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Mel Gibson Gives Blood Father an Unexpected Poignancy!

Blood Father - Parole Violation

‘…but you can’t be a prick all your life and then just say never mind.

I can’t fix everything I broke… all I can do is not drink, so I won’t do that today.’

Mel Gibson’s John Link says these words at the beginning of Blood Father, but the conviction with which he says them could be a reflection of his own thinking. It’s a movie, so we’ll never know for sure, but even acknowledging Gibson’s problems in such a roundabout way adds some poignancy to what is otherwise could have been a standard B-movie thriller.

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Bad Papa Trailer: Blood Father!


There’s a new trailer for Blood Father, the movie in which Mel Gibson plays the less-than-law-abiding biological father to a girl who’s gotten herself in a lot of trouble.

It’s the latest entry in the geriatric action (geriaction?) genre and looks as formulaic in its own way as the Taken movies were. The selling point, of course, is that Gibson isn’t just an action hero, he’s a great actor.

Blood Father will be in theaters and on VOD on August 12th. Check out the new trailer after the break.

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