Relationship Weirdness Trailer: Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends!


When Jacob, who’s struggling love life-wise, is set up with Sarah, things just seem to click – until he meets Sarah’s friend, Camille, who’s about to move out of town. Things rapidly get complicated…

Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends is the second film from Quincy Rose – and has been racking up some very favorable buzz as it toured the festival circuit.

Gravitas Ventures will be releasing the film on VOD on Tuesday, October 11th. The film’s synopsis follows the jump along with bios of Rose and the film’s leads – and the trailer.

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Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends

VOD Release Tuesday, October 11, 2016 

2016 Manhattan Film Fest Winner – Best Feature Romantic Drama

2016 Film Invasion L.A. (Closing Night Film)

2016 Chicago Comedy Film Festival

2016 Cinequest Film Fest

Group Shot Resized

“This is a sexy film that takes ‘friends with benefits’ motif to the next level.  It’s intimate…just a solid piece of work, with a great cast…Quincy Rose’s writing is light and clever.”  —  

Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Quincy Rose

Produced by Victor Warren

Director of Photography by Howard Wexler


Sarah & Jacob Resized


A post-modern romantic comedy about sex amongst friends, missed opportunities, unrequited love and how the grass always appears to be greener on the other side…Jacob, a freelance copy editor from Los Angeles, struggles to find love as he clings to the carefree, selfish ways of his youth.  With the help from his best friends, Steve and Laura, a couple who are going through their own troubles, Jacob is begrudgingly set up with Sarah, a writer in need of an editor, under the guise of work.  Jacob and Sarah hit it off immediately, however, when Jacob is invited over for a dinner, he meets Sarah’s wild and beautiful roommate, Camille, who’s about to move out of town.  Desperate to “get to know her” before she leaves his life forever, Jacob overplays his hand, once again stirring up the pot before the water has even been poured.  Steve is on a sexual warpath of his own, constantly over-sharing the details of his explicit, extracurricular activities with Jacob.  Like a devil on Jacob’s shoulder, Steve pontificates about his guilt-free ideologies and sexual proclivities, putting Jacob between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Laura, whom he is also a great friend with.  As things fall apart within personal relationships, one thing leads to another, snowballing out of control, and no one is safe. Recklessly blurring the lines of friendship and sex amongst friends, the conflict becomes Man versus Man as each Friend tries to find love within the group, all while internally battling their own egos to find happiness.

Steve & Jacob Resized


The Squid and the WhaleMargot at the WeddingHusbands and Wives were films that informed me as to what I was going to do with FEFEF.  My father Mickey Rose (co-writer Bananas, Take the Money and Run, What’s Up Tiger Lily) and Woody Allen have been my greatest influences with comedy, pacing and style.   Like they did, I, too, focus on themes I’m working through in life… I have been cheated on and I have been the cheater.  It is so easy as a human to justify a flawed decision or action, to write it off as…”well, she did this so I’m doing that.”  I’m curious as to what chords this can hit.  Might you find yourself shifting whom you are in favor of?  This is what interests me, as in life, nothing is one sided, and no one is perfect.



Quincy Rose is a New York-based, American filmmaker and actor, born and raised in Los Angeles. Son of the late, venerated, comedy writer, Mickey Rose, Quincy’s earliest memories include wandering the halls of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, where he was struck by the magic bug and knew he would make a career in entertainment and cinema. Some of his credits include: Melinda and Melinda, written and directed by Woody Allen; Accepted, directed by Steve Pink; and the upcoming Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins written and directed by Jonathan Keevil. Quincy starred in his own pilot, The Quincy Rose Show, which he co- created/wrote, working alongside Nicholas Brendon, Jack McGee and Lee Garlington. Quincy has also written, directed and acted in short films and the web series Untreated. IndieWIRE called Quincy’s debut feature film, Miles to Go, which he starred in, wrote and directed, “One of the 12 indie-films to watch on VOD in May 2015.” Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends is Quincy’s second feature film as writer/director. He is currently in Pre-Production on his next feature, The Narcissists, scheduled to begin shooting in New York City in Fall 2016.



Tyler Dawson is an actor and producer best known for his role in Bellflower, an American indie film that premiered at the 2011 Sundance film festival.  His current projects include Chuck Hank and the San Diego TwinsThe Forgotten Man as well as Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Tyler has been involved in film and theater since a young age.  He currently lives in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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An indie film darling, Leigh has had critically acclaimed performances in the award winning flicks City BabyA Big Love StoryEcho Lake, and The Badger Game, for which she won “Best Supporting Actress.” IndieWIRE writes, “Leigh seems to acknowledge her patterns and flaws, and knows how to use them to her advantage. Leigh does terrific work that suggests a major shift in her perspective.” Also a stage actress, director and playwright Leigh had a fantastic run of her hit play Pie at The Robert Moss Theater in New York City. For her sophomore play, Hooked, Leigh was awarded the honors of “Best Original Play” and “Best Actress” at this year’s Los Angeles Theater Festival. Leigh is currently residing in Los Angeles and working on her newest play.

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Graham Skipper is an actor, writer, and director most known for his work in the horror genre. Most recently he starred as Zack Connors in the telekinetic revenge thriller The Mind’s Eye (RLJ Entertainment, TIFF Midnight Madness 2015), directed by Joe Begos. Also with Begos, Graham played Seth Hampton in the critically acclaimed horror film, Almost Human (IFC Midnight, TIFF Midnight Madness 2013), and is also known for originating the role of Herbert West in Re-Animator The Musical, directed by genre legend Stuart Gordon and playing for over four years in Los Angeles, NYC, the UK, and Las Vegas. Other film roles include Carnage Park (Sundance Film Festival 2016, dir. Mickey Keating), Beyond The Gates (w/ Chase Williamson, Brea Grant, & Barbara Crampton), Tales of Halloween (dir. Neil Marshall, Darren Bousman, & Andrew Kasch/John Skipp), and Dementia (IFC Midnight, w/ Gene Jones). Graham has also wrapped production on his debut feature film as writer/director, Sequence Break. He lives in Los Angeles with his aerial acrobat wife Jordann and their dog Mufasa.