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Iron Man Extremis Motion Comic, Episode 2 Preview

Last year I purchased The Watchmen Motion Comic, which was so awful that I was turned off by all future Motion Comic Efforts. I watched episode 1 of Marvel’s Extremis Motion Comic and am now a believer in this medium’s potential. Marvel has created a first rate production here. The 2nd episode of this series is now available on iTunes. Check out the preview to see Motion Comics done right.

Marvel’s Iron Man Extremis Motion Comic – A Behind the Scenes Look!

You know, I hated, HATED the Watchmen Motion comic, it forever turned me off the entire genre.  However, this past weekend I watched a couple of Marvel’s motion comics on the World War Hulk DVD and I have to say I was impressed. The production values on the recently released Spider Woman one that I have to reevaluate this genre. Marvel’s next motion comic will be based on the popular Iron Mini Series Extremis.  Of course, they have to take full advantage of the Movie Hype. It’s looking pretty cool. Episode 1 will be available in the iTunes store sometime later this week. Here’s a Behind the Scenes Peek.

WonderCon 2010: Confessions of a WonderCon Newbie

It was my first time. And like all first times it was a bit awkward, overwhelming, but in the end strangely satisfying. Of course, I’m still talking about attending my first ever Wonder Con in San Francisco this past weekend.  I’m also hesitant to admit that I’ve never been to WonderCon’s older sibling, ComicCon in San Diego, but it is now definitely on the “to do” list.  There were lots of wonderful highlights from the weekend, and we can’t wait to bring them to you in detail in the coming days.

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WonderCon 2010: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Yesterday, I had a sit down with a very rare species – a female video game producer. Meghan Morgan is the producer on the brand new Activision title, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. She gave us a walkthrough of the the game and some tidbits. Here’s what I learned from our 1/2 hour discussion:

  • The game’s plot centers around a mysterious tablet that gets broken into four pieces. The pieces are then scattered throughout 4 different dimensions. You have to take on different Spidey personas to recover the missing pieces.
  • This weekend they are announcing the first two worlds – Regular Marvel Universe Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir. I asked if the 3rd Universe will be Ultimate Universe Spider-Man and she just gave me a knowing smile. She would not give a hint about what the fourth Universe will be – I suggested Venom and someone else suggested Zombies.
  • Marvel Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott wrote the story.
  • All four universes will have it’s own unique look and each Spider-Man will play differently.  For example the Noir Spider-Man will be more stealth oriented.
  • All four Spider-Mans will be voiced by different actors whom many will recognize from Spidey’s many TV Incarnations.
  • Two villains we saw were Kraven and a really creepy looking Noir version of Hammerhead.
  • We won’t be able to play as the villains – as Morgan said, it’s a Spider-Man game.
  • There will be several short first person sequences, the example they showed with Spidey punching Kraven looked weird.
  • This game isn’t going to be a true Open World game, but the worlds are big enough where you will be able to do a lot of stuff.
  • Morgan promised that in this game we’ll get to the Action faster than in other titles.
  • She hinted that there will be some surprise appearances from other Marvel Characters.
  • Morgan is leading a big WonderCon Panel discussion Saturday afternoon.
  • The game is going to be released this September.

Chuck, Prince of Persia, Happy Town, Resident Evil, it’s Wondercon 2010 and Michelle will be there!

I’m leaving the warm 80 degree days in Washington, DC to freeze in San Francisco to bring you coverage of this weekend’s WonderCon!  And yes, you heard right, it’s just my luck that it’s finally, finally going to be in the 70s in DC starting Thursday and I’m going to San Francisco where it’s going to be in the low 50s and raining. I have a bunch of events lined up for the weekend including Pressers with Jerry Bruckheimer and the Cast of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Nicholas Cage and the Cast of The Sorcerer’s  Apprentice, the Producers of Toy Story, the Cast of Chuck, Happy Town and Human Target. I’m trying to line up an interview with W.S. Anderson for the new Resident Evil Movie and the Cast of ABC’s V.  I’m not going to promise up to the minute coverage, but I did buy a Netbook for this trip, so hopefully it’ll all work out. Check out the coverage this weekend and definitely starting next Monday I’ll have plenty of Pictures, News and more. The Con season is now in full swing.

Comic Books: Marvel Proclaims 2010 The Year of Spiderman!

I usually don’t post dumb teasers like this, but hey it’s a slow news week and I’m genuinely curious about what Marvel has planned for Spiderman in 2010. Every since that dumb retcon a couple of years ago, I have to admit Spiderman has been on a roll lately, I still think he should get back together with M.J. Marvel sent along this little teaser but what does it all mean? I found it odd that Spiderman (except for a couple of one shots and the 5 part American Son arc) didn’t have much to do with all the Dark Reign sillyness (which is why the book has remained good), when you consider if anyone should take down Norman Osborn and end his Dark Reign it should be Spiderman and if he does, how would that affect his standing in the Marvel U?

Conventions: Big Apple Comic-Con Goes Old-School in NY

Big Apple Comic-Con

On a cold, dreary, wet weekend the folks at Wizard Universe got their geek love on in NYC by hosting their annual Big Apple Comic-Con event at the Pier 92/94 convention center. I dragged myself out of bed and overcame my fear of driving to NY (not so much the drive, it’s the parking nightmare)) to catch Saturday’s festivities.  Attending this year’s event the one phrase that ran in my head is – I am sooo OLD!  This event was refreshingly old school all the way.  It was like taking a trip through memory lane, seeing all my childhood heroes like Lou Ferrigno, Gil Gerard, Taylor Dayne, Julie Newmar, Sean Young, Helen Slater, Edward Furlong, Virgil, Ric Flair, Demolition, and a ton more.  The problem was all my childhood heroes are old now, which makes me feel really old and unhip, although, strangely enough Todd Bridges looks almost the same. TV’s Buck Rodgers, Gil Gerard – old. Back in the day he was smoking in that tight white jump suit.

Todd Bridges

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Blu-Ray Review: Superman. Batman: Public Enemies


DC Comics and Warner Brothers really know how to do their Animated movies. A few weeks ago they gave us the excellent Green Lantern: First Flight this month we get Superman/Batman Public Enemies. It’s Superman’s worst fear, Lex Luthor has become President of the United States and he just can’t help himself, he uses an impending World Wide Disaster to blame Superman and declare war. He offers $1 Billion dollars to anyone who can bring Superman (voiced by Tim Daly) to justice, so everyone and their brother is after his head. Luckily Superman has the only ally he needs – Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) .

Director Sam Liu (who Directed several episodes of The Batman Animated Series) does a good job with this material, written by Jeph Loeb. Public Enemies isn’t a very deep movie it’s just non-stop action from beginning to end. The comic book version has more detail because you find out what they are thinking, this adaption is almost a literal word for word, panel by panel retailing of the comic, if I hadn’t read the book a few weeks ago, I would have loved this, as it is, I like it a lot.

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TV ON DVD: Marvel DVD Comic Collection X-Men: Volume 3 and 4


As a long time comic book fan and collector I never purchased X-Men comics their world was too dense with too many characters, to rich a history and way too many comics that I would have had to purchase. Luckily in the early 90s Marvel created one of the greatest Superhero Cartoon Series of all time – X-Men. A lot of times when revisiting my childhood things don’t hold up and I wonder what was I thinking – I used to love Johnny Socco, watched it recently, woh, it was bad.

The animation used in The X-Men don’t hold up that well over time because it was highly "stylized," and the voice acting wasn’t on the same level that was used in Batman The Animated Series. The story however is still amazing. If future writers want to learn how to tell story Arcs that hook viewers, look no further than this. There are plenty of standalone episodes but everything builds on top of each other and leads somewhere with real consequences to their actions. Season 3 is one season long arc that centers around one of the most acclaimed Comic Book Sagas of all time – The Dark Phoenix Saga.

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