Pivot Premieres Oscar®-Winning Documentary The Cove!

Pivot - The Cove

This weekend, Pivot will be premiering the Oscar®-winning documentary The Cove, which exposes how the Japanese slaughter 20,000 porpoises a year.

As part of the premiere, Pivot offers viewers an opportunity to help end the slaughter – a link to a petition for that purpose follows the jump.

The Cove premieres on Pivot on Sunday, March 1st (8/7C).


Be A Part Of Ending The Slaughter – Sign The Petition At Https://Takeaction.Takepart.Com/Actions/Cove-Help-Save-Japans-Dolphins

This Sunday, March 1st at 8:00pm ET, The Cove will make its television premiere on Participant Media’s television network, Pivot. Ric O’Barry’s Academy Award® winning documentary exposes the slaughter of more than 20,000 dolphins off the coast of Japan occurring each year. The film follows O’Barry and his team of activists as they uncover the environmental crimes that are happening in Taiji, Japan and explore the impact it is making worldwide.

As part of Participant’s mission to create and air entertainment that inspires change, its affiliated website, TakePart.com, is working with O’Barry’s “Dolphin Project” to end the slaughter.  The “Dolphin Project” focuses on ending dolphin exploitation and killings once and for all. The “Dolphin Project” petition needs to receive 1 million signatures to help end dolphin violence in Taiji, Japan. It has reached 87% of its goal but need your help to reach the 1 millionThen, this spring, the petition will be delivered to President Obama, Vice President Biden, the Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. and the Prime Minister and Minister of Health in Japan. Click here to sign.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday, March 1st at 8:00pm ET to see The Cove only on Pivot.