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Icky Trailer: Cooties!

Shelley has cooties! A food borne virus is having a nasty effect on school kids (could we love the lunch lady even less?) and the result is a mini-zombie apocalypse – the virus only affects kids who haven’t gone through puberty yet. Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson and Allison Pill play teachers fighting to survive ‘the […]

Wilfred: Elijah Wood Charts Ryan’s Progress, Talks Stepping Back Into Bag End and Clarifies The Mystery That Is Bear!!

Wilfred (FX, Thursdays, 10/9C) returns this Thursday with an encore of the first season finale and cable premiere of the episode Progress (which was released earlier online and via VOD). Series star Elijah Wood spoke about the show’s second season with a group of journalists/bloggers on Monday. As always, he was charming, articulate and thorough.

Mary Steenburgen Guest Stars This Week on Wilfred!

Academy Award® winner Mary Steenburgen will make a guest starring appearance in “Compassion,” the first of two back-to-back episodes of WILFRED airing this Thursday night at 10/9C PM and 10:30/9:30 on FX. Mary stars as Catherine, Ryan’s (Elijah Wood) free-spirited and frequently absent mother. When Catherine approaches Ryan for emotional support, he realizes that mother […]