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Hey guys remember that long time ago I talked about loosing weight well I have lost only like 10 so far but I need to loose more. So I have decided that maybe I would give the ATkins’ diet a try. What do you guys think? Is it any good? 😕

“”My Big Fat Greek Wedding”” – Nia Vardalos and John Corbett Interview

[img align=left]/images/features/john_nia.jpg[/img]””My Big Fat Greek Wedding”” is the story of Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos), a 30-year-old single Greek woman whose family raised her to believe that her sole purpose in life is to marry a Greek man, have Greek children, and to feed everyone until the day she dies. Since Greek Wedding is the surprise sleeper of hit of the summer, I thought we’d re-run this interview that we did with the folks behind this cult hit.

Things change when Toula meets Ian Miller (John Corbett), a high school teacher, in her family

On the Day We First Met, Prologue – Epilogue

[i][b][size=medium][color=003399][font=Arial]The Epilogue is now up!![/font][/color][/size][/b][/i]

On the Day We First Met

An EA Alternative


Horse and rider were one in the wind. The boy could feel it in his face as he spurred the stallion on. This was the first time he ever disobeyed his parents and took the horse out at night.

He was still considered a boy, even if he had watched eighteen summers come and go. His father always referred to him as that boy who had been too independent, the boy who had so much and was giving it all up. These were the slowest years of his life. He was bored living in that big, drafty castle where everything was rigid, everything was controlled. He was tired of it. He wanted to be like any other boy his age. He wanted to have fun. The last thing in the world he wanted was to be a prince.

He hadn’t thought about where he would go at two thirty in the morning. He shook his head and smiled. He shouldn’t even be out at night like this, but he couldn’t wait until the morning. All he thought about was that he had to get out.

He hadn’t even realized where he was or how far he had gone. The night charades were over. Maybe he should turn around. He could probably make it back to the castle by the first light of dawn. He turned the horse around and made his way back.

He caught sight of a chipmunk that ran quickly across road. Suddenly the horse reared and he was thrown backwards, hitting his head on the rock, knocking him out. The horse, freed of its burden, stood on his hind legs, whinnied and galloped off in the opposite direction toward its freedom.

The boy lay on the ground unconscious, not moving a muscle.

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Posters! Come out, Come out Wherever You Are!

Its pretty depressing that when I check eclipse magazine, there are often no new posts. There are a lot of members, but none of them are posting!

This post is a call to those who don’t post. PLEASE reply to this post and say hi, tell us about yourself. I am getting tired of having political arguments with Ronin.

Take this oppurtunity to contribute to the site. If you are already an active member, then congratulations! Post and say hi and explain why you enjoy posting.

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Fate of a Baby/Labyrinth New Chapters!!!!!

Repost sorry but I have to for those who haven’t read it from the beginning plus a fixed some errors on it.

Fate of a Baby by Hellen Gavarrete

Summary: Prologue on how Jareth became King.
Rating: As of now I believe rated PG
Title: Fate of a Baby
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters owned by Jim Henson. Etc. The rest of the characters are mine.

Chapter One

The morning sky shown with a bright light this Underground morning and King Desmond and Queen Sorcha were looking at their first son who was sleeping soundly in his mother’s arms.

The Queen still tired from her hard labor only kissed her son on the forehead and looked proudly at her husband whom was overlooking at both of them standing like a proud peacock. He was proud of having produced a male as his first offspring and could not wait to teach him the tricks of the trade of being King.

“His name shall be Jareth as it is a perfect name for such a little baby with a big future!” King Desmond smiled and took his baby from his mother’s warm cuddly arms and lifted him onto the sky.

“Don’t do that he is just a new born, “Queen Sorcha said nervously wanting her son to be back safe in her arms.

After all she had been anticipating his arrival for nine months and finally he was here. She already loved her son with all her heart and soul and could not wait to teach him her love and wisdom and kindness.

“Leave him be, give him to me sire before he leaves his mark on your royal shirt and you will smell of spoiled milk!” She knew this would surely make him stop shaking him like that.

He made a face of utter horror and handed him to her. “Ah, here, I have a hearing with King Malin to see if he finally wishes to give his kingdom over to me or suffer the consequences of war. After all being King of the Northern Underground is not being King at all with the Southern half belonging to that little Goblin they call ruler. He is not half the fae I am and I would certainly rule far better over his kingdom! Besides what I wouldn’t give to discover the magic behind that Labyrinth of his; that Labyrinth is astonishing almost a world of it’s own.”

Queen Sorcha only frowned at her husband’s ideas and held her baby tight at the thought of a war and him having to one day be ruler of that Labyrinth! Everyone knew how chaotic and strange that place was; were all things normal only become something mystical. Strong Magic lived in that Labyrinth and she did not like the idea of human children being turned into goblins if caught by a goblin.

“Oh really Desmond is there such a need for all that! Jareth was just born yesterday and you are already talking of war and taking over another kingdom. As if you haven’t already enough!”

King Desmond looked at her in disgust and smacked his lips,

“Well what do you know? You are after all my wife because your father did not have the guts to defend his Western Kingdom and your uncle didn’t either by defending his Eastern side! You come from a family of cowards my dear and so what would you know of such things! The only good thing you are good at is bearing my children and walking in my arms like a trophy to show off. Only your beauty should be spoken of not of your thoughts. ”

Queen Sorcha held in her tears and wished she was not in this terrible position but he was right after all. Why did her father make her marry such a fae instead of trying to defend his kingdom and let his daughter marry for love.

“And don’t think that you are going to stay in that state, I have already ordered the servants to feed you only vegetables, fruits and soups. After all I can’t have you walking around like that all fat and ugly. I will not have it! And further more I shall only give you three weeks of rest from MY needs and only because the physician said it would take you 40 days to recover from Jareth’s birth but I can not and will not wait 40 days so I have decided that three weeks is sufficient!”

He finished fixing himself up while looking into the mirror,” I shall be staying in another room for the time being and make sure that you take care of MY son right or I shall have to find someone who will take better care of him for me!”

Queen Sorcha sat in silence and could only wonder what kind of future lay ahead for her son with such a father. She kissed Jareth lightly on the forehead and waited until the King left the room when she let out her tears and cried frantically.
“Oh Jareth if only I could offer you a better fate than this. I would not like to have to see you grow up to be just like your father. If you are to marry one day may it be for love and not political interest or for lust. No I shall teach you different my son. While your father teaches you to be ruthless and angry and cunning like he is, I shall teach you how to love and respect and how to remember that women are equals and not to be treated like property.”

The little baby only lay asleep not even aware of what was going on around him or what fate was he to live. But his mother would see to his richness in emotions while his father would try to leave him a legacy for all to remember.

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