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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Some Nuts & Bolts from the Production!


With interest in the second Transformers feature, Revenge of the Fallen, being high, there will be a lot of interest in the technical aspects of the film. Thanks to the clever team at Paramount/Dreamworks, some facts and figures have been released to whet the appetites of the techies for those kinds of details. Follow the jump to Industrial Light & Magic’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Fact Sheet.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Michelle Weighs in on Terminator Salvation!

Terminator: Salvation

How is it possible McG continues to get these huge directorial movie projects? I’ll tell you – he is capable of making the trains run on time, but not much else. He has no vision, discernible style, wit or knows how to get much out of his actors. Whenever I watch one of his films, I think of this scene in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back where Matt Damon is doing a sequel to Good Will Hunting and he asks the director how he should do a scene and the camera cuts to the Director saying “Just do it however you want to,” while he counts his piles of cash. Terminator Salvation is one soulless endeavor.

A lot of this is the fault of a bad script combined with lazy direction, but I also am officially sort of fed up with the entire franchise and how it treats time-travel.  It’s the saga’s magic bullet that solves – or muddles everything. They have used it so much that I just no longer care about anything that happens in this Universe and there seems to be no consequences to them using it other than nothing major ever seems to change. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles television show made me care again, but they canceled that and this movie has nothing to do with the events of that, so again nothing matters.
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MOVIE REVIEW: Angels and Demons Holds Some Improvements and Thrills, But Only Some


Angels and Demons, set some time after Ron Howard’s previous adaptation The Da Vinci Code, finds Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon being summoned to The Vatican in order to help them with an impending crisis. As a new pope is set to be elected, a mysterious organization known as the Illuminati, an old villain to the Catholic Church, threatens to eradicate the holy city and everyone in it by using an unstable substance with bomb-like properties.

When speaking about this movie, I seem to always get the same basic opening question- is it better than The Da Vinci Code? The short answer is yes. Ron Howard has done a much better job on this venture of trimming the fat from the novel and leaving the audience with a far more engaging movie than the first film. Fans of the book should be rest assured that some of the more preposterous events have been wisely omitted. Hanks also fares better by showing much more confidence and comfort in his role as Langdon, which I’m sure is aided partly by a much deserved upgrade in his hairstyle.
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MOVIE NEWS: Wolverine Beats Star Trek’s Opening Weekend

Star Trek Box Office Numbers

Whatever you want to say about the weasels at Fox, X-Men Origins: Wolverine beat out Star Trek for the biggest Weekend.  Star Trek pulled in a not to shabby $76.5 million this weekend, but Wolverine pulled in $85 in it’s first few days. Now Star Trek is the much better movie getting better buzz and raves so I fully expect it to pull in more money than Wolvie overall.  The fact that Wolverine only scored $27 million in it’s second weekend says this.  But the problem is, May is so packed to the gills with big films, a lot of these movies will only have the opening weekend to make their big splashes. It’ll be interesting to see how far Star Trek will drop off in the wake of next weekend’s big openings.

MOVIE NEWS – Trailer Park, 5 Hot New Trailers of the Week

Terminator Salvation – New 4 Minute Clip

Terminator Salvation

Release Date – May 21, 2009

The highly anticipated new installment of “The Terminator” film franchise is set in post-apocalyptic 2018. John Connor is the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. There’s a new 4 minute clip at Apple Movie Trailers.  I stand by my original comments from a few weeks ago, I’ve seen nothing from this movie that makes me excited to see it. Will I like it once I do? Most likely, yes. But as of now, this looks like yet another lazy, “visionless” effort from hack director McG.  The movie has Christian Bale, but from what little I’ve seen, it seems like he’s overacting a bit and the Batman voice isn’t working for me.  Here’s another 2 minute clip.

Fame 2009 – Teaser Trailer


Release Date – September

A few weeks ago I was thinking about “If there were any movies that had a material impact on my life?” For the life of me I couldn’t think of a single one. I don’t take this stuff that seriously. But when I saw the Fame trailer, it dawned on me that the film that really had an “impact” on me was the Fame television show – not so much the movie.  I was in Choir, Band and Played Piano from Elementary School all the way to my first year of College. Fame made being a musician and in a band cool not an activity for “nerds and outcasts.”  My high school was unique in that we really didn’t truly defined cliques. Everyone sort of cross pollinated with the Band being a common ground. So we had folks from Cheerleading, the Sports Teams, Year Book, etc. All taking part and I think the popularity of Fame had a lot to do with that.  I even applied to Berkley College of Music because of Fame. With that said, I had no opinion regarding the idea of remaking Fame. Actually, it seems like a pretty simple concept to update and make it “relevant” for today’s kids. Especially when State governments are cutting school music programs – it could be even more important and used to highlight how important it is to keep them.

The first trailer for the Fame 2009 movie hit the nets a few weeks ago and it’s the anti-trailer.  It looks horrible and boring. Where’s the excitement, the sense of urgency, the “I gotta make it” feeling from the original movie? Where’s Debbie Allen when we need her? It’s all missing from this trailer. For a movie I didn’t care about prior to seeing the trailer, I now find myself a little upset at how crummy it is.  I do LOVE the opening moments of Out Here on my Own (a song I used to know how to play on the Piano), but then it switches to this GOD AWFUL Ska (?) version of the iconic Fame theme song. Just HORRID. Here’s the trailer.

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MOVIE REVIEWS: Star Trek is the best film of 2009, Michelle’s Review

Star Trek Chris Pine as Kirk
J.J. Abrams is a man who I’ve always thought was way overrated – I’ve hated just about everything that he’s been involved in including Alias, Felicity, Mission Impossible III and that god awful Cloverfield.  I’m also not a Trekkie, I’ll watch Star Trek the original series on occasion and Voyager whenever it’s on but I hated the Picard crew with a passion. So for these reasons and more I wasn’t really feeling the new Star Trek prequel movie. I wanted to be the one who comes out hating this movie, but I can’t. Abrams has knocked this one completely out of the park. This is an almost flawless movie. The acting, plot, pacing, cinematography, SFX is almost perfect.

Beyond the reasons listed above I thought all the trailers for this movie were, “Meh” and the casting really awful. But a funny thing happens as you watch, it soaks in that I was completely wrong, this cast is absolutely perfect and spot on.  I started to have double vision, I could easily imagine these people 20 or 30 years older with their big stomachs and years of experience being together as a crew. I always say how much I hate prequels, but it’s time to say that when done well they can be a lot of fun. It’s just very rare that it’s done well. Prequels should be more than just “how the big things came to be,” they should be about the characters themselves and the little moments, things and character “ticks” that fans of any given show come to love.

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Hollywood Insider: Bringing Forte’tude to Star Trek- An Exclusive Interview with Actress Marlene Forte

Marlene Chair

Marlene Forte is living proof that success stories can happen to those who put their hearts, minds and fortitude into making them happen. Forte, a Cuban American immigrant, former teenaged mom and self-made business entrepreneur who spent six solid successful years as a video store owner, has turned herself into the female version of a Quentin Tarantino, with an encyclopedic knowledge of films, directors and actors. Both her impressive acting portfolio and her one of a kind story have positioned her as a creative voice and force certainly to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

With her current TV role as Rosie Hernandez in Tyler Perry’s TBS Sitcom ‘House of Payne’ and her upcoming big screen part in ‘Star Trek XI’, Marlene is living proof that it’s never too late to follow your calling, and her fiery Latin heritage doesn’t even begin to capture the extent of her resilience!

Forte is one of those rare talents whose dedication continues to set a standard in Hollywood. With each character and role she takes on, Marlene Forte is refining a formula of proving Hollywood wrong by continually breaking through Hollywood’s stereotypes and carving a niche for the Latino community and tearing down the walls of “ethnic minorities”.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Wolverine does not Suck. Michelle’s Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Review

Here’s the thing about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, while I watched it, I enjoyed about 2/3 of it. It follows the pattern of most summer blockbusters where there’s a strong first act that sucks you in, a 2nd act where things get a little shaky but still manageable and a last act that’s awful. I’m going to keep this review short because I really don’t have much to say about this movie. I liked it for what it was but if I think about it too much I’ll start to question every little thing and a this is a film that’s meant to be consumed and forgotten about not endlessly dissected and over analyzed.  I didn’t like this because it had good explosions – which, kind of sucked. I liked it because it gasp, had really strong acting from Hugh Jackman (Logan / Wolverine) and Liev Schreiber (Victor Creed / Sabretooth).  The movie really does a fantastic job of setting up their story in the first few minutes of the film.The opening credit sequence does a great job of setting up Logan and Victor’s relationship. It’s about as great an opening sequence as the one they used in the recent Watchmen movie. It gives you everything you need to know in less than five minutes.

The problem is there really is nowhere for the story to go after this opening sequence.  We can spend the rest of the film either showing them breaking up and fighting or I don’t know what the other option would be.  So the writers obviously selected option A. We find out what Sabretooth did to foster his and Wolverine’s hatred. But the explanation of why is pretty tame high school stuff – “He abandoned me.”  Yeah really? After having each other’s back for 100 years that’s all it takes for you to turn on your brother? I would think the hatred would have started in the first scene when Login killed their father when he was a kid. But they actually “bonded” over that and the movie never touches on it ever again, which made it sort of pointless to show it.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Battle for Terra, Michelle’s Review

Battle for Terra Movie Review

I’m not sure what to think or even say about Battle for Terra. On the one hand, I always complain about American Animation being too child friendly and not serious enough, but Battle For Terra suffers from being way too serious. I was intrigued by the story and twist that for a change the Human race would be the bad guys invading a peace loving planet but somehow this movie is a crashing bore.  The character models aren’t that interesting and kind of weird. They are modeled after mermaids, move around their world like mermaids, there’s even flying whales but there’s no water. I couldn’t get past that. It made the characters look really sluggish – which, again, I could have accepted if it was an Ocean planet. The first half hour of the film we are introduced to Mala Evan (Evan Rachel Wood) a young idealist and scientist who spends her free time flying around in hang gliders with her best friend Senn (Justin Long) and living in their city that look like 20 story tall mushrooms.  For the first 1/2 hour of this movie, literally nothing happens. It’s just a bore, then one day the evil humans come to take over. See the humans not only destroyed the Earth’s environment but they took two other planets with them so they had to seek out a new home.

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