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Bounteous Trailer: Killjoys!


Keeping the peace keeps them in business. Who are they? They are Killjoys – interstellar bounty hunters. For them, ‘The warrant is all.’

They will do anything to bring in their prey – in the requested condition (if possible).

Killjoys is the sci-fi series from Syfy and Space (Canada’s sci-fi network), the creator of Lost Girl, Michelle Lovretta, and the producers of Orphan Black. Killjoys premieres on Friday, June 19th at 9/8C. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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Leads Cast for Killjoys!


Killjoys, a co-production between Syfy, Space and Temple Street Productions, has cast Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane for the space opera that revolves around three fun-loving, hard-living bounty hunters in a distant system on the brink of war.

The series comes from the producers of Orphan Black and the creator of Lost Girl. That suggests an intriguing mix of elements – and a series that will probably begin by jumping into the deep end (remember the premiere of Lost Girl?).

Production begins on the 10-episode, one-hour series on August 5th with the series premiere in 2015.

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