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Fargo’s Joey King Nabs Lead In Oriole Park!

joey king

Fargo’s Joey King (Wish I Was Here) has been attached to play the lead in Chicago’s Corn Bred Film production of Oriole Park. The story revolves around ‘a young woman struggling with the death of her mother and her father’s descent into alcoholism in late 1978, just as the Chicago neighborhood she lives in is rocked by a string of disappearances leading up to the arrest of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.’

This is King’s first major lead after the best thing about an number of projects like White House Down and Oz The Great and Powerful. She joins a cast that includes Joel Murray (Mad Men, God Bless America), Tom Arnold (True Lies, Happy Endings), Christian Stolte (Chicago Fire) and Thomas Beaudoin. The film will be directed by Kevin Slack, a finalist in YouTube/Ridley Scott’s Your Film Festival. His short, The Drought, screened at the Venice Film Festival.

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