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Video: The Wachowskis’ Sense8: Meet The Eight!

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In Sense8, the new Netflix series from The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, eight people is different parts of the world somehow become joined on some new level – experiencing each other’s lives, emotions, memories. They can communicate with each other and even access each other’s skills.

Complications ensue.

Meet Will, Wolfgang, Riley, Sun, Lito, Capheus, Nomi and Kala after the jump. Sense8 premieres on Netflix on June 5th.
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The Maze Runner – Everything Is Going To Change!


A young man named Thomas wakes up to find himself in an elevator rising to a wild green space and a host of other young men who, like him cannot remember anything about their pasts save for their names. The space is surrounded by titanic walls which open into a maze but no one has any idea why they’re there – and then, for the first time, a young woman arrives, who recognizes Thomas.

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