The Believer

The Believer is comming to our area July 14th (I think). I had a chance to catch this movie at last year’s Virginia Film Festival. I urge everyone to see this movie. This is the kind of film that inspires other people to get into filmmaking. To start it’s a truely independant film. Bean used money he made from other scripts to finance this picture. It’s also a film that makes you think. You cannot watch this film without immediately getting into a discussion afterwards with complete strangers. It’s main focus is religion and how it can affect people. Great performances and an intelligent story. It’s the kind of movie that makes up for crap like Life as a House, The Majestic, Titanic, etc. See it if for no other reason than to support independant film.


I was going to reread what i have written of the story i started around the start of the year, and then start reposting it/finishing it. The problem is is that i do not remember the title. I can alway give it a new title, but if you remember the old one let me know….


I bet you all thought that you had fianlly got rid of me, but i have come back to haunt you once again. I do not know how long i will be able to hang around for. School gets out the 30 of May, but on the 15 of June i leave for a two week trip to Europe. To say the least, i will not be around much in June, but i promise to haunt you nevertheless. Maybe, if i can find it, I will finish that fanfiction I started at Christmas. It’s been so long that i can not even remeber it. I’ll have to do some searching. Well that’s all for now…

This is Awful!!!!!

[size=medium][color=0000FF][font=Impact]You guys this is awful!!!! I can’t believe this is really happening![/font][/color][/size]

I was sent an email and it said that there is a store in NY that sells Bonzai Kittens. It is supposedly an art work where people mold their pets into whatever shape they want. But these kittens must be in a container shaped in a form for months and they eat and do their necesesities through tubes. They actually glue their anus shut and place a tube somewhere else and their body reacts and actually forms around the tube. But they are stuck in that bottle for months! Just so that their pets can look like a certain shape! They feed them fluids that make their bones flexible and they give them drugs to place them inside. To take them out after they use suction cups! This is terrible and I can not believe people would do such a horrible gross thing! This must be stopped!

Don’t believe me here is the url:

[url=]Bosai Kittens[/url]

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Hollywood’s most effective detective thrillers skillfully blur the already thin line between cop and crook. Such is the case in “Insomnia,” a delicately paced cat and mouse game that might be described as conventional only when you consider its decidedly unconventional director, Christopher Nolan.

Nolan earned recognition last year by helming the breakout smash, “Memento,” a much-deserved critical darling that topped several end-of-year “Best Of” list and had cinephiles drooling at the thought of a follow up. Proving his unpredictability, Nolan chose to remake a Norwegian cult fave of the same name with a trio of Academy Award winners and one eye-opening gimmick. Where Nolan’s “Memento” distanced itself from the pack by manipulating the element of time, “Insomnia” plays with the time of day, setting up shop in the Stephen King-inspired town of Nightmute, AK. The sun shines as brightly in Nightmute at noon as it does at 10:00 p.m., a fact that continuously confounds visiting Detective Will Dormer (Al Pacino). An L.A. investigator assisting an old friend, Dormer and his partner, Hap Eckhart (Martin Donovan), are probing the unfortunate murder of a high school student while dodging an internal affairs investigation of which the details are gradually revealed.Ever the “Method Actor,“ Pacino looks exhausted from the first frame. The veteran portrays Dormer in the “detective as professor” mold, gently lecturing eager pupil Ellie Burr (Hilary Swank) as he paces the necessary steps of the investigation. Without warning, Dormer is given the opportunity to eliminate one nagging problem, but his actions cloud his conscious. He begins to steer two investigations simultaneously – one to flush out the young girl’s killer, and one to plug up holes in a potential case that could be built against him by internal affairs. In a clever turn of events, the object of Dormer’s pursuit, suspicious novelist Walter Finch (Robin Williams), becomes an unlikely ally as well as a loose end the guilty detective needs to tie up to preserve his own innocence. Like Dormer’s fluid alibi, the “Insomnia” screenplay does have tiny holes, which the talented cast quickly moves to sop up. Ellie, who shadowed Dormer’s tactics so closely from the minute he touched down in her small town, implausibly allows the detective to roam unsupervised for several days, allowing Dormer to slip deeper and deeper into Finch’s web. And by the end, “Insomnia” backs itself into a corner and must rely on conventional tactics to reach a satisfactory conclusion.Still, Nolan unloads enough tricks in the film’s opening two-thirds to visually disorient audience members. His camera plunges through dark caves and thick fogs (during one chase scene, in particular), and sounds rebound from unexpected directions to keep Dormer (and us) guessing. A subdued Williams builds tension by hovering, and the screenplay wisely crafts him not as a deranged psychopath, but as a rational victim of passion. It’s a tribute to his often suspect acting skills that he not only gets a delicious, well-penned interaction with Dormer – one which accurately switches the roles of cat and mouse – but that he fulfills what’s expected of this character so adroitly. argumentative essay does money buy happiness torture essay examples project manager healthcare resume custom research paper doctorate distance dissertation writing a formal research paper beowulf thesis watch bboy thesis massive monkees go to site mrs mills solves all your problemsВ viagra precription online go site watch follow successful dissertations and theses harvard phd thesis repository sample resume for the post of lecturer in commerce thesis format significance of the study see url usa essay topics follow site academic poster download viva viagra band levitra online overnight delivery writing websites for students essay on computer in sanskrit language essay na temu books in our life viagra highland lakes Grade: B+By Sean O’ConnellMay 24, 2002

Matrix Trailer

I assume that before Episode two for you all there was a Matrix trailer. What did you guys think? I was a little upset by how short it was, but can not wait for the movies to come out next summer.

P.S. that staircase scene looked awesome!!!!!!!

Vanilla Sky

Ok, I just checked out Vanilla Sky on HV and I didn’t think it was nearly as bad as everyone said it was. It was a little confusing and about 30 – 40 minutes too long. If I saw it in a theater I definitely would have been right there with all the bashers, as it took me a three days to actually watch it. I could only take it in small doses.

Penelope Cruz is a WRETCHED actress. This is the first thing I’ve seen her in, and I hope the last. She’s horrid. Everytime she was on camera, I had to stop the tape for a few hrs. Cameron Diaz was ok, she didn’t annoy me as much as she usually does. I thought Tom Cruise and Jason Lee were really good. But really Jeff Bridges was the stand out. Loved the music.


This movie was not all that! It was pretty generic and corny. I wasn’t impressed with J. Lo’s attempts at trying to act the victim. I didn’t buy the sleazy husband’s sleaziness either. All in all, it was a mediocre movie at best. Wait for the DVD….you’ll probably catch a J. Lo video.

Message counting


Are you aware that the message counts for the forums are off by one? As in if someone posts after me in this topic it will say that there is only one message when there are really two.

Sounds like the counter is zero based 🙂

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