Santa Clarita Diet Stars Help Engineer a Netflix Proposal!

Santa Clarita Diet – Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore – Photo courtesy of Netflix.

When Conor decided that, after being boyfriend and girlfriend for ‘just under six years,’ that he wanted to take his relationship with Kamela to the next level, he went to work enlisting the aid of Netflix and the stars of the couple’s favorite show – Santa Clarita Diet.

Netflix has released a video of what happened.

She thought they were on a new Netflix reality show. He was really proposing. Netflix was in on the whole thing. So, if she’s cool with it… they are getting engaged!

Conor and Kamela have been together since college. Their first date: Netflix. So after hearing that and dying from cuteness, there was no other option than help plan the most elaborate Netflix proposal of all time. With a little help from some famous friends, an elaborate James-Bond-level cover story and the push of the play button… that’s exactly what we did. #KeepingLoveAlive #MoveOverJumbotrons