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Claustrophobic Trailer: Room!

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Based on Emma Donoghue’s best selling novel, Room stars Brie Larson as a woman who, with her five-year old son (Jacob Tremblay), has been locked in a single room for a long time.

When she comes up with a risky escape plan, the two will have to contend with big, complicated world outside.

Room will be in theaters on October 16th.

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Conversational Trailer: The End of the Tour!

End Of The Tour Poster

In 1996, Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky accompanied David Wallace Foster on his book tour in support of the just published Infinite Jest. Over that time, Lipsky’s interview for Rolling Stone turned into a real, ongoing conversation.

The interview was never published and the tapes went into storage until, following Foster’s suicide in 2008, Lipsky dug them out and wrote a book about the experience.

The End of the Tour is a film based on that book and those tapes. It stars Jesse Eisenberg as Lipsky and Jason Segal as Foster. The first trailer for the film is wonderful. check it out after the jump. The End of the Tour rolls into theaters on July 31st.

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While We’re Young – Coming Of Middle Age!

while-were-young - road trip

While We’re Young may not be Noah Baumbach’s best film (I can’t quite decide between Margot at the Wedding, Frances Ha and The Squid and the Whale), but it is certainly his most enjoyable – and commercially viable.

It’s the story of a fortysomething couple who begin hanging around with a twentysomething couple and learning some things about themselves.

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AI Trailer: Ex Machina!


What does it mean to be human? What traits do we use to define that? These questions are at the heart of Alex Garland’s (Dredd, 28 Days Later) new movie, Ex Machina.

 A computer programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) visits a remote research facility at the request of a tech genius (Oscar Isaac) to test a cutting-edge new artificial intelligence (Alicia Vikander).

Check out the new trailer for Ex Machina after the jump. Ex Machina opens April 10th.

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Sneak Peek: Laggies – Bachelorette Games!

Laggies driving

In Laggies, Keira Knightley stars as Megan, a 28-year old woman who has never grown up – despite a really good education.  When her high school sweetheart proposes, she freaks out at the thought of so specific a future and takes a week to try to think things through – or not.

She crashes with her 16-year old friend, Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her father, world weary Craig (Sam Rockwell).

Laggies, directed by Lynne Shelton, premieres in select theaters on October 24th and goes wide on November 7th. Follow the jump for further details – and a new slightly NSFW clip.

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Coming of Age Trailer: Laggies


It seems like, more and more, there are movies devoting themselves to coming age stories about people who should have come of age a decade earlier. The latest in this odd sub-sub-genre is Laggies, about Megan, a twenty-eight year old woman who hides out in the home of Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz) a young friend for a week as she faces the drama of being a grown up – much to the confusion of Annika’s father (Sam Rockwell)..

Laggies will be in select theaters on October 24th. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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Enemy’s Tangled Web Scares, Provokes!


Denis Villeneuve’s new film, Enemy, was actually filmed before last year’s Prisoners and – other than sustaining a single, predominant mood – has nothing in common with it except for the presence of Jake Gyllenhaal. Whatever commerciality Prisoners might have had is also absent here – unless commercial has suddenly become a synonym for intelligent, thoughtful, and simultaneously weird and deliberate.

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