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Gwendoline Yeo chats about ABC’s American Crime

Gwendoline Yeo by Brooke Mason
Photo by Brooke Mason


Young war vet Matt Skokie is killed following a violent home invasion in Modesto, CA.  Four suspects are brought to custody at the start of the series.  As Russ Skokie (Timothy Hutton) and Barb Hanlon (Felicity Huffman) are forced to come together to bury their son, they discover their son may be far from innocent. As the series continues, the suspects are released but troubles continue to plague them and the Skokies, even as Matt’s wife Gwen, also a victim of the invasion, awakens from her coma.  Surviving son Mark Skoki reveals to his mother that he’s engaged to a “person of color” who outranks him. That women is 1st Sgt Richelle Yoon, and she’s coming to Modesto from Germany.  Gwendoline Yeo who plays Sgt Yoon, took time to chat with Eclipse Magazine about ABC’s latest hit crime drama “American Crime”!

American Crime poster 3:12:15


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