Recasting The Matrix, Divergent Adapation, Dracula, Black Panther in The Avengers 2, Preview Reviews for Elysium, The Way Way Back, and Rush

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Super fun episode this week, as the GeekScholars Movie News podcast asks its hosts to recast the iconic 1999 science-fiction hit, The Matrix. Hear the crew’s picks on who would they would choose to play Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity, should the film be made today (as well as Lauren’s pick of who recast it best).  Hit the jump for more on the show! 

As always, if you’re a fan of the Casting Challenge Competition segment, check out our friends over at, where you can play the game online!

In terms of headlines, the GeekScholars give lots of background on several news items, including the film adaptation of the young adult novel, Divergent, a new Dracula movie focusing on the vampire’s origins, and the rumors surrounding Black Panther’s appearance in The Avengers 2, and who might be playing him.

The show caps off with Preview Reviews where the hosts give their grades for and thoughts on the trailers for Elysium, The Way Way Back, and Rush.