Secretive Trailer: SeeSo!


A teaser trailer has been released to help create awareness for SeeSo, the new ad-free, subscription comedy streaming serving comic from NBCUniversal Digital in January 2016. It posits the existence of a ‘comedy illuminati’ secretly controlling comedy – and hints at the challenges two budding comedians must face to become part of the club.

Check it out after the jump.

Episode 0 The Seeso Secret Society Teaser – YouTube

There is a secret society of comedy illuminati called Seeso, or is there? Watch as emerging comedians Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell try to work their way into this prestigious club. There are challenges from Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) co-founders Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. And, strange rituals conducted by Dan Harmon. Other members are exposed, but will they reveal the truth behind the Seeso Secret Society? Watch as Tom Lennon, Ben Garant, Kulap Vilaysack, Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher answer questions about the society, in never-before seen interview footage. And follow along as the story unfolds in the subsequent episodes.

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