Big Trouble stars Rene Russo, Tim Allen and a couple of other well-known and accomplished actors but the story line and plot was just a bit too boring at times. The movie centers on a suitcase and its contents. I had almost forgotten that I had seen the trailer of this movie; the famous scene is when a car hits a goat the goat is thrown up in the air then lands on all fours. Yes that is the movie. Well, the release date was postpone because of the events in September and I can understand why because of a scene in the movie which occurs at the airport. The movie starts off with Pudgy, one of the characters, talking directly to the audience. By the way Tim Allen narrates 40% of this movie.

There were a couple of laughs nothing worth paying to see, we should be paid to see this movie. The good thing about the movie is that it is an hour and twenty minutes long. Again this is only my opinion

New Fanfiction Site

Ok, I’m going to go on and launch the new Fanfiction Area in the next few days. I’m no longer going to wait for someone to develop a module that easily plugs into the existing EM (which I had already paid for. Remind me never to pay developers again, until I see a finished product, 🙁 .

The new system will be very cool, robust, and full featured, unfortantely in order to post to it, you will nedd to create a separate user account, because it’s completely separated from the EM Site and DB. Sorry for the hassle, but I think you all will like it.



Heist is out on DVD. I just saw it and it was an ok movie. It has a pretty complicated plot, but basically Gene Hackman plays Joe Moore. He is a criminal, and on his last robbery he is caught by cameras and now has to get away. He robs a plane on the runway of an airport of its gold payload. He soon finds he has been tricked and the money is stolen from him. The amazing thing about the movie are all the backup plans this guy has. The villain is Danny DeVito. I would recommend it to anyone who likes shooting. B-

DVD Features:


DVD has no special features. Just trailer and scene selection. No deleted scenes or anything.

The Rookie

In the transient life of a military family, young Jimmy Morris found stability in baseball. His self-cultivated passion and talent for the game carried Jimmy through tough transitions as a child, right up until the point the Army transferred his father to Central Texas, where football was king and baseball had dried up like a dew drop on the surface of the bleachers in left field.

Now a grown up, Jimmy (Dennis Quaid) teaches high school science and shares his love of the game as the coach of a ragtag group passing for the Varsity team. His shot at the majors, we learn, came and went when a nagging pain crippled the shoulder of his pitching arm. The soreness, however, doesn

Death To Smoochy

Danny DeVito’s “”Death to Smoochy”” inhabits a city resembling Manhattan, though everything’s a bit different. Call it a parallel universe, one where Nazis invite plush animal mascots to their top secret meetings, and a bribery scandal involving kid’s show host “”Rainbow”” Randolph Smiley (Robin Williams) is front-page news.

But what else would you expect from DeVito, the sarcastic actor and occasional director whose ventures behind the camera have resulted in the genre-testing “”Matilda”” and black-as-night comedy, “”Throw Momma From the Train””?The list of potential Rainbow replacements reads like a who’s who of cell block C. Only Smoochy the rhino (Ed Norton), a bottom feeder in the kid show talent pool described by network execs as a “”fabric stuffer,”” possesses the harmless persona and (more importantly) requisite clean record the corporate suits seek. They pitch, and Smoochy, a.k.a. Sheldon Mopes, feverishly accepts. One minute he’s dazzling the denizens of a methadone clinic, the next his mug is smiling down on Times Square.The problem is that used to be Randolph’s mug, and he wants the spotlight back. Cooking up schemes involving risque cookies and hired assassins, Randolph strives to besmirch Mopes’ spotless reputation, only damaging his own with each failed attempt.When not tailing Randolph and his jealous pursuits, “”Smoochy”” actually dances a familiar dance, taking potshots at the backstage soap opera that is television production, with some fresh touches. The controlling presence of an Irish mafia (as an O’Connell, I’ve been sworn to silence) provides some needed humor, while a corrupt charity foundation, run by Harvey Fierstein, establishes unnecessary subplots that make more sense as the film plays out.Regrettably, the film’s title gag involving Randolph’s vendetta also turns out the be the death of “”Smoochy,”” punctuated by Williams’ incessant screeching and Wily E. Coyote-esque antics. Despite the film’s intended premise, I found myself bravely tolerating Williams’ grandstanding, all the while waiting for DeVito to return to Norton’s struggles with his newfound fame.Adam Resnick’s script and DeVito’s inventive direction provide some dry asides, though they’re almost eclipsed by Catherine Keener’s wayward performance. The actress mistakenly begins her stint with a truly unoriginal portrayal of a brittle, frigid TV producer, only to make an unlikely 180-degree turn to become Mopes’ love-interest. It’s poor execution for the character by a director who should know better.Still, there’s something seriously funny about Smoochy wrapped in the American flag, fortifying his patriotism and disdain for the Third Reich. In these instances, DeVito’s warped sense of humor peeks through and stays long enough to hold your attention. The director enough mines chuckles from the industry jabs, even if the humor is hit-and-miss. The rest is, as Norton’s Mopes would say, simply bells and whistles and ricketa-racketa.Grade: C-By Sean O’ConnellMarch 29, 2002

Kissing Jessica Stein

While i officialy hate every single person who got to see Kissing on Feb. 7th and got to chat w/ the stars/writers, might as well put my anger aside 😉

of those who saw it, what are ur opinions on it? is it as fresh and as invigorating as i’ve heard it to be? anyone else pining to see it when it finally hits wider distribution?

The Latest Spiderman Trailer Kicks Ass

Ok, I realize I’ve done a 180 degree turn on Spiderman. When I saw the original teaser trailer that featured the Twin Towers months ago, I was disgusted by how absolutely cheesy this “”mystery movie”” looked. But when I saw the web catch the helicopter between the towers at the end of the clip, I was like yeah, cool Spiderman. Then came the full trailer and on my initial viewing I completely hated it.

I posted one of my patented rants about it – which you can read [url=]Here.[/url]. Then I watched it about 20 times and now I love it.After seeing this new one, I’m officially part of the geek chorus and into the hype machine that is Spiderman. 😮 [url=]Click here to check it out and left me know what ya think.[/url]

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