Rage Comics at Its Best: Checking Out the Latest and Famous Rage Comics


Any short comic that uses pre-made cartoon face or the rage face is known as the rage comic. Usually, this expresses rage or any simple activity. These have spread much way similar to the internet memes along with others that originated through this medium. These have been characterized as the standardized and accepted form of online communication. Famous rage comics were attributed to be mediums for humorizing shared experiences while others were used for teaching English as foreign language. Just check out some rage comics online and let down your funny side.

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Initially, the first rage comic was posted via 4chan/b/random board back in 2008. It already has a simple 4-panel strip presenting the anger of its author while at the toilet. This post was quickly modified and reposted with the other user making new characters and scenarios. Even though this was used with other websites like Cheezburger, Reddit, ESS.MX and 9 GAG, rage comic success was largely from 4chan. The notable site for rage comics is Ragestacge, which is also famous from Spartz Media sites and devoted to rage comics with over 1,900 pages as of January 2014.

Sample Rage Comics

This is a kind of rage comic drawn to display the real life scenarios in a simplistic and funny way. Rage comics first started back in 2008 and became popular in 2009. Several faces for real life situation emerged as forever alone, smile, and others. Check out some rage comics that became popular:

  • Obama, Not Bad. This is a drawing Barack Obama wearing the bowtie and suit while frowning. This drawing is based on the face Obama made in May 2011 while visiting the United Kingdom. This was created for resembling the frowning face of Obama in reaction to something that’s surprising at the Buckingham Palace whilst visiting the Queen of the United Kingdom.
  • Yao Ming, Bitch Please. This drawing came from the still shot of the playoff interview with Metta World Peace and Yao Ming also known as Ron Artest. During this time, both athletes played for the Houston Rockets and talks with the press. Artest cracks jokes, which not only made reporters laugh but also its impersonation, Yao.
  • Forever Alone. FunnyJunk user named Azuul first made the Forever Alone rage comic back in 2010. This stick figure displayed a large, defined, and bulging face expressing the emotion of sadness with tears streaming on the face. This is one of the most popular Rage comics published online.

Having the popularity of rage comics and the necessity of easier creation, various rage makers were developed. The famous creators are Dan Awesome’s ragemaker and Memebase Ragebuilder. People who loved rage comics saw how special these were since the expressions are meant for showing universal emotions of different degrees under a wide variety of situations.