Super Trailers: CBS Fall Shows!


CBS has five new shows slated for fall premieres. Trailers have become available for all five – Angel From Hell, Code Black, Life In Pieces, Limitless (above) and Supergirl.

Check them – and a few thoughts – out following the jump.

Before you start, please note that – unless you want to auto-segue into videos for the Bold and the Beautiful, hit stop at the end of each of these trailers. Just sayin’…

Jane Lynch as the most intrusive, potentially obnoxious guardian ever? I can see that!

Based on the busiest ER in the country. Actually looks pretty compelling.

Some of this is really funny; some is appropriately awkwardly not quite. Not sure what to think about that. Looks intriguing, though.

From the way the premise was written in PR releases before the trailer was released, I had a few problems with this one, but have to say that it winds up looking very interesting indeed. Bradley Cooper has a nicely ironic presence here, too.

Supergirl just doesn’t feel like a CBS show – but that’s one of the reasons it was picked up. Outside of Kara Zor-El being a wee bit too free with her secret identity, though, this looks like it could be a lot of fun.