More Dirty Dancing Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Diary, June 29

Wedding day!!!!

St. Patrick’s was decorated to the hilt. There were garlands of green everywhere, on the railings outside the church, on the pews inside, lining the wall and the altar. I had never seen anything like it. Flowers were everywhere. No expense had been spared.

Two bridesmaids were old friends and colleagues from Kellerman’s, one was Louise, a dancer from the current show and then there was me. Penny’s sister, Sharon, was the Maid of Honor. Her niece was the flower girl and her nephew, the ring bearer. They were four-year-old blond haired twins and they were the cutest little darlings I had ever seen.

There were three priests on hand and Cardinal O’Hara was waiting impatiently at the altar with Philip.

Johnny would give Penny away, then perform his duties as an usher.

Penny looked radiant as she glided down the aisle in her white empire waste gown with the longest train that I had ever seen.

The mass was over an hour, but it was worth it every second.

The reception was at 6:00 at the St. James Theatre in one of the private reception rooms used for guests. It would be directly after the Sunday matinee.

Rochelle and I had some time to kill, so we decided to go to Radio City Music Hall to see a movie and a show.

We went to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building, then the 86th Observatory and stopped into the Central Park Zoo before heading back to the theatre.

The reception was amazing. Everyone was there, including my parents and my sister and her husband. Daddy and Johnny spoke to each other as if they were old friends. At one point, my father put his arm around Johnny’s shoulders. I smiled remembering back to 1963 when Johnny and I were standing on a hill watching my father walk out of the main house of Kellerman’s with his arms around Robbie Gould and Lisa.

Well, Johnny’s wish came true. Daddy finally put his arm around Johnny and was giving him his advice. It made me feel good to watch this happen.

Johnny and Penny did some dancing as did the two of us.

I forgot to mention Camille. She was hanging all over Johnny and wouldn’t leave him alone.

We didn’t stay late, my parents drove us back to Great Neck that night. It was such a beautiful wedding that I have included the invitation and the rose from the favor. I will remember this day always.

More Dirty Dancing Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6

The Diary, June 27

The whiney voice belonged to Camille Peterson, the daughter of the Broadway director Joel Peterson, who has done numerous plays on the stage. He is directing his first film as I write this and it is so far untitled.

Camille was given a small part in the show, mostly because of who she was. Not that she had any talent, far from it. Johnny seems to think that she wanted to join the cast to get involved with him.

They had gone on a few dates together, but nothing developed. In fact, she was seeing other dancers as well. Johnny considered Camille as an acquaintance and that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. Maybe she wanted more, but he could care less. Or at least that was what he told me.

Johnny and I had been meeting ever since that night in Penny’s dressing room. Yes, we did all go out for burgers and I mean all, Camille, of course, tagged along, but Johnny paid little or no attention to her.

He managed to find Rochelle and I small jobs working behind the scenes at the show. We were mainly go-fors and we weren’t paid much, but at least it was something to do for the summer.

And I got close to Johnny.

I didn’t discuss my fiancé with him, though. I didn’t think I was ready. Besides, Paul Silver and I weren’t officially engaged yet. Not that he didn’t want to or hadn’t asked me over and over. For some reason, I just kept putting him off.

Paul was Rochelle’s older brother, though they hardly looked alike. He was twenty-three, just about Johnny’s age. Paul had just graduated University of Maryland with a Liberal Arts degree. This way, he said, he could do just about anything and wait for me to finish Mount Holyoke.

He was taking an summer course in mathematics and accounting that would give him a certificate in Certified Public Accounting. He was going to work for a prestigious firm in the fall. He was excellent in math and wanted to be a mathematician all his life. This would give him the chance to be one. Once he was established, he said, after we were married, he would open up his own firm. His clients would be his and his alone and he knew he would be successful.

Paul Silver was very ambitious and a credit to any woman. I just wasn’t sure if I was the right one.

Well, I must stop writing now and get ready for the rehearsal. It is nearing three thirty.

Chapter 7

The Diary, June 27

So this is St. Pat’s. Built in 1858 by architect James Renwick, it stands tall and proud in the middle of New York. It is opposite Radio City Music Hall, another great landmark. Gothic architecture combined with Renaissance. According to the pamphlet I picked up, it seats 2,200 people. The exterior length is about 10 ft and the width is 274 feet. The spires on either side rise 330 feet from street level.

I have included the pamphlet and invitation to the wedding in this diary for safekeeping.

Johnny and I were miraculously paired up together. Penny looked absolutely radiant with Philip as she walked down the center aisle. I had to keep reminding myself it was only rehearsal.

Of course, Camille tagged after Johnny. She just stood there watching him all night; Rochelle couldn’t get two words out of her.

After we all went to Little Italy at a restaurant called Vincent’s. They had great food and pizza. Penny had heard a little about Robbie Gould from a friend of hers. He had finished medical school at Yale and was now interning at one of the hospitals in Connecticut. He was in a lot of trouble already as he was caught fooling around with most of the nurses.

Rochelle asked the obvious question, who would use that jerk for a doctor?

Penny laughed, but I knew it hurt. Penny had become pregnant by him and had to go through a horrible abortion. She still talks about how grateful she is to my father for saving her life.

We all shared different memories in our life, and despite Camille’s presence, Johnny put his arm around me. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Johnny talked about his early dancing days with Penny. Seems that they had been a couple, but it hadn’t worked out, so they had become close friends.

Philip talked about his rise to Broadway producer and how he and Penny met.

We talked until two in the morning. Penny was willing to put us up in her apartment and the two of us stayed there. I called my parents in the morning and promised to go home straight from work.

I am getting excited. I can’t wait until the beautiful wedding two days from now.

More Dirty Dancing – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Diary, June 27, 1966

Penny’s wedding is in three days and the rehearsal is tonight. The gowns have all arrived and I picked mine up today.

The rehearsal is at five followed by a small dinner.

I was a last minute replacement, one of the bridesmaids became ill. History seemed to be repeating itself more and more.

I feel as if I am at Kellerman’s all over again.

The show, by the way, was fantastic. I think I have included a detailed description, but I don’t believe I have said how I actually felt.

We did see Johnny after the show. At first he didn’t recognize me. He hadn’t changed at all.

“Baby?� he questioned, narrowing his eyes. “Frances Houseman?�

“At your service,� I said, smiling, trying not to cry, but my voice caught in my throat and I could hardly say a thing.

“How are you, Johnny?� I began, but I never finished the sentence. He ran to me, tears in eyes, embraced me and wouldn’t let me go.

“Baby,� he whispered, in my ear. “I missed you.�

“I did too, Johnny,� I answered, a little surprised at how I felt.

“Let me look at you.� He released me and gently pushed me away to get a good look at my face. He smiled. “You have grown, haven’t you? How old are you now, Baby?�

“Older than I was at Kellerman’s. I was sixteen then. I am nineteen, going on twenty.�

“You are beautiful, Frances Houseman,� he whispered touching my face. He ran his fingers through my hair.

“Not as beautiful as you, Johnny Castle. You haven’t changed a bit.�

We started to talk and I introduced Rochelle around.

“Well then,� Penny said, “now that we are all here, let’s go out for a burger and a some Cokes and talk over some old times.�

“Sounds good,� Johnny said, “just let me get dressed and…�

“Johnny, you can’t do that,� a female voice whined from the back of the room. “Don’t you remember? You promised to take me for a burger and a vanilla Coke “

More Dirty Dancing – The Reunion Chapter 4

will try to have the truth about everything up tomorrow, i can hardly keep my eyes open anymore..please enjoy this in the meantime…

Chapter 4
Summer, June 2000

Francine Silver put down the diary and breathed a sigh of relief. She had remembered right, Johnny had been the choreographer. She had remembered her mother telling her that he had become a big Broadway star. And this wasn’t the first show that he had worked on either.

He had gotten his big break when he had joined the cast of an off-Broadway production as one of the dancers in the chorus line. The choreographer wanted something original. He had been at Kellerman’s the night of the show and saw what Johnny could do. Besides, he was the best dancer in the entire chorus line. He had spoken to the director who was familiar with Johnny’s work and had talked to his agent. He came highly recommended and Johnny became an assistant choreographer, at first helping out with the dances, changing them slightly and adding improving on the steps.

The added material helped to turn the show around and it became Broadway’s biggest hit. A year later, Johnny was then offered the job as choreographer at this show, “Dancing Feet, which had sold out performances every single night. Johnny Castle became an overnight sensation.

Francine smiled and shook her head. She loved Johnny almost as much as her mother did. He was a warm, loving person and willing to help anyone. It was from inspiration that she began to take ballet lessons, eventually, becoming a ballet teacher.

She had gotten the idea for the tribute about a year ago when she overheard her parents talking about that night at Kellerman’s. Their anniversary was coming up and she wanted to give them something special, a surprise that they would never forget. She wanted to use Kellerman’s as the place for the reunion, but she had heard that it closed down almost twenty-one years ago, now. She had heard that the place had been bought, renovated and had just reopened last year, but she was not sure. She had contacted a real estate agent that she knew and found that Kellerman’s had indeed reopened and she booked it right away

She trained her best students for the show and rehearsed them until she dropped.

And then she found this diary.

Now she could hardly wait until she got up there. There was so much she had to check up on and refine. She closed the diary and was about to put it back when she noticed something sticking out of it. She opened it to the page and began to read.

More Dirty Dancing Chapter 3

Chapter 4
The Diary June 4

Well, here we are on the Great White Way. Rochelle and I are standing in front of the St. James Theatre where the show “Dancing Feet� is playing. We were looking for Penny’s name on the poster out front, but it wasn’t there. She was only a part of the chorus.

What we did see was the name of the choreographer. It stood out like a sore thumb in large black letters so that the all of New York could see.

“Johnny Castle,� Rochelle read off the poster. She looked at my face to catch my reaction.

“Johnny Castle,� I repeated stupidly. I felt as if I was back at Kellerman’s, the day after Penny’s abortion. He walked away from me that day and I thought I would lose him and never see him again, so I called his name hoping he would stop and turn around.

And he did.

At that moment, a feeling of excitement swept over me, one that I have never felt before and haven’t felt since.
And now, here it was again. That same feeling, just from looking at his name on a poster.

Rochelle looked at me. “Frannie?� she called, “Frannie?� She waved a hand in front of my face. “Are you alright?�

I turned back to look at her. “Of course, Shel, I’m fine.�

The show was about to start so we headed for the entrance doors.

“Wow,� she said, looking at me as we walked in, “the two of you must have hit it off immediately. I mean, you don’t look at my brother that way and he is your fiancé.

I smiled. “I love him nevertheless,� I said, feeling a little guilty. I never realized how much I still became excited as the mere mention of Johnny’s name. Suddenly I was anxious to see if I could catch a glimpse of him and see if he remembered me.

We hurried to our seats in the orchestra, eight rows from the front. These were expensive tickets, eight dollars each. I was hoping that they would be worth it.

Penny had secured backstage passes for us. Maybe Johnny would be there; I was so hoping that he would be and that he would recognize me. But I would have to wait and see.

More Dirty Dancing Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Diary, June 3

Here I sit outside on my parents’ patio furniture, staring up at the stars. The overhead light above the door shines above me as I write this.

The trip from Massachusetts to Great Neck only took three and half hours, but it seemed like forever. But we managed to make it and in record time. Rochelle is a perfect driver.

My parents, Jake and Marge Houseman, were waiting as we made it up the driveway. The garage doors opened by remote control and we pulled right in. We hugged and kissed and my father took the bags inside the house. There is a door in the garage that you can walk through to the house.

I am unable to fall asleep, different surroundings and all. You would think that I would be comfortable because it is my parent’s house. I have been out of here for so long and it feels a little awkward. I hope that by the middle of the summer I would be used to it by now. It has been three years after all.

After meeting Rochelle, we talked for a while to my father and mother. Lisa is pregnant for the second time. She married her instructor in interior decorating, Harold Miller. The first baby showed up exactly nine months to the day that they had gotten married. The first was a boy was named Jason, for Jason and the Argonauts.

It was all very suspicious, Mom kept saying. She knew she was pregnant, probably before the wedding and the baby did not look anything like her or her husband.

But Lisa was lucky. She had her own interior decorating shop, which turned out to be very successful. Her small storefront is quite busy, as I have been told. We will get the grand tour tomorrow until the show starts.

Well, must try to get some sleep. We will be traveling into the city tomorrow to see Penny in her new show. This should be interesting.

Broadway, here I come!

More Dirty Dancing Chapter 1

Chapter 1
The Diary, May 1966

I cannot believe that I have completed my third year at Mount Holyoke. The premed course that I am taking at the moment will end next year and I will transfer to Columbia University in New York. I already have spent two summers with the Peace Corps and would have this year, except that Penny Johnson is getting married at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral and I am invited to the wedding. She is marrying one of the producers of show she’s in. It’s not a big part, just a dancer in the chorus line, but it’s something. His name is Philip Bowman. Big name in the business, so I am told.

So I will be spending the summer with my family at their home in Great Neck, New York. I am excited to see them. I have been living on my own for almost three years now and will look forward to visiting with them. My roommate and best friend, Rochelle Silver is coming with me.

It really reminds me of the last night we all spent together at Kellerman’s, the one night after the close of the season.

My sister, Lisa and I stayed to help clean up after the show while my father and mother made plans to return the next year.

I’ll never forget that summer. It was the summer that I lost my innocence, the summer of Kellerman’s and Johnny Castle. We had lost touch over the years with me going to college and the Peace Corps. Johnny was headed for New York, with Penny at his side. After the last show of the season, Mr. Kellerman had apologized to Johnny and asked him to come back next season, but the answer Johnny had given him was no. Two talent scouts had been in the audience and had approached Johnny with a deal. They had been watching that last dance on stage and his partner, but I had said that I wasn’t Johnny’s partner at all. That’s when I identified Penny as his partner.

But they already approached Penny and she had already told them that she would.

You know, I hadn’t thought about it until now. What happens if I run into Johnny at Penny’s wedding? Of course he’ll be there. The two of them are very close to one another.

I think I’ll worry about that when the time comes. Now I must start to pack because we will be leaving soon. Can’t wait to see New York again after three years.

The Truth about Everything Chaps 11 & 12

Chapter 11

“Well,� Nicole said, after hearing the bells chime twelve times, “they should have been here an hour ago.�

“I realize that,� Marie said, standing up. They had arrived early, an hour early to be exact, and had been no one, not a single soul. Not even a messenger or courier to let them know where the men were,

“This is ridiculous,� Nicole said, frowning. “Where could they be?� She was looking forward to seeing Auguste again since last night to tell him the truth about all this, but it seemed that the two hadn’t come after all.

“Maybe we should stand and wait for them, Nicole.� Marie said, turning to face her friend who was still sitting.

“Oh, but why stand? So they can see us clearer. I am sure we’d be fine. Besides, I am famished.�

Marie nodded and sat back down. Nicole was right, she had just been wasting her time.

“Well, then, we should eat a little something. Those pastries sound wonderful.�


Auguste and Francis never made it, not on time anyway. They sat watching them under the brush of a big old oak tree.

“Well, Your Highness, what next?� August said, frowning. “What kind of crap is this? If we don’t do it now, we never will.�

“Then be my guest, Captain de Barbarac.� He looked at Marie, then back at Auguste. “I just can’t do it right at this moment.� Francis turned back to her as the two of them finished a pastry. “Do you think that I could ever love this woman?�

“Well, there is only one way to find out, isn’t there? Try Francis, don’t be afraid. If it is meant to be, it will be.�

Francis was still looking at Marie. The two of them were talking and laughing now. “It will be anyway, Auguste,� he said, “no matter if it was meant to be or not.� He looked at Auguste now. “Besides, what do I say to her?�

“Those words will come, my old friend, never fear.� Auguste smiled and clapped him on the back. “No go, I have business to conduct elsewhere,� he said, looking at Nicole.

He stood up, dusted himself off and walked out a little way, just far enough away so Nicole couldn’t see him, but he could keep his eyes on her.

Yes, he thought, the deception was over. It was time to straighten everything else out. He turned a little and looked toward the tree. Francis was still sitting there, his eyes still on Marie. Well, he thought, turning back to Nicole. He didn’t care what Francis did. He was going to go out there and tell Nicole the truth, even if it killed him.

Chapter 12

Nicole and Marie were giggling so loud that they did not hear or see anyone. They weren’t really expecting anyone to show up and they were surprised when someone did.

“Hello ladies,� he said, walking out of the woods, “I hope that I am not imposing in any way.�

Nicole stood up, obviously in a daze. Marie was trying to get her to sit down. “No, of course not, Captain, not at all.�

“Aren’t we missing someone?� Marie chimed in. She stood up as well.

But Nicole and Auguste were not listening, they were busy staring at each other.

“Well,� Marie said, “I guess this is it, isn’t it?� She waited for an answer, but she never got one.

“Well, then, I think I’ll just walk out a little ways and see what I can see.�

Well, the game was up, they obviously knew the truth, Marie thought as she made her way into the woods. So then, pray, why did she get so angry about this deception. It was over, all of it. Or so she thought.

She turned to watch the two of them, still staring at one another. She backed up into the oak tree, tripped on what she thought was a branch and fell.

Right into Francis’ lap.

“Hello,� he said, looking in her eyes when she picked her head up.

Marie, who was too startled for words, scrambled upwards. She stared at him, then backed away.

“Hello,� she said, swallowing hard not knowing what to do next.

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The Truth about Everything Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The next morning, an invitation arrived by royal courier requesting the ladies’ presence at a small picnic on the banks of the river. Louise, Nicole’s servant, prepared some lovely pastries for the women to bring with them. They were to the gentlemen there at the stroke of eleven.

“You should explain to them who you really are,� Louise said. “It’s not like you to disguise yourself in this way.�

“This was not my idea,� Nicole said, shaking her head. “This was Marie’s.

Louise shook her head. “I don’t care whose idea this was, Nicole. It is very dangerous to pose as the King’s betrothed. This is a grand time to explain it to Marie before it is too late.�

“What about Auguste?� she asked. “Do you really love him?�

“Of course I do, Louise. He means everything to me. I do not want to run the risk of losing him.�

“Then tell him the truth and let him hear it from you.� She heard the chapel bells from the castle ring out ten times.

“Now go, child, it will take you twenty minutes to walk there.�

We’ll be alright, Louise,� she said kissing her cheek. “All will be well, do not fret so.�

Louise nodded and smacked her behind. “Go child, and don’t forget what I told you.�


“The two of them will be waiting,� Auguste said, bringing the reply into the library.

“Do you think we should let on that we know who they are?�

Francis thought a moment. “No, let’s not. I couldn’t bring myself to do it last night.�

“And I couldn’t either,� Auguste answered. “Francis, I hope I am not in love with your intended.�

“I don’t believe you are, monsieur,� he smiled and clapped him on the back. The bells chimed ten.

“Come along, there is work to be done.�

The Truth about Everything Chapter 9

Chapter 9

They stood staring at each other, no one saying anything and no one moving a muscle.

Somehow, they were moving closer and that somehow their lips met. They began to kiss.

Nicole pulled away and backed up.

“Marie?� Auguste asked, a little concerned. “Are you sure you’re alright?�

“I am fine, Captain,� she said, a little angrily. She turned away from him.

“You know that I love you, Marie.� Auguste said, walking up to her. “From the first second I saw you standing in the garden this morning with the future…�

He stopped when he saw Nicole looking at him. She ignored his slip, this time. “This has to stop, Auguste,� she said, “I cannot possibly marry you when I am engaged to another.�

Auguste looked at her. “That’s true, you know. Not in broad daylight, anyway, and I still have my reputation to uphold.�

Nicole looked at him, she was falling in love with him as well. She didn’t think that it was possible, he wasn’t anyone that she had ever dreamed of marrying. Besides, didn’t her parents have her betrothed to someone as well? They had told her, but for the life of her she couldn’t remember.


She wasn’t giving him up, she couldn’t stop seeing him just like that. She moved closer toward him.

“We could still see each other at night,� she said, moving closer still. “Just until I make up my mind how to..�

But his lips stopped her. She pulled away again.

“Did you hear what I said?�

“Yes,� he whispered and pulled her into his arms. “If you want to meet at night, I will. Anything to avoid a confrontation with the future King of France.�

He pulled her closer and kissed her for the third time.

She didn’t pull away. Not this time.

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