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First Look: BBC America’s New Sci-Fi Series: Outcast!


Scheduled to debut later this year, BBC America’s new sci-fi series, Outcasts looks at survival in a post-Earth era. Survivors of a dead Earth find and colonize a distant planet and set about the job of setting up a new civilization and, well, just surviving.

An overview of the series, along with five more photos, follows the jump.

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Starz Gets New Version of Torchwood!


Who cares about the new iPhone when Starz just announced they are getting the new version (This is a co-production between Starz, BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Worldwide, and BBC Worldwide ) of Torchwood in 2011! Ten episodes have been ordered and John Barrowman (Capt. Jack), Eve Myles (Gwen) are returning to lead the new cast. The official press release is after the break.


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TELEVISION: BBC America Co-Produces New Sci-Fi Drama – Outcasts!


The BBC America co-production, Outcasts, is a new sci-fi series about the remnants of humanity struggling to set up a new home on a distant planet. It explores humans’ drive for power, politics and sex in a new post-earth era.

Production is now underway, in South Africa, with a cast that includes: Eric Mabius [Ugly Betty, Liam Cunningham [Clash of the Titans], Hermione Norris [MI-5, Wire in the Blood], Jamie Bamber [Battlestar Galactica], Daniel Mays [The Bank Job, Atonement] and South Africa newcomer, Jeannie Kietzmann. Details from the press release follow the jump.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Matt Smith’s Doctor is Goofy, Smart and Scary as $#!+!!!

When we last saw The Doctor, he was having a spot of bother – what with his rocky regeneration and the TARDIS aflame around him. When Doctor Who [BBC America, Saturday, 9/8C] returns, the TARDIS is spinning out of control over London – The Doctor dangling from the doors like a misplaced participle. So, yeah. Danger from the get-go.


A little girl kneels beside her bed, praying for someone to help her by fixing a crack in her wall. She can hear voices from the other side of the crack and they scare her. The TARDIS crashes to earth – with a barely safe Doctor – in the backyard of an old house. On its side, doors facing up. It’s the house where the little girl lives and it’s just her luck that a Doctor who’s not yet fully formed has appeared – but he seems up to the job… barely.

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Who is in NY tonight and the rest of the week? Doctor Who, that’s who! Two Chances to Meet and Greet!

The new Doctor Who – Matt Smith (The Doctor) and his lovely companion Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) will be unveiling their new Who tonight at the Paley Center in New York at 6:30 pm. The launch kicks off on April 12, with a Paley Center for Media and BAFTA East Coast member screening and discussion moderated by Entertainment Weekly’s senior writer Clark Collis.  On April 14, fans can join Matt, Karen and Steven at the Village East Cinema for the official premiere screening followed immediately by a Q&A moderated by USA Today’s pop culture columnist Whitney Matheson, author of the Pop Candy blog.  So that’s two chances to catch the Who crew while they make a rare appearance here in the states.  BBC America is talking about setting up a conference call later this week, so I’ll bring you that if it happens. At first I hated this cast, but after watching all the trailers and seeing the first episode, I’m fully down with this.

TELEVISION: The Eleventh Doctor Chats with Jonathan Ross!

Smith on Jonathan Ross

While Doctor Who might not be a big enough hit in North America to warrant appearances on The Tonight Show, or The Late Show [maybe Craig Ferguson should send him an invitation…], the new Doctor, Matt Smith is doing one of the U.K.’s premiere chat shows, this week’s edition of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross [BBC America, 10/9C].

Smith will talk about his [very secretive] road to Doctor Who; provide revelations about The Doctor’s space-time-hopping vehicle, the TARDIS, and express his desire to stay with the role/show.

Ross’ other guests will be actor Emma Thompson [An Education] and British electro-pop duo Goldfrapp.

Series/Season Five of Doctor Who premieres on BBC America on Saturday, April 17th.

Photo courtesy of BBC America

New Dr. Who Coming to BBC America in April!

For a change we Americans won’t have to wait 6 months or a year after something airs on BBC.  The new Dr. Who premieres on BBC America this April, the same time as the Brits get their sci-fi hero. At first I was a little, meh, about the new Dr. Who but the more clips I see from the upcoming season, the more excited I’m getting at seeing this incarnation. The new Doctor, Matt Smith looks like he’s going into more of an action direction.  The series premieres April 17, 2010.

Television Alert!: Last Tennant Dr. Who Tonight and Marathon today on BBC America!

It’s the end of an era, tonight is the end of David Tennant’s Dr. Who run.  The conclusion to The End of Time premieres tonight (Sat. 1.02.10) on BBC America. To celebrate BBC America is having a Dr. Who marathon all day today, showing some of the best episodes from the last 4 seasons and re-running the last few movies. Personally, I think Tennant should have left at the end of Series Four, the 3 “movies” they ran in the last two years have been pretty pointless. I’m real curious to see The End of Time though and will try and get you a review tomorrow.

TELEVISION: Torchwood: Children of Earth – 5-Day Arc Will “Rip Your Guts Out!”

Torchwood: Children of Earth [BBC America, Monday through Friday, 9-10:15/10:00-11:15C] is a mini-series event that in the words of creator/co-writer Russell T. Davies, “will rip your guts out!” He is not kidding; this is not hyperbole. Children of Earth is as powerful a television event as you’ll see all year.


It begins with the children of the world stopping. Whether they’re walking to school; eating a bit of brekkie, or playing in the park, they all simply stop. Then they scream – in unison; around the world. FInally, they repeat the ominous message, “We are coming.” Then they start up again. Hours later, the pattern repeats. Each time the children stop, the message changes, slightly – from “We are coming,” to “We are coming… back!” and so on.

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