Sundowners–They Only Come Out At Night!

There’s a fine line between heroism and insanity. That’s the running theme of Dark Horse’s new title, Sundowners.

The Sundowners is a group of of characters whose job it is to protect us from interdimensional threats. The thing is, though, are these threats real, or a product of their imaginations? Simply put, are they heroes or are they crazy?

Sundowners comes from Tim Seeley (Revival, Hack/Slash, The Occultist) and is on sale on August 27th. For a preview, follow the jump.


Link to Dark Horse

SUNDOWNERS #1 | Tim Seeley | Jim Terry

Faster than lightning! Stronger than steel! Crazier than an outhouse rat? Enter the Sundowners—sworn to protect humanity from interdimensional invaders! But is the threat real, or is it all in their heads?

  • From Tim Seeley (Revival, Hack/Slash, The Occultist)!
  • A dark look at the thin line between heroism and insanity!

Sundowners #1 is on sale August 27th.  Retailer FOC is Monday, August 4th.