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VIZ Media Holiday Spotlight!


With the holiday season arriving, VIZ Media has a selection of the best in manga and Japanese science fiction available for the discerning fan.

Fans of pirate manga One Piece, for example, will be thrilled with the One Piece Manga Box Set 3 (above); fans of Hayao Miyazaki will surely enjoy The Art of Castle in the Sky, and fans of space opera on an E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith scale will go for the Legends of the Galactic Heroes – of which volume 3, Endurance, is now in stores.

VIZ also has new volumes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mobile Suit GUNDAM Thunderbolt, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul and more in stores or arriving shortly.

Read on for some ideas for your manga/anime/science fiction fan’s holiday brighteners.

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