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Sheldon’s 2014 Fifteen (Plus Five) Movies!


After careful consideration – and with some trepidation – I’ve finally put together my final list of my favorite movies from 2014. It was the first time in a long while that I saw more than 200 movies and a lot of them were incredibly good (a lot were incredibly bad, or boring, but I’ve already dealt with those).

As usual, these are the films that got me laughing, crying, engaged in conversations and generally made my brain fizz in a good way. As usual, anyone who says it was a crap year for movies just wasn’t paying attention.

Also note that two movies – Selma and Boyhood (despite their importance in terms of history and/or unique concepts) did not make my favorites list – not because they were bad films. They were not. They were very, very good ones. They just didn’t connect with me as much as these twenty did.

So, hold your breath – here we go…

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Chef Offers a Mix of Comedic and Dramatic Ingredients for a Mostly Tasty Result


Director/writer Jon Favreau has returned to independent comedy with heart and passion. Without question, every syllable, every frame, and every musical note of Chef feels like a recipe conjured up by Favreau composed of his favorite ingredients. In keeping with that theme, Chef doesn’t deliver one flavor profile, but several, as Favreau navigates between high-brow humor, low-brow humor, and deep character development. The result is a touching, and often laugh out loud funny story of a man trying to connect with his son, while also reminding himself of a passion he knows he has lost. On the whole, Favreau successfully accomplishes what he set out do—entertain while relaying a topic clearly personal to him, being the person you want to be, through the medium of the culinary arts.

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