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GKIDS Brings Spirited Away To Theaters For 15th Anniversary!


Spirited Away is considered by many to be Hayao Miyazaki’s greatest film.

This year is the film’s 15th Anniversary and GKIDS is bringing it back to theaters for two days – December 4th & 5th – along with an exclusive short film from Studio Ghibli called Ghiblies: Episode 2.

Spirited Away follows 10-year old Chihiro on what she expects to be a boring trip with her parents but takes her into a world of ‘fantastic spirits, shape-shifting dragons and a witch who never wants to see her leave.’

For more details, read on.

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Sumptuous Trailer: Miss Hokusai!


What if the student who surpasses the master is his daughter?

That’s one of the questions tackled in the animated film Miss Hokusai, the new film from director Keiichi Hara, the story of a famous painter whose daughter, O-Ei, is the real talent behind his success.

Miss Hokusai opens in select theaters on October 14th. Its first trailer follows the break.

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