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MOVIE REVIEW: Angels and Demons Holds Some Improvements and Thrills, But Only Some


Angels and Demons, set some time after Ron Howard’s previous adaptation The Da Vinci Code, finds Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon being summoned to The Vatican in order to help them with an impending crisis. As a new pope is set to be elected, a mysterious organization known as the Illuminati, an old villain to the Catholic Church, threatens to eradicate the holy city and everyone in it by using an unstable substance with bomb-like properties.

When speaking about this movie, I seem to always get the same basic opening question- is it better than The Da Vinci Code? The short answer is yes. Ron Howard has done a much better job on this venture of trimming the fat from the novel and leaving the audience with a far more engaging movie than the first film. Fans of the book should be rest assured that some of the more preposterous events have been wisely omitted. Hanks also fares better by showing much more confidence and comfort in his role as Langdon, which I’m sure is aided partly by a much deserved upgrade in his hairstyle.
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STAR TREK: A Trekker’s Log

The new crew of the Enterprise
The new crew of the Enterprise

Personal Log Stardate: May 8, 2009

When I heard that Star Trek was going to be on the big screen again, I was excited at first. Unfortunately, when I heard that J.J. Abrams was going to direct it, I was completely stunned. Abrams has given us such wonderful television shows such as “Lost”, “Alias”, and “Fringe”. When it came to his directorial debut with another television series turned movie series, “Mission: Impossible III”, the third movie had lost its luster. So, you can say that I was less than enthusiatic about Abrams making the same mistake with a much more larger fan base such as Star Trek. That was strike one in my book.

Strike two came about when I found out that the new Trek movie was to be a prequel/reboot of the franchise. I was divided between Hollywood remaking the movies that stand the test of time and reimagining the same movies and TV Series to bring in a whole new audience. Keep in mind that Trek has a long history and and legions of fans that span the globe. After 43 years with ten films, five television series, and one Emmy-winning animated series under its belt, the question, “Will Star Trek thrive again?,” remains on the minds of Trek fans. Since the black sheep of Trek left the airwaves in 2005, fans seeked more from the Trek universe in the form of independent productions. Two productions that stood out from the rest are Star Trek: Phase II and Starship Farragut. I highly recommend them both if you want to experience true Trek.

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Hollywood Insider: Bringing Forte’tude to Star Trek- An Exclusive Interview with Actress Marlene Forte

Marlene Chair

Marlene Forte is living proof that success stories can happen to those who put their hearts, minds and fortitude into making them happen. Forte, a Cuban American immigrant, former teenaged mom and self-made business entrepreneur who spent six solid successful years as a video store owner, has turned herself into the female version of a Quentin Tarantino, with an encyclopedic knowledge of films, directors and actors. Both her impressive acting portfolio and her one of a kind story have positioned her as a creative voice and force certainly to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

With her current TV role as Rosie Hernandez in Tyler Perry’s TBS Sitcom ‘House of Payne’ and her upcoming big screen part in ‘Star Trek XI’, Marlene is living proof that it’s never too late to follow your calling, and her fiery Latin heritage doesn’t even begin to capture the extent of her resilience!

Forte is one of those rare talents whose dedication continues to set a standard in Hollywood. With each character and role she takes on, Marlene Forte is refining a formula of proving Hollywood wrong by continually breaking through Hollywood’s stereotypes and carving a niche for the Latino community and tearing down the walls of “ethnic minorities”.

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CONTEST: Ghost of Girlfriends Past No Hoops Screening Announcement!!


It’s time for another one of EclipseMagazine.com’s fabulous “No Hoop Jumping” screenings. We have 80 Admit One tickets for the Washington, DC Advanced Screening of The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. The trailers for this look ok, I’m a sucker for the Romantic Comedy. You know mother’s day is coming up why not take your Mom for a night out on the town for our EM screening?


Celebrity photographer Connor Mead (MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY) loves freedom, fun and women…in that order. A committed bachelor with a no-strings policy, he thinks nothing of breaking up with multiple women on a conference call while prepping his next date. Connor’s brother Paul is more the romantic type. In fact, he’s about to be married. Unfortunately, on the eve of the big event, Connor’s mockery of romance proves a real buzz-kill for Paul, the wedding party and a houseful of well wishers—including Connor’s childhood friend Jenny (JENNIFER GARNER), the one woman in his life who has always seemed immune to his considerable charm.


Contest Details

The screening will be Tuesday, April 28th at 7:30 PM at Mazza Gallerie in Washington, DC.

Tuesday, April 28
AMC Mazza Gallerie
Washington, DC

For your chance to receive a complimentary pass to a special advanced screening of GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST in Washington, DC on TUESDAY, APRIL 28 – log on Here and input the following code: ECLP6692 to download your ticket.  That’s it, no being top poster of the month, sending me emails, clicking the Read More link, just go print your passes out and have fun.  I would like you all to comment on the movie and experience when you get home. The folks at WB do look at your comments.

BLU-RAY Announcements: Plenty of Trek Blu-ray coming and Box Art Revealed!

Since the movie is coming out in a few weeks it was inevitable that we’ll finally get some Trek on the good old Blu-ray. And some regular DVD double dips – more on this in the next post.  On May 12th, Paramount Home Entertainment will release the STAR TREK: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE COLLECTION & TRILOGY on Blu-ray! The STAR TREK: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE TRILOGY is also available on DVD! Get ready to blast off and make sure you grab your copy of STAR TREK: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE COLLECTION & TRILOGY as it arrives on Blu-ray May 12th!  The collection is looking pretty darn sweet!  Here’s the full press release, complete with all of the bonus features.



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MOVIE NEWS: Brand New Fugly Star Trek Ship Models

Ok, I’m not sure what this is, the folks who run the Paramount Webmaster program sent over four brand new photos of Star Trek ship models. But what is this? Is it for eventual toys, is it part of some contest? Are these amateur models? I don’t know but they look pretty fugly to me. Someone please tell me what this is all about…. I do like the brown and the white one though. Not sure what’s going on with the Garden or Pink one.





MOVIE REVIEWS: State of Play is one of the best Movies of the Year. Michelle’s Review


I’m not one for hyperbole. Ok I am one for hyperbole, I try hard to grab attention but I always pull myself back from going over the top, so when I tell you that State of Play is the best film of 2009 (so far) I don’t say it lightly. This despite of the fact that I really don’t like Russell Crowe as an actor and based on news reports, a human being – but I’ve never met the man so it’s hard to put that kind of judgment on someone. But State of Play is the first film that I’ve seen all year that is about something.   It’s more about the state of the newspaper industry and how it’s gone wrong than it is about the growing mystery surrounding the murder of a Senator Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) lover and how his best friend from College, a grizzled investigative reporter Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) helps him manage the media fall out from this.

No, the murder mystery is secondary to the film showcasing how investigative journalist work, the fights that they have with Executive Editors who now have to worry about the bottom line from their new corporate overseers. It’s about old line journalist and newsrooms fighting the young bloggers like Della Frye (Rachel McAdams) who come cheap, work fast, and don’t necessarily care about getting the facts before she posts something on the newspaper’s website. At one point in the film McAffrey sums up the old guard’s feeling of being slighted by saying, “I’ve been here for 15 years, using a 16 year old computer. She’s been here for a few months and can launch a missile from her phone.”


The movie’s director Kevin Macdonald obviously has something against bloggers as he spends the first 20 minutes of the film trashing them and then the rest of it converting Della into a “real” Journalist to the point where at the end she says, “No, I’ll wait until this hits the stands, a big story like this needs to be felt on the hands.” I wanted to gag when she said that. Not only that but he doesn’t spend anytime showing her actually, y’know, blogging.

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MOVIE REVIEW: 17 Again is High-School Musical without the Music, Michelle’s Review


If you are like me and ever wondered what the High School Musical series would have been like with out Zac Efron’s bad singing and all the other horrible songs (that Zac wasn’t involved in) you have your answer in his first post non-HSM effort 17 Again. It’s the same movie only difference is he’s a 40 something dad trapped in a 17 year old body. But all the other elements are there right down to his being the school’s basketball star. Couldn’t he have changed it up a bit and at least be a track star or football star? He even dances a bit in the first few minutes. I like Efron, he’s likeable enough, he rocks the bangs, has amazing eyes and as an old woman I have impure thoughts when I see his amazing six pack, I know that I’m not his target market but I have to say a little bit of him goes a long way. I’m not sure what the message of 17 Again is supposed to be, it’s all over the place.

The joke is that when Mike O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) becomes his teenage self again he rediscovers his teenage kids, what he finds, he doesn’t like – his son Alex (Sterling Knight) is picked on by the basketball star and Maggie (Michelle Trachtenberg) is dating the jerk. The rest of the movie he tries to help his kids while preventing his wife Scarlett (Leslie Mann) from finalizing the Divorce. There really isn’t much else to say about 17 Again, it’s a competent movie but there’s no real chemistry amongst anyone and it feels as if everyone is just going through the motions. This is the definition of the Disney Cookie factory film but the irony is, it’s from New Line. I usually like teen films like this but this one is missing something. It’s a perfectly bland, forgettable 90 minutes.

Final Grade C

EM Review by
Michelle Alexandria
Originally posted 4.19.09

MOVIE NEWS: 7 Brand New Star Trek Images

Hey Everyone, I know I’ve complained and whined about the Star Trek Webmaster Program, but now that the movie is close, I’m going to give you all of the “latest” news. Starting with brand new photos from the movie. I don’t know the meaning or significance of any of these shots, so no captions. I’m sorry, I’m sure I’m going to love this movie, but I’m not feeling this cast.



chq_ps_120808_flt_000_58.jpg cy050_30574_021.jpg




MOVIES: Local Maryland Boy Does Good


Local filmmaker Jimmy Traynor has been shooting films in the Baltimore area for the last 10 years, shooting well over 15 projects he’s back with his latest effort, The Ticket. The film is a comedy about a man who discovers that he won the lottery. Of course that means everyone’s out to get you, so you do the natural thing and hire a couple of bodyguards. The story is based on a 103 page script written by Jimmy and the actors flew in from LA to work on the film which was shot in a straight 32 hour period.

teddi steve.jpeg

He also has another film that he’s promoting called Beat The Bastard Down. This movie is a non-scripted, feature length movie that was filmed improv style in 32 hours. All actors came on set with a variety of clothing and no idea what was about to happen. The entire movie played out only in the director’s mind and it was his job to direct the actors to do what he needed in order to create this quirky and fun movie. Interestingly enough, the movie was NOT filmed in the order it played in the director’s head. What an enjoyable challenge it was and a great performance by everyone all around.Jimmy is one of those gonzo indie filmmakers who is inspiring. He produces, writes, and directs all of his material and for micro-budget affairs you can see a lot of effort and potential in his work. Imagine what he could do if he had a real budget to work with. Check out some of his other features on his website here.