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Gleeks See Glee 3D Movie A Day Earlier Than Everyone Else and Get some Swag!

Glee Movie!

I know many of you probably expect me to hate on the idea of a Glee 3D Concert movie but I am a Gleek. There I said it. I had tickets for the show at Verizon Center in DC (not comped, out of my own pocket!) and couldn’t go because of my recent move to Jersey/NYC. So I was strangely excited to see the announcement of the Glee 3D movie. Special advance showings of GLEE: THE 3D CONCERT MOVIE will unspool on August 10, 2011. Tickets are on sale now. NOW! GO GET THEM!

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Television: Terriers Gets Sent to the Cancellation Kennel – Lie To Me Gets Capped at 13 Episodes


FX has sent it’s fledging series Terriers to the cancellation Kennel. The quirky series, which averaged about 500,000 viewers per episode, starred Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James as two best friends who take on the sometimes dangerous role of unlicensed private investigators in San Diego County. The series, which was created by Ted Griffin (Oceans 11), executive producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Tim Minear (Dollhouse), ran for 13 episodes before FX made their decision.



FOX has announced that the third season of LIE TO ME has been capped at thirteen episodes and they have declined to order the back nine episodes of the Tim Roth-starring crime drama.  Executives at FOX say that Lie to Me has not been canceled and that a decision on the show’s fate is not expected to be announced until May 2011.  Meanwhile, The Chicago Code, a new drama from Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers, and, yes, Lie to Me) had already been scheduled to take over Lie to Me‘s Monday night 9 PM time slot beginning February 7, 2011.

We Have a Winner! Errr… Make That a Loser!!

For those of you who are into pools and keeping score, the 2010 Fall TV Season has its first casualty. Fox has cancelled its critically acclaimed ratings bomb, Lone Star. Other early contenders for the #2 spot include ABC’s The Whole Truth and My Generation, and NBC’s Outlaw and The Apprentice.

I guess fans of multiple marriage and convoluted storylines will just have to settle for Big Love – when it returns…

Ellen and Kara Booted from American Idol!

Ellen Degeneres made the announcement official, she is leaving American Idol. TMZ is reporting that Kara Dioguardi is also out (although that announcement isn’t official)? leaving the Dog Pound and Randy Jackson the last man standing. Yo, Dog, that’s hot! Not. Ellen said she had trouble criticizing the singers and in her official statement that the show wasn’t a good fit for her. I, personally, thought she and Simon were the ONLY things I liked about last season. Rumor has it they are going with J. Lo and Steven Tyler to be the new Judges.  Yes they have the music cred but do they really have the personality to be reality TV Show judges for 20 some odd weeks? I don’t think so.  Unless EM can find someone to follow IDOL next year, I doubt we’ll have the snarky weekly coverage you expect from us, because I bailed on the show.

Jackie Earle Haley talks to Michelle and the Gags Gang about Human Target, Nightmare on Elm Street and more!

Hey boys and girls, I had the chance to sit down and have a quick talk with Jackie Earle Haley. The talk was primarily for Human Target, but I got in a couple of questions about Nightmare on Elm Street as well. Check out this 9 minute interview and if you notice he kept staring in my direction – just like Jerry Bruckheimer who was fascinated with me. I think I’m getting closer to my dream scenario of one of these people seeing me and go, “You are so unique, I must have you in my next Movie!” Or be like the Entertainment Reporter who interviewed and then married Kevin Smith. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the show that much, but I did catch the last few episodes and the finale was pretty awesome, so I hope Fox renews it.

American Idol Sucks the Life out of Michelle!

I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to talk about Idol this year because  week after week, everyone yelled at me – “Adam Lambert is awesome you #@” “I dare you imply Adam is gay…” and I haven’t felt the need since our new writer Hank has been doing a fantastic job with the official EM Idol Re-caps –  he doesn’t go off into incoherent rants and tangents like I do. But last night was so horrific that I just had to get my say in.  I thought last year’s crop of contestants were the worst in Idol History, but no, this bunch is. It’s a Karaoke train wreck week after week.  I thought the show could sink no lower than Paige Miles butchering of Phil Collins’ worst song ever – Against All Odds – how this song ever became a number one hit will forever remain a mystery. After this performance it became a race to the bottom. I don’t watch Idol until it gets down to the top 15 so I missed this magical, mythical Andy Garcia Straight Up moment the judges keep harping on, but I don’t get it, he’s awful. How did he make it this far?

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New On DVD: Fringe – The Complete First Season


Available on DVD as of September 8, 2008

Synopsis: Teleportation. Mind control. Invisibility. Astral projection. Mutation. Reanimation. Phenomena that exist on the Fringe of science unleash their strange powers in this thrilling series, co-created by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias), combining the grit of the police procedural with the excitement of the unknown. The story revolves around three unlikely colleagues: a beautiful young FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Walter Bishop (John Noble) a brilliant scientist who has spent the last 17 years in a mental institution and the scientist’s sardonic son peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) who together investigate a series of bizarre deaths and disasters known as “the pattern”. Someone is using our world as an experimental lab. And all clues lead to Massive Dynamic, a shadowy global corporation CEOed by Bishop’s former lab partner, Dr. William Bell (veteran scif actor Leonard Nimoy), that may be more powerful than any nation.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Bones – Murder, Psychics & Goofy Socks!

Bones, S5

The fifth season premiere of Bones [Fox, Thursdays, 8/7C] finds things a bit off kilter for Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan [Emily Deschanel] and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth [David Boreanaz]. It’s six weeks since Booth has come out of his coma [see season four’s finale, The End in the Beginning] and he’s pretty certain he loves Bones – but then, he’s forgotten that he rebels against authority in subtle ways like wearing goofy socks and loud ties. Meanwhile, Bones has been introduced to professed psychic, Avalon Harmonia [Cyndi Lauper], who tells her that many bodies lie beneath a certain fountain.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: 24: Season Seven Recap

24: Season 7

Wow, how did 24 Season 7 end up like this? This was the first season in several years where I was really addicted to 24 and watched it weekly – normally, I’ll either DVR 10 episode blocks or wait for the DVDs but this season was rocking in the beginning until a disturbing pattern formed and that’s the 3 -4 episode arc style of story telling. Every time the show built momentum they caught the bad guy and it was “Oh, I’m just a small fry here…” Then the show introduced new characters and built up all over again, it became a little jarring and disjointed. But I was still hooked.

The show went off the rails around hour 18 when they revealed Tony to really be a bad guy and Jack got dosed with the virus. The show sort of went into free fall from there because then it focused on the President’s daughter who is no Sheri Palmer. She came across as a bush league lightweight, but then again so did President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) and her weird “pursed,” lips whenever she was “vexed.”  Almost everything involving the President this season brought things to a halt. Her entire arc was pretty ridiculous but it still somehow worked for me.

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TELEVISION: ABC Picks Up Eastwick; Fox Gives Bones Two-Year Extension!

Maria Elena Fernandez, TV writer for the Los Angeles Times is reporting that ABC has picked up Eastwick – the second TV series to be based on John Updike’s famous novel, The Witches of Eastwick – and that Fox has shown romantic comedy/procedural drama hybrid Bones two more years of love.

Bones S4

For Bones, the deciding factor would have to be the fact that the show’s sizable core audience follows it faithfully to whatever odd timeslot Fox schedules it. Since that means the crackling chemistry between Emily Deschanel [Dr. Temperance Brennan] and David Boreanaz [Special Agent Seeley Booth] – not to mention T.J. Thyne [Jack Hodgins] and Michaela Conlin [Angela Montenegro] – will be entertaining us for two more seasons, that is no way a bad thing.

ABC’s Eastwick follows the basic premise of Updike’s novel insofar as it is centered on three single women who live in the New England town of Eastwick. When they weather a crisis together, odd, supernatural things begin to happen. The show’s cast includes: Rebecca Romijn [Ugly Betty], Lindsay Price [Lipstick Jungle], Veronica Cartwright [Invasion, The Nine], Jaime Ray Newman [Veronica Mars, CSI], Ashley Benson [Days of Our Lives], Jon Bernthal [The Class], Paul Gross [Slings & Arrows, Passchendaele], Sara Rue [Less Than Perfect, The Big Bang Theory], and Johann Urb [The Mountain].

TELEVISION: Dollhouse Coming Back? Here’s One for the Books!

Airlock Alpha [the former SyFy Portal] is reporting that news of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse’s pick-up for a thirteen episode second season is being reported by trade publication TV Week’s columnist, Josef Adalian [try saying that three times fast!].


According to Adalian, “Many media types had written off the show for dead, since its ratings on Friday have been … suboptimal. And yet, insiders at the network have been cautioning for weeks that the show shouldn’t be cut out.” This coming well after an April 5th Airlock Alpha story headlined “Fox Leaning Toward Dollhouse Renewal”

The Airlock Alpha story said, among other things, “The move seems to be an easy one for Fox. While the audience hasn’t been as large as expected, it has instead remained stable. Other factors in favor of the show continuing is that it’s not as expensive as other Fox shows. Much of its upfront costs, including the construction of the elaborate set that is the dollhouse itself, were covered by funds that normally would’ve paid for a pilot (no pilot was made for ‘Dollhouse’). Also, while [Joss] Whedon’s Mutant Enemy Productions and star Eliza Dushku’s Boston Diva Productions are tied to the series, 20th Century Fox Television is still the primary production company involved, which means its licensing fee is not as steep as it would be if the show was produced by another studio.”

Apparently, Fox is willing to give the series an order for the back nine if ratings improve significantly. The move, which Adalian’s blog entry apparently described as the “nearly official word from Fox,” is at least partially the result of the way the show’s critical response improved – even as it’s audience dropped off. It remains to be seen if Fox will move Dollhouse from its current Friday night timeslot [Airlock Alpha’s sources seem to be pretty certain that such would be the case] but at least it’s coming back.