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Star Wars Trench Run 2.0 Update

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Just in time for Comic Con, THQ updates their popular game, Star Wars: Trench Run. The update includes the following new levels:

  • Escape – Man the turrets of the Millennium Falcon to fight off the attacking TIE fighters to deliver Princess Leia safely to the hidden Rebel base!
  • Han Solo – From the bottom gun turret of the Millennium Falcon, flying just above the trench, fight to protect Gold Squadron’s Y-wings during the Battle of Yavin!
  • Han Solo Arcade – Protect the 3 Y-wings and destroy on-coming surface cannons and incoming TIE fighters as long as you can!

New Ships include, Millennium Falcon, Y-wing, TIE fighter, Darth Vader’s Advanced TIE fighter.  Overall this is a very nice, meaty update. The game costs $4.99 in the iTunes Store.

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Battleship iPhone Game is a Blast

A few weeks ago EA Games slashed the prices on a bunch of their classic games including The Game of Life, Clue and Battleship to .99. Battleship is a blast to play (bad pun intended). It’s addictive fun; one minute turns into an hour.  The game matches last quite awhile, an average of 10 minutes or more (with the cut scenes) and it doesn’t remember the last position when you quit, so you are forced to play until the match is over. On the one hand it’s a flawless mobile game experience, but the match length means you have to be in a place where you can devote the time to finish a round.  There are neat little RPG elements that let you level up your character and rank, doing this unlock new weapons you can use in the Super Weapon mode.

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Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for the iPhone Review

The U.S. Soccer team’s impressive World Cup Soccer run has given everyone the fever. Hoping to capitalize, the folks at Konami have ported their popular console soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010) to the iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s always amazing how much developers can pack into these ports. The game packs quite a punch with a full list of features including all the professional soccer teams (80 teams) and leagues represented,  You can play full seasons complete with stat tracking and set your match length from 3 – 10 minutes. There are 5 different game levels from Amateur to Top Player.

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Michelle’s Apple Woes. At my Wits End with this Company!

Ok, it’s official I DESPISE Apple. I just landed this interesting new gig reviewing iPhone games for another news organization and think I can be impartial because hey, I do love my iPod Touch, I’ve never had a problem with that device, but every other Apple Product gives me FITS. My iPad will not stay connected to my home network so I cannot use it to surf the net while in bed defeating the whole point of having it. I keep holding out hope for the promised fix, but it’s been 3 months already! Last week I updated all of my devices to iOS and nothing but issues. My iPhone 3G now crashes apps a lot, drops calls, is slow as heck and Safari doesn’t seem to work on a lot of different web pages now.

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Where is iOS4? Non 3GS Users Shouldn’t Bother Updating, it’s Pointless.

As many of you know the new iPhone update iOS4 is supposed to be available today. Apparently, as of  6:30 EST, it hasn’t launched yet, I’m assuming it’ll go live at some point today. The new update really only affects iPhone 3GS users as people like me who have a iPhone 3G and iPad get screwed.  The iPad iOS4 update won’t come until the fall and for iPhone 3G owners a lot of features won’t work including the main draw – multitasking.  I’m assuming iBooks and folders will work – ooh….   I have the latest iPod Touch 64 and am not clear on what will and won’t work on that device, I’m assuming multitasking won’t work either. So really this new “update” is pointless for non 3GS users. Way to once again screw over your customers Apple.

iPhone 4 Roundup


So it’s here, the iPhone 4. I’m not sure what I think about it, yesterday I was all set to get rid of my iPhone 3G and going with TMobile but I have to say I love the design of the new iPhone and the camera features are really tempting – especially now that I’m doing a lot of video for EM. I like the idea of having iBooks on my phone and it was funny watching Steve Jobs talk about the new features of iBooks like it was revolutionary when my Kindle App is already available everywhere, keeps track of where I am in my books and has a bigger selection. I do like the idea of being able to read PDFs directly in iBooks. The phone comes will be available in a 8Gig 3GS version at $99, 16-Gig at $199 and $299 for the high-end 32-Gig model. The price is surprisingly reasonable, I’m surprised ATT is letting people out of their contracts up to 6 months early to upgrade to the new phone. Of course my current contract expires next March so it does me no good. I was disappointed that there is no 64 or 80 Gig option, the screen size is exactly the same and the lack of a screen lock button – the constant rotation drives me nuts. So let’s rundown some of the key new features.

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New iPhone To Be Announced Today

Apple iPhone

Is it just me?  I can’t seem to get excited about the new iPhone. ATT’s recent moves have killed the ability to actually get full use out of the rumored new features – like video chat, tethering, and multitasking to those who buy into ATT’s company line about how you’ll never reach 2GB – imagine driving to and from New York (8 hrs total), with a GPS App running and Pandora playing in the background that will eat up most of your 2GB cap. About the only thing we don’t know about the new iPhone is the price. I’m sure the version I would want would be $499 ON CONTRACT, which is why I didn’t get the 32 GB 3GS because AT&T charged current customers MORE to upgrade to the new phone than non customers. My iPhone 3G won’t even qualify for the 4.0 software update and lately I’ve been forced to use my iPhone as a phone and it’s horrible, I’m ready to cancel my ATT account and be happy with my iPod Touch. ATT is just such a scummy company. T-Mobile is the only Cell Phone company that I like, but they don’t have any good phones – the HD2 looks awesome, but you can’t upgrade to Win Phone 7 in the fall. Anyway, Steve Jobs is giving his WWDC Keynote today at 1pm EST.  I recommend Engadget.com for your live, breathless, “oh my god this is awesome!” coverage. I’ll post a recap of the announcements this afternoon.

Top Gun for the iPad Game Demo

I still firmly believe that most iPhone games suck, visually they look like real games but try and play a game that’s not a board game or puzzle game and you run into horrible controls and porting these games to the iPad doesn’t make touchscreen games any better.  Top Gun for the iPad looks amazing but watching the guy in the video try and control this game looks painful.

iPad 3G Issues

Many reported issues with their iPad 3Gs over the weekend. Everything from slow and spotty connections to not being able to play some plugins that use video – the ABC App won’t play at all, YouTube and Netflix being downsampled into oblivion.  I don’t know why I expected anything different from AT&T. I know my iPhone is unusable outside of DC and in DC about the only thing I can do with AT&T slow 3G service is check my email, I hate using the iPhone’s web browser, so I rarely do. So now I’m torn as to whether or not to even get the 3G Version. I really want to launch a new iPad site, but to do it I have to get a device I simply don’t like.  I rediscovered the joy of using my Macbook in bed this weekend.

iPad 3G has landed

The iPad 3G has arrived. I do find it odd that they are going to start selling it at retail at 5pm today. How silly is that? I know I love to rag on the iPad, but I’ll probably end up getting the 3G version sometime late next week. I really want to buy it from Amazon because they have better return options and no sales tax, but freaking Apple won’t let Amazon sell it, I really despise Apple and Steve Jobs, so it makes me a hypocrite that I own all their dumb products and will be rewarding their broken, gimped Wi-Fi only iPad buy paying a premium to get the 3G version when I already pay $30 a month for the iPhone data plan and already know AT&T 3G service SUCKS! How retarded am I?

I’ve threatened it before, but I really want to go back to the Windows world get a 13 inch, all day laptop for 600 bucks (I mean that Asus looks hot! 4 Gigs Ram, 500 GB HD, tons of Ports, 12 Hr Battery life…) and just call it a day. I mean I keep saying I’m going to develop iPad/iPhone apps, it’s why I bought a Macbook in the first place but if I haven’t done it in two years, what makes me think I’ll do it this year? I’d rather just pay someone to build my stuff for me and not reward Apple for their bad business practices and products that DON’T “Just Work.”

Marvel’s Iron Man Extremis Motion Comic – A Behind the Scenes Look!

You know, I hated, HATED the Watchmen Motion comic, it forever turned me off the entire genre.  However, this past weekend I watched a couple of Marvel’s motion comics on the World War Hulk DVD and I have to say I was impressed. The production values on the recently released Spider Woman one that I have to reevaluate this genre. Marvel’s next motion comic will be based on the popular Iron Mini Series Extremis.  Of course, they have to take full advantage of the Movie Hype. It’s looking pretty cool. Episode 1 will be available in the iTunes store sometime later this week. Here’s a Behind the Scenes Peek.