RECAP: Once Upon a Time – White Out

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At the end of the season premiere we left Elsa in Gold’s shop clutching her sister Anna’s snowflake necklace vowing to stop at nothing to find her. We pick right up where we left off and Elsa with Elsa leaving the shop determined to find Anna and making damn sure nobody will leave Storybrooke until she does. We cut to a giant ice wall forming at the town line which subsequently takes out a powerline plunging the entire town into darkness.

Meanwhile, the gangs hanging out at Mary Margaret and David’s apartment discussing the happenings of yet another adventure and Henry the sweet kid that he has become is putting together a gift basket for him mom to help her get over Robin Hood. I love that he’s stepped up and is reading to be there for Regina but we all know it’s never that easy. Suddenly a black crow shows up at the window. Now call me crazy but aren’t they a symbol for something sinister? Sure enough, Snow opens the window to find the crow with a note attached to its leg for Henry. The note is from Regina asking him to give her some space but the poor kid doesn’t see it as Regina being heart broken and needing a little alone time, he sees it as him mom not wanting him anymore and this sends him into a serious funk. Poor kid.


Next we find Emma and Henry at the diner with a cup of hot chocolate as Emma is trying to reassure Henry that Regina does in fact want him but she needs some time to herself because she’s hurting from the loss of her relationship with Robin but also all the other crap that has happened to her throughout her life. It’s a lot to deal with and has nothing to do with him. Henry isn’t convinced and puts up his own walls just like both of his mother’s tend to do. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Yes, I said it. Deal with it. Henry doesn’t have much time to sit around and pout because suddenly the lights go out and Emma gets a call from David that its town wide and they need to get to the town line because of a giant wall of ice.

At the town line David and Emma stand in awe of the mountain high wall of ice sealing off the boarder of Storybrooke when Hook appears. David doesn’t seem too thrilled but Hook informs David that he heard the cry of a damsel in distress and came a runnin. Only Emma doesn’t seemed to thrilled either and assures Hook she didn’t cry out for help. Hook feels the need to pout about never having time to go on a real date and he should have brought a bucket and some champagne since they have so much ice this could be their second date. Emma is perplexed by his train of thought but he explains that the last day was the snow monster so this new crisis can be their second. Emma being non to thrilled suddenly spots something on the wall of ice and tells Hook to hold on to his ice bucket while she checks it out.

Back in the Enchanted Forest a long, long time ago…we find Anna approaching a modest farm house out in the country. Who should answer the door but none other than David sporting 80’s hairband long hair. It’s hilarious and I love it! An even bigger surprise is Anna was sent to find David because he and her fiancé Kristoff are old pals. Kistoff assured Anna that David was a good guy and would help her on her quest. Anna introduces herself as Joan (nice Frozen nod) to help protect David from her super secret mission but he isn’t buying it.


Before they can get too far into catching up David becomes alarmed by an approaching carriage sporting none other than Little Bo Peep. Aww you say? No. This ain’t no sweet girl who lost her sheep. This Bo Peep is a straight up gangsta! She arrives at the farm demanding paying from David and his mother, a payment they of course can never pay. David tries to resist but Bo Peep assures him that they have no way out of this and she stomps her giant staff to magically brand David, his mother and an unsuspecting Anna aka Joan. Bo Peep makes it perfectly clear that now they are all part of her flock and since she has branded them will find them no matter where they go so running is futile. This chick means business. Anna isn’t having it though. Once Bo Peep leaves she tries to convince David to stand up and fight and even teaches him how to wield a sword. He needs to stop being afraid and start living his life.

Back in Storybrooke current day, Emma enters the ice wall cave only to discover a defensive Elsa grasping Anna’s necklace threatening Emma to stay back. They make introductions and Emma is trying to figure out how to help Elsa. They have a moment sharing how wanky both their magic is and how Elsa needs Anna to help her control hers while Emma tries to warm her rapidly chilling body to no avail. Of course the cold doesn’t bother Elsa. It’s a cute exchange but then Hook and David come rushing in a like a couple of bulls in a china shop. Of course Elsa gets spooked and her uncontrollable powers take over encasing her and Emma in the ice wall. Emma hits her head on the ground and is getting dangerously cold. They are trapped and it’s only a matter of time before Emma turns into a human popsicle.


Meanwhile, Mary Margaret baby in toe is dragged off by Leroy, Granny and Happy to the power plant to try and fix the generator and get the power back up and running. Poor Mary Margaret is running on no sleep and having to listen to these three rattle on about who should help and how now Mary Margaret is running the show since she’s the one that cast the curse well she’s just about had enough. She FLIPS. HER. SHIT. Seriously, Mary Margaret loses it and it’s amazing! She tells the three that they are driving her crazy and the that Regina probably wasn’t really evil it was all of them and then she reminds them that they lived an entire life without any electricity back in the Enchanted Forest so maybe they need to shut the hell up and go buy a flash light. I loved it! It was hilarious and just one of the funniest moments on the show in a while.

Back to the town line outside the wall David and Hook are trying to find a way to break into the frozen cave with no success. Hook tries to use his hook to chip away at the ice but it’s ridiculous and David knows it wont do any good so they make their way to Gold’s shop for help. Where the hell’s Regina when you need her? Oh yeah, heartbroken and wanting everyone to leave her the hell alone. Right.

Of course Gold has no interest in helping but does provide a card with details and a photo that Belle catalogued of a necklace found in his shop. It’s Anna’s and David recognizes it. He and Hook head to Storybrookes butcher shop where low and behold there’s Bo Peep choppin up some lamb chops. They steal her staff and David let’s her know her days of ownership are over.


We are taken back to the Enchanted Forest where David decides to step up and stand up for what’s right and fight the evil warlord Bo Peep. Lol I’m sorry that is just to ridiculous for words but I digress. David succeeds in defeating Bo Peep and helps Anna on her way. Anna pries Rumpelstiltskin’s name out of David’s mother and is on her way.

After trying to decipher a manual in Japanese, Mary Margaret is close to calling it quits when a hungry baby Neal sparks an idea and she figures out there’s more than one way to turn the power back on.


Hook and David make their way back to the ice wall where Emma and Elsa are still trapped inside. Using Emma’s walkie talkie David reminds Elsa of encouraging words her sister used to say and Emma convinces Elsa to try and punch a hole through the ice. She does and as they exit Hook takes hold of a very cold Emma. It’s the first time we see Emma actually cling to Hook and seem like she means it. I still don’t get this relationship but it’s the first time Emma seems interested and actually happy to have Hook around.

They all meet back at the loft where Emma is wrapped in blankets and well Hook. Mary Margaret and baby Neal return to meet Elsa and David assures Elsa that he and his family will help her find Anna because that’s what his family does.


Hearing his grandfather’s speech about their family code lights a fire in Henry and he rushes over to Regina’s house. He knocks on the door with determination. When there is no answer he yell’s through the door telling Regina he knows that she’s in there and that will not go away. He will show up every day until she lets him in because he belongs there. This is his house too and his misses his room, damn it! Regina opens the door and simply says “Henry” and they embrace. It’s beautiful and poignant and for my money the best exchange of the entire episode. Lana Parrilla steals the entire show with one word.


Now for the final moments of the episode that will have fans coming in droves to see just how this fight is going to shake out. We enter the ice cream shop in town to find none other than Elizabeth Mitchell behind the ice cream case surving up a scoop to a customer who’s shocked that her ice cream wasn’t effected by the power outage. She let’s the customer know her store was unaffected and she just must be lucky. Once she’s alone this shop keeper let us see that she is in fact more than lucky…she has icey magic powers! SHE’S THE SNOW QUEEN!!!

Once Upon a Time Airs Sunday’s 8pm on ABC.