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Cooties: The Kids Are NOT Alright!

Cooties Kid

Cooties is, for the first hour, a refreshingly odd take on zombie movies. The idea is that infected chicken carries a virus that only turns kids (it leaves adults with a nasty, short-lived flu) – turning a fort chicken grade school into a scene of mostly humorous carnage.

The film comes from SpectreVision, the production company co-founded by Elijah Wood – who also co-stars – to make low-budget genre movies of the sort he grew up enjoying.

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Icky Trailer: Cooties!


Shelley has cooties!

A food borne virus is having a nasty effect on school kids (could we love the lunch lady even less?) and the result is a mini-zombie apocalypse – the virus only affects kids who haven’t gone through puberty yet.

Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson and Allison Pill play teachers fighting to survive ‘the worst Monday ever’ in Cooties. Check out the trailer after the jump. Cooties opens on September 18th.

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