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First Look: The Powerpuff Girls Are Back!


Sugar and spice and everything nice… and a dash of chemical X! Yes, The Powerpuff Girls are back!

Today, Cartoon Network unveiled a first look at the all-new series, The Powerpuff Girls, featuring the original arbiters of girl power; Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.

Slated to premiere this spring, the reimagined series from Cartoon Network Studios is about three girls juggling school and saving the world before bedtime. Check out the key art for the new series after the jump.

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Cartoon Network Launches OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo!


Cartoon Network Studios is beginning ‘is embarking on an era of developing immersive worlds via digital collaborations, with the launch of OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo, an original idea conceived by renowned animator Ian Jones-Quartey (supervising producer, Steven Universe).

Set in Lakewood Plaza, a mall for superheroes, OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo follows hopeful young champion K.O. and his superhero convenience store buddies as they battle evil Lord Boxman, who is set on destroying the plaza with his army of inventive robots.

Following the mobile game launch, Cartoon Network will open up further content exploration to the independent game development community by hosting a Game Jam in Portland, Oregon on February 12-14. For further details, follow the jump.

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Cartoon Network Takes Action with Justice League Series!


The world’s greatest superheroes are returning to Cartoon Network in a brand new, quarter-hour series called Justice League Action – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will a rotating cast of DC superheroes against an array of famous villains including Lex Luthor and the Joker.

Justice League Action marks the return of Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series) to the role of Batman. Other familiar voices will include Mark Hamill (The Joker), James Woods (Lex Luthor) and Diedrich Bader as the irrepressible Booster Gold.

For further details, follow the jump.

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Hulu and Turner Broadcasting Come To Multi-Year Agreement!


Hulu is set to become the exclusive VOD home to popular programming from Adult Swim and Cartoon Network – as well as select shows from TNT and TBS.

The deal was announced today and includes past seasons of TNT’s The Last Ship and Murder in the First; Adult Swim’s Ric & Morty and Black Jesus and Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe and Clarence (available on Hulu Kids) . Prior seasons of Adult Swim and Cartoon Network favorites like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Ben 10 will also be included.

The deal also gives Hulu exclusive SVOD rights to stream select future Turner shows  like the upcoming TBS series, Angie Tribeca. For further details (including more titles included in the deal), follow the jump. Continue reading Hulu and Turner Broadcasting Come To Multi-Year Agreement!

Christ Elliott and the Gang from Adult Swim’s Eagleheart Talks with EM!

Eagleheart: Paradise Rising is an action-comedy television series that first premiered on February 3, 2011, on Adult Swim. It is written and executive produced by Michael Koman, Andrew Weinberg and Jason Woliner.  Jason Woliner directs the series.  To celebrate season 3 of Eagleheart, Eclipse Magazine’s Lora Bofill had the opportunity to chat with writer/executive producer Andrew Weinberg and director/writer/executive producer Jason Woliner along with actors Chris Elliott and Maria Thayer.

Contest: Cartoon Network Premiere Challenges Bullying!

Bullied in the Hallway PR

Pairing a bully with his victim for a TV cooking contest is the unusual premise of Contest, a Cartoon world television premiere that is is being presented in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month.

Contest is set in a small town high school where athletes are revered and the swim team rules. Two students—one, a bully (Kenton Duty, Shake It Up!); the other, his victim (Dan Flaherty, The Americans)—are forced to work together on a television cooking contest for teens, which forms an unlikely friendship. As the contest unfolds and stakes grow higher, old emotions resurface, loyalties are challenged and the line between friend and foe is blurred.

The premiere will be followed by  a one-hour Q&A session with Rosalind Wiseman, author of Masterminds & Wingmen. Check out the press release, after the jump, for more details. Contest debuts Sunday, October 6 at 6/5C.

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Dethklok Live At Comic-Con 2012!


The Cartoon Network’s heavy metal band, Dethklok, stars of Metalocalypse, will come to life for Comic-Con International with a live, free concert on the USS Midway on Friday, July 13th. The Comic-Con concert comes just ahead of the band’s upcoming North American tour with Lamb of God and Gojira, which opens on August 1st in Seattle Washington.

Follow the jump for details on how you can enter to get tickets to this unique event which will include new animation and new songs from Dethklok’s upcoming album.

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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You – Ben 10!


You watched the animated Ben 10 as he grew from an overeager kid to a slightly more restrained teenager – battling supernatural crooks and would-be alien invaders with the powers he gained from the Omnitrix, a device that turns him into any of ten random powerful aliens. You’ve thrilled to two live-action Ben 10 TV movies on Cartoon Network.

Now, Ben 10 goes live on the big screen as Joel Silver and Silver Pictures prepare to take Ben Tennyson, Gwen and Grandpa Max where they’ve never been before – the silver screen! That’s right! Silver’s Silver Pictures is onboard to bring Ben 10 to the big screen in an all-new, live-action motion picture! [Details from the official press release follow the jump.]

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TELEVISION: Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

It’s been a while since the Powerpuff Girls have had a new adventure, but that all changes this evening following the Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls Marathon! The new, special, double-length Powerpuffs Rule! [8/7C] brings back this smart, semi-satirical superhero series for the team’s most outrageous adventure yet!

PPG 10 Villains unite against the Powerpuff Girls

It seems that the Key to the World is coming to Townsville for one day – despite The City of Townsville being Supervillain Central. Worse, The Mayor loses the key – setting everyone of the Girls’ enemies after it. Now, not only do the Girls have to find the key, they have to undo the chaos that the villains are catching in their.

And what if the Key makes the girls decide that only they are capable of ruling? And what happens if Mojo Jojo should get his paws on the key? Just how evil are his plans for ruling the world – and where do the puppies come in?

Once again, Craig McCracken and his cohorts have come up with a unique adventure for Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup – including some wisdom from another source on the subject of great responsibility; listening to their father, and generally putting their heads together to find ways to stop the ever reliable Mojo JoJo [and make fun of his manner of speech]. [C’mon, the guy is redundancy on legs!]

McCracken’s crack creative pepper the double-length ep with pop culture references – the great responsibility this is only one several. The Powerpuff Girls don’t work without a dash of satire, a few pop culture references [into which category, Mojo JoJo’s songs clearly fall] and a bit of cartoon violence, cleverly concealed beneath streaks of red, blue and green.

All The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! Because they’ve been brought up right and love their father, whose radical experiment went, as the PR material puts it, horribly right. So, once again the City of Townsville is saved by The Powerpuff Girls! And really, they are so swell, how could we want things any other way? Happy Anniversary, Powerpuff Girls!

Final Grade: A-

Bleach, Popular Anime Gets 2nd Season Pickup


BLEACH follows Ichigo Kurosaki, an ordinary 15-year-old boy who also happens to be able to see ghosts. His fate takes an extraordinary turn when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper who shows up at Ichigo’s house on the trail of a Hollow, a malevolent lost soul. Drawn to Ichigo’s high level of spirit energy, the Hollow attacks him and his family, and as a last resort, Rukia decides to transfer part of her Soul Reaper powers to Ichigo. As a result of Rukia’s actions, she is sent back to the Soul Society, where she is condemned to die. In Season 2, a stronger and more powerful Ichigo demonstrates a new resolve to save Rukia from certain death. This culminates in an explosive confrontation with Byakuya Kuchiki, Rukia’s by-the-book brother and his most intense opponent yet! Soon, Ichigo’s journey takes him back to the World of the Living where he must deal with a new assortment of supernatural enemies as well as the rigors of high-school life.

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