A father’s Choice part 25

Part 25

Danielle’s face lit up. “This precious little thing is yours? She is absolutely adorable. You should have told me. I would have come home to help you.”

“I could not very well expected you to leave your new life just because I was pregnant. I was able to get along just fine. Charles was always there for me. It actually became to be a bit of a game for me. He felt so bad that I was going through all this discomfort that I was able to get him do almost anything for me. He finally refused me something when I told him that I wanted to have my baby in Japan.”

Danielle let out a slight laugh. “I only hope that one day I will marry a man who will love me as much as Charles loves you.”

“You will find someone. What about the son of the count, I believe that his name is Antoine? Last I remembered you two were progressing nicely.”

“Yes well that was until I realized why I loved him,” Danielle pauses, “I loved him because he was so much like Henry. After that, I knew that I did not truly love him. He just reminded me of someone whom I was comfortable with. Nothing more than that.”

“You said that you thought that you loved Antoine?” Danielle nods, “But then you realized that you only felt this way because he was so much like Henry.”

“Yes. What good does repeating what I have already said do for you?”

“Danielle, did you ever think that you might be in love with Henry? I know that he has been your brother to you for most of you life, but he is not any longer. Be honest with yourself.”

Danielle went off into a little daze. She did not know whether or not she loved Henry in that way. He had always been there for her, but that was most likely only because he was her brother. She did have to admit that it was nice to have him hold her in his strong arms. When he did that, Danielle did get a tingly feeling, but he ruined it a moment later when he was going to kiss her forehead. A man does not kiss the forehead of the woman he loves; he kisses the forehead of his sister.

“I can not say what my feelings are towards him. I have not seen him in nine months. In those nine month, I have become a changed person. I am sure that he has too. Anyway, I am just getting out of relationship I am not ready to engage in a new one.”

“If that is the way you want it Danielle, then it is fine with me, but trust me this is not the last time I shall bring this subject up.”

They were both quiet for a moment. Danielle finally got the conversation going again. “So what did you name this little bundle of joy?”

“We named her Nicole after Auguste first wife. You should have seen how touched he was by this gesture. Whenever he holds her, he is beaming with pride. To tell you the truth, I never understood why he never had children with Nicole.”

“Maybe they tried, but did not have any luck. Or perhaps, she died before they had the chance to have children. By the way, what did she die of?”

“You know I never thought to ask, but does it really matter? Anyway, you should have seen Charles when he first held Nicole. The two of us had talked it over, and he really wanted a boy. I was not sure what his response was going to be when he found out we had a girl. He could not have been more thrilled. He is already planing out her life…’ and so they talked away the afternoon. Mainly dealing with baby concerns.


With Jacqueline, you of course get Charles. Charles interrupted Henry, who had been working with some of his father’s advisors. Henry quickly dismissed them, and told them that if anything urgent should occur they were to find him before taking any action. He then invited Charles to sit down while Henry studied some maps.

“Jacqueline has brought Nicole to the palace. She wants to show her to Danielle who I hear returned yesterday. You can imagine Jackie’s excitement when she heard. She wanted to come yesterday but was afraid that that would be improper. What I am keen to know is was the excitement felt all around? Did she meet up to all of you expectations?”

“Regrettably, I have not been able to spend a lot of time with her. She has either been with father or sleeping. Although,” a wide grin grew across Henry’s face, “I almost kissed her this morning.”

“What do you mean by almost?”

“I was about to kiss her when a nurse walked it.”

“And Danielle did not put up any fight that does not sound like the Danielle we know and love?”

“I do not believe that she knew that it was coming, but she might have. I hope she did because if so this is a very good sign for me. She has changed Charles. I do not know how to explain it. When you look at her, you can tell that she is different. Perhaps it is that she seems older.”

“Well, I have had enough chat about Danielle,” Charles smiles, “there are more important issues to discuss. How is your father fairing? Have the doctors changed the odds or are you going to be King long before you are ready?”

“He seems to be doing a lot better, but still will probably need to rest for a few more days. This means that I will have to continue on doing everything that he would normally do. I can see why he had a stroke. With all this work I have to do, I fear that I might soon suffer the same fate.”

“Do not let me stop you from doing your duty. I would hate to get yelled at for monopolizing all of the ‘King’s’ time.”

Charles left Henry to his work. He was now very grateful that he was not Henry. He would hate to have the chance of a whole country being placed on his shoulders when he was still in his prime.

Quickly, he pushed Henry’s trouble out of his head. Right now his goal was to find his wife and his precious little daughter. He was always worried about the two of them. He feared that if he were away from them too long they would disappear into thin air. As he walked, he passed the windows that looked out into the courtyard he paused.

Fall had come quickly this year. The leaves on the trees were changing, but the courtyard was still filled with the same people. All of the young girls were still trying to win Henry’s hearts. What was new was that there were more men there. Probably in hope of getting Danielle attention. It did not matter that she was no longer a princess because they all believe that the crown would still support her. Little did they know that she was just stubborn enough not to let them. In the distance, a carriage was slowly making its way to the castle.

Rob Steiger Dead

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Rod Steiger, who played Marlon Brando’s mob-connected brother in “On the Waterfront” and won the 1967 Oscar for best actor for his role as the redneck Southern police chief in “In the Heat of the Night,” died Tuesday. He was 77.


wow, i honestly never thought i would see this man go. Cheers to a most excellent actor and a great man 😉

Movie-TV Director John Frankenheimer Dies at 72

Sad day a great director… 🙁 He will be missed…

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Hollywood director John Frankenheimer, whose films included the 1960s hits “The Birdman of Alcatraz” and “The Manchurian Candidate,” died on Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 72.

Frankenheimer died following a stroke at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he had undergone spinal surgery, his daughter Kristi Frankenheimer said.

Frankenheimer, a native of Malba, New York, also was an award-winning television director known for social dramas.

He won four consecutive Emmy Awards in the 1990s for the television movies “Against the Wall,” “The Burning Season,” “Andersonville,” and “George Wallace,” which also received a Golden Globe award.

In the 1960s, Frankenheimer’s credits included the popular hits “The Birdman of Alcatraz,” “The Manchurian Candidate,” and “Seven Days in May.”

“In his time, which I guess you’d say was the 1960s, Frankenheimer worked with the top writers, producers and actors in a series of films that dealt with issues that were just on top of the moment — things that were facing us all,” movie critic Leonard Maltin told KNX radio in Los Angeles.

“The Birdman of Alcatraz” starred Burt Lancaster and told the story of a convicted murderer who became an expert on birds while imprisoned at Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.

“The Manchurian Candidate” was about a Korean War veteran who was brainwashed as a prisoner of war and programmed to kill a liberal politician.

“Seven Days in May” featured Lancaster as a U.S. general plotting a coup.

Among Frankenheimer’s other films were “Reindeer Games,” “Ronin,” “Grand Prix,” “The Fixer,” “Black Sunday,” and “The French Connection II.”

Frankenheimer got his start making training films for the U.S. Air Force. In 1953 he arrived in New York City and talked his way into an assistant director’s job at CBS.

To Have and To Hold Chapter 53

well, looks like there is going to be more than one more chapter…went on longer than i thought..enjoy…

Chapter 53

“Sit down, children,� Auguste said, gesturing to the two chairs in the manor study. “There is something important that I must discuss with you.�

Henry and Danielle looked at one another and sat down.

“Monsieur le Duke?� Henry asked his father-in-law. “Is there something wrong?�

Auguste laughed. “On the contrary, Henry. Everything is fine.� He looked at the both of them. “You know that your parents own half this land.�

“Yes,� Henry nodded. “That part that Uncle Antoine was going to build his manor on.�

“That’s right,� Auguste answered, “except that nothing was built on it. Well, not yet anyway.�

“What are you talking about, Papa?� Danielle asked.

Auguste turned to Danielle and shook his head, still smiling. “I am surprised at you Danielle. I would think you had already guessed by now.�

“If the two of you want it, as a wedding present, we have commissioned the finest workers to build a house for you on that piece of land. It will be small manor and not too far from the castle or from me. There will be room enough for all your children and a few guests.�

He looked from Danielle to Henry then back again. “Well?� he asked, “do either one of you have anything to say?�

“Why, Papa?�

“Danielle, I know how much you love this house. You are just like your mother in that regard.�

“Does my father know?� Henry asked, looking into his eyes.

Auguste smiled wider. “Of course he knows, Henry. It was his idea. He wanted the two of you to be happy. He knows that you are bored in that castle. This was a hard decision to make.�

“A wedding present?� Danielle asked. “Papa, we have been married for eleven years now.�

“A little belated, I admit. Besides, I thought you could give a wedding present to anyone at any time.� He looked at the both of them again.

“Are you sure that you don’t want this? Your father and I thought that…�

“Oh, Papa,� Danielle cried out, tears in her eyes. She put her arms around him. “Of course we want it. This is a complete surprise to us. Why has it taken that long?�

Auguste smiled. “Because,� he said, looking at the two of them. He watched their faces. “That was how long it took to build the house. That and few extra touches.�

He smiled at the two of them as he stood up.

“Come, I am sure the two of you would love to see the place.�

Had a great weekend!!!!

Hi guys just wanted to let you know that I’m cool had a great 4th of July we had a barbeque and we were out for like an 2 hours just burning up fireworks it was great! And this weekend we went up to Sequioa National park, it was great, I’m burned to a toast but I had fun with my fam!


This comedy is the story of a college sorority member (Christina Ricci) who starts a romance with a disabled young man. Filmed in 2000, it premiered at Sundance last January.
Rated R, it runs 113 min.

Shallow Hal

The Farrelly brothers’ latest comedy, “Shallow Hal,” actually doesn’t feel like a Farrelly brothers comedy at all. Gone is the vile toilet humor and immature bodily fluid jokes that powered the siblings’ “There’s Something About Mary” to blockbuster status. In its place is a more subdued, dare I say poignant romantic comedy that could just as easily have been directed by the generic likes of a Nora Ephron, if not for the film’s remarkably crass premise, which has Farrelly fingerprints all over it.

The movie stars “High Fidelity” scene-stealer Jack Black as Hal, who at the ripe old age of 12 received death-bed advice from his morphine-induced father to only date gorgeous young women. Hal agrees, though that particular outlook has seriously warped his social conscious by the time he’s reached his mid-30s. When trapped on an elevator with Tony Robbins, the self-help guru hypnotizes the misguided swinger so he’s only able to see a person’s inner beauty, not what’s on the surface. Robbins’ trance works too well, though, and Hal falls hard for the 300-plus pound Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow), a woman he sees as a twig-thin beautiful blonde. “Hal” exemplifies the Farrellys uncharacteristically pulling on the reins, showing restraint when history tells us it could have been so much worse. And for that we have Paltrow to thank. Instead of shamelessly plunging to the expected depths, the actress actually raises the whole film up to her level, achieving (gasp!) true emotions of loneliness, dejection and remorse. Paltrow is so good at playing Rosemary, she actually reverses the film’s premise, perfectly personifying a fat girl trapped in a waifer-thin body. When getting out of a car, the petite star sways and teeters as if she were carting around an extra 200 pounds. And her delivery is so delicate, so sensitive, we believe she’s had to live her life with the stigma of being overweight, protective of her fragile ego and hesitant to trust anyone who isn’t insulting her. Too bad Paltrow didn’t realize that she was making a comedy, because the result is far more touching than humorous. It doesn’t help that the rest of the cast acts like they’re reading off of cue cards that aren’t being turned fast enough. Jokes fall flat like bricks in a fishbowl, and there are far too many patches of awkward silence and sputtered conversation that appears to have been improvised. The whole thing plods along as if it, and not Gwyneth, were wrapped in a fat suit. Paltrow’s performance alone is worth seeing, but the rest of the film can’t shed its dead weight and find the jokes buried beneath its goofy premise.Grade: C+THE EXTRASInstead of recycling jokes, the Farrellys have recycled features for the “Shallow Hal” DVD release. Two features that highlight the disc might have been seen before, especially if you tracked the film prior to its theatrical opening. The first, HBO’s “Being Shallow Hal,” is hosted by co-star Brooke Burns, while Comedy Central’s “Reel Comedy” segment features Paltrow, Black and more plugging the flick.Next up, Peter and Bobby sit down for a running commentary, which sounds an awful lot like an extended casting call. The Farrellys fill their scenes with friends and family, and spend a lot of time pointing everybody out. However, since they filmed “Hal” in my hometown of Charlotte, NC, I also took some pride hearing them single out good things about the location, the shoot, and the time they spent in the gorgeous Queen City. Cheap plug, now over.The “Hal” DVD also includes 11 deleted scenes, though only one, which takes place at a fraternity house and fills in the for bar scene in the finished film, seems worthy of keeping. It’s a great example of how scenes are shot with little or no background noise, and crowds at parties or in restaurants need to fake like they’re talking. It’s surreal. The disc rounds out with a Shelby Lynne music video (“Wall In Your Heart”), a short special effects featurette and assorted trailers.Grade: B+OVERALL GRADE: BSelfishly, I love seeing Charlotte on film. And in all honesty, I enjoyed “Hal” more on second viewing. It’s deeper than expected, and probably threw most audience members off. The extras are enjoyable, and the DVD makes a fine item in any library.By Sean O’ConnellJuly 9, 2002

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