVDs to consider adding to your must-see list of Oscar candidates.